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Recruiting target Matt Elam heading to Alabama for official visit, and could also be Alabama lean now


Two weeks ago it looked like Matt Elam was going to commit to Kentucky. In fact, I was almost sure he would.

Instead, the mammoth John Hardin defensive tackle opted not to make his decision at the U.S. Army All-American Bowl in San Antonio — something he had said he would do for months. Now he’ll be taking an official visit to Alabama this weekend as he tries to decide whether to pick Kentucky or Alabama unless he’s had a change of heart and added another school to his list that no one knows about.

Kentucky signees and commits were sure Elam was going to pick Kentucky. Word was he was even trying to recruit other players to join him at UK while he was in San Antonio. But once he called off his commitment, others in his recruiting class seem to have distanced themselves from him a bit and no longer does he seem part of the inner circle of UK commits like he once did.

Elam is the No. 9 overall player in the class of 2014 in the 24/7 Sports recruiting services and would give UK a marquee in-state recruit like Jason Hatcher and Ryan Timmons did last year. Kentucky already has Conner quarterback Drew Barker on campus and adding Elam would be a PR boost.

However, several sources close to UK football believe Elam now is a definite Alabama lean — and one source sent me these photos to show Elam and those close to him obviously  like Alabama. In fairness, Elam wore a UK shirt the day former Louisville coach Charlie Strong came to his school and wore an Alabama shirt and UK jacket when he came to a Kentucky game. He’s a player that enjoys the recruiting process and social media interaction. However, seeing those close to him decked out in Alabama gear has made many wonder now if Elam is not more likely Alabama-bound than UK-bound as it once appeared.

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  1. Larry Pup

    This is sad news. I hope he don’t traitor out on UK, but it don’t sound good and pictures tell a story. If he goes to Alabama, big deal. Go “War Eagles!” I say Stoops and company move on and find another DT.

    1. ben

      I too am tired of the Elam drama! I wish him luck with his choice and he must realize that at Alabama, they will recruit over him every year and he may never play a down for them. I guarantee you he will play alot at KY. Just end the drama and make your choice!

      1. BamalovesElam

        Matt Elam would come in and start at nose guard in the 3-4 We love him and glad hes enjoying the recruiting part of his college choice. We need him at Bama. We are struggling with talent. We havnt had a number 1 signing class ever. Wait thats ya’ll. were doing great aint we? Damn and 3 nat. Championships in 5 years. Wow. Im sorry. But we still love and want Matt. Mount Matt. Sounds great dont it? Oh yeah Bo Davis is back. Dang hes a good D line coach. Oh well. Good luck. Sorry for the stomping we gave ya’ll last year. That was just mean of us. Im over it. Rammer Jammer. Yall ever heard that. Lol.

        1. Anonymous

          Rammed Hammer eh? Is that what it felt like when the tide got rolled by Auburn?

        2. Sparsha Ananda

          Rammer Jammer eh ? Is that how you guys felt after getting beat by Auburn? Roll tide…?

        3. Andy

          Rammer Jammer eh? Is that ho Bama felt after losing to Auburn? Roll tide?

          1. Anonymous

            Yeah we lost 2 games this year. Man thats tough. Whens the last time ya’ll won 11 games and called it a bad year? We own college football. College football is in T-Town AL. We had a bad bad year and Auburn barely beat us and they should have beat FSU. So what does that tell you about Alabama football? On a bad year we was a few plays from playing for the crystal again. Did i mention im a Alabama fan? And we love Matt Elam? Rammer Jammer

        4. BamalovesElam

          We do love you Matt. Have fun picking your college. Once in a lifetime type of fun here. Enjoy it!!! And for Andy yeah we had a bad year. We lost 2 games. Does Kentucky consider that a Great year or a down year? Have ya’ll won 11 games in one year??? Yall would be jumping thru the roof. But to call the kid a scumbag shows your a idiot. Im on here aggrivating and playing but this is a awesome time in this kids life. If he goes to Arizona I will be okay with it dont judge him for having fun. Hes a kid. Now the coaches wearing crimson. I agree with ya’ll on that one. But im just cutting up and having fun. Roll Tide.

  2. JHB4UK

    Come on and name names, Larry. Those around him decked out in Alabama gear are members of the John Hardin HS Coaching Staff.

    How do you like that, UK fans? Kentucky HS coaches who are paid for with YOUR tax dollars all decked out in Alabama clothes. And have been pushing from the start for the best player in their schools history to go to Alabama and not UK.

