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UK DE Bud Dupree: Players want to win for Stoops and to show fans what they want to see

ukvswkulogoBy LARRY VAUGHT

Kentucky junior defensive end Bud Dupree said he has a “good vibe” about Saturday’s game and knows the players want to make coach Mark Stoops’ debut a success.

“We are going to try and make this game for coach Stoops and all the things he has done for us throughout camp and since he has been here to change this program around,” Dupree said. “We definitely want to make sure we win the game for him as well as the fans and ourselves as well.

“We have to show everyone that we have been working hard and we have changed and we are a new team. We just got to go out there and prove everyone wrong and keep the expectations high for coach Stoops. We have to make sure those guys (fans) that come to the game see what they want to see, and that’s a win so that they will keep coming back.”

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