    1. Andy

      You are spot on there. Regardless of where he goes or how coaches influence him, one recruit is not above the BBN. Stoops and Brown will find a way regardless.

  3. Katdaddy

    I think momma wants him at bama. Then Barker stated he really doesn’t know what Matt will do. I’m not counting on him coming to UK now, but don’t count out Stoops.

  4. Ida

    Have seen it said we are still in good shape with him even in regards to this Bama trip. Don’t know how close two other HS recruits were about to verbal to UK or switch their commitment to UK after Elam verbaled for UK AT THE AAA game, but the perception is he cost us 1 OL, and 1 DT when he didn’t. More than anything that has rankled with the fans, and it still lingers on right now.

    Personally I never get so involved into a player’s recruitment like some fans do. I’m of the type if we recruit them and they come here great, if they don’t who cares get the next guy. My feelings are this… And it irritates the fans at another site as in them telling me I’m not a fan, clueless, have no idea about what big boy recruiting is all about, maybe all true. But in my mind… If he wants to play for UK then commit. Get his big butt on the train. He’s already wasted enough of this staff time, if he don’t want to play for UK and help get this plane turned in the right direction, don’t want to see the field as a true freshman, wants to ride the pine for 1-3 years at Bama and just be a number there, and get recruited over by his Sophmore or JR yr, or quite possibly get handed a medical scholly by Saban when he finds someone better and he needs the numbers to work out for that next recruiting class, by all means Roll Tide. Otherwise commit to UK and get on with it. Talk with a few other kids UK might have a chance with and bring them into the fold.


    Let him go if he wants to keep playing games let him go we need players that want to be at UK. He can go to Alabama and set on bench and get bigger!

    1. Sit not set

      I don’t think they will be allowed to play volleyball on the bench at Bama.

  6. Mike

    This will be a quick response. 1. If he comes to UK then GREAT and let’s all put this behind us. 2. If he goes to bama then he can wear the label SCUMBAG and thanks putting your character for all the BBN.

    1. Andy

      Scumbag? Have you any sense in there? We may not like his approach but no need to drop insults on a young man.

  7. Mike

    Correction…2. thanks for putting your true character out there for all the BBN to see.

  8. Gene T.

    I would love to have him at UK, but if he goes to Bama. Sorry about his bad choice to be a # at Bama. Good luck whatever he chooses. I for one am tired of the drama. Get some guys that really want to be a Wildcat. GO CATS!

  9. Dave in Marshall islands

    I Think Matt has done more harm than good with not just making a choice. I still think he loves all the attention and has put his recruitment and his being in the spotlight ahead of the BBN. Not sure I would want to go into battle with a young man like him, on the Battlefield or the Gridiron. There is no I in Team.

    Big Blue Nation forever!

  10. Deanodog

    Look, in recruiting, you lose some and win some! If Elam chooses Bama, Stoops will fill the void. Losing Elam will hurt, especially in that he is from the Commonwealth and because UK needs SEC-type DTs, but it won’t break what is easily the best football class UK has ever put together. As always, as signing day nears, a few surprises will occur and I fully expect Stoops to land a DT that wasn’t initially on the radar! Go Cats!

    1. larryvaught

      Deanodog, well said

  11. Ira


    No I doubt it about the DT. We had our best chance with a young man called Valentine. From al reports he was pretty pumped about playing with Elam. This young man had verbaled to the Canes but really liked the thought of playing with Elam. But when Elam backed out on his word, it caught him up short, guess he thought Elam may not be trusted. We had great movement on to possible commitments from OH ST. 1 was an OL named Jones, when Elam backed out once again, he went ahead kept his commitment and enrolled early at OH ST.

    We lost a big recruitment push that night by Elam. The problem in all this of course is he is a teenager. It is going to be probably his biggest decision as an adult for the first time. He could have gotten scared, worried, panicked, and just backed offed. He is still after all still a teen. The other problem is he is the one that led the big build up all year long. So there is hurt feelings al around. Recruiting. Gotta love it. Gotta hate it.

  12. Tom

    Let Matt go where Matt goes. Bottom line, go to Alabama, sit 2 yrs, get into rotation your 3rd yr unless bigger, stronger, faster recruits come in future classes. Much more likely to happen at Bama than UK. At UK, you play for 3 or 4 yrs, get on sports center, known by every coach and player on schedule. At Bama you are just another number that comes in the game from time to time!

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