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UK linebacker Dorian Hendrix getting better as he learns to think less, play more

uk football helmetBy LARRY VAUGHT

Freshman linebacker Dorian Hendrix didn’t generate the same spring practice buzz as players like Drew Barker, Mikel Horton and T.V. Williams, other freshmen who enrolled early at UK in January after graduating from high school early.

However, he’s just as eager to make his mark on UK football as the more highly noted offensive players in his recruiting class.

“There’s a lot of players here and I had to learn the playbook and stuff,” said Hendrix.

He said he looked towards older players to help him make the transition to college. He listed players Miles Simpson and Tyler Brause as two who helped him the most.

“Some of the guys that have been here a little bit have been helping me and some of the guys that came in from junior college like A.J. Stamps and C.J. (Johnson), I have been working with them a little bit to,” Hendrix said. “Those are the guys I hang out with outside of football. Maybe it is a defensive thing. I don’t know, but I just look to them for help.”

Hendrix worked with the second team during most of spring practice said he also got “good special team” work.

“I think I am doing pretty well. I am getting the playbook down. I still have little things to clean up as always. Once I get that stuff down, it will be okay. Spring was pretty productive,” Hendrix said. “It has been a transition. Probably the biggest thing is always going to be football, but it is that playbook. Certain things you have to be aware of, and I am still adjusting to that. I am probably not going to get it down perfect, but I am going to keep working with that and get that down. It will come naturally soon.

“Unfortunately, there is a lot more thinking. There shouldn’t be any thinking at all, but there is a little bit. Once things start to slow down there should not be too much thinking. You just go out there and play fast and that’s when you play your best.”

And what did Hendrix do best during spring practice?

“Compete. There are a lot of older guys and SEC football talent out here, and me coming straight from high school I wanted to earn their respect and show them what I could do coming straight out,” Hendrix said. “So probably the one thing I have been doing best is competing with the older guys and showing them I am supposed to be out there with them, too.”



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  1. Larry Pup

    Great article. I wish him all the best. I can imagine the transition is very tough.

  2. Ira

    Just keep working hard, can’t wait to see this new football team

  3. Edward

    Dorian, your hard work attitude alone will take you a long way. You are going to be surprised how much you have learned when you start working out with the rest of your class. Then you will know that your coming to UK for the Spring semester was the best “football decision” for you to make. Keep competing and work harder everyday and you will be rewarded with playing time. Go Big Blue!

  4. TJ 502 Cat

    He is a playmaker on defense i am really looking forward in mark stoops and Djs ability to make great players into NFL talent. Everybody will see a BIG difference in the coming years. I just want everybody to remember football isnt basketball you cant get 5 good recruits and go to the final 4. The players Stoops are getting are night and day better than we have ever had at UK im so proud of him and his coaching staff for bringing players in such as Dorian Hendrix. Mark my words in 2-3 years we will be a South Carolina type of team. Look at all these 4star and high 3star players hes getting. The thing is alot of high and middle 3stars are as good and sometimes better then the 4stars. Plus with our great conditioning program and Stoops great Defensive background not to mention The real air raid that will start its first real chapter this year and only get better every year with the talent level that we have here now. Im just wondering about 2 things maybe somebody can help me..1. When does anybody see Matt Elam start to get major minutes at Kentucky and how do you think he will fare against SEC opponents as a true Fr. and 2. Why does Braylen Heard not get alot of hype? He is according to a couple of recruiting sites the highest ranked recruit on Kentuckys team also he played for a run 75% of the time offense so they go after some of the best running backs in the nation. Not only did he get playing time as a True freshman he was 2nd string as Soph. averaged 6.7 ypc which is very good when the other team pretty much knows what you are going to do most of the time. He is a very big and powerful running back with good speed for his size. I think we should go with him for the starting running back spot and have Jo Jo who is just as good as Braylen but a diff. style of RB. Braylen is more of a bruiser who you want to get majority of the carries. Keep Jo Jo healthy all year because hes your elusive and speed back. That is what the Oregons and everybody else do with there smaller more elusive backs. And at the end of the year you still have one of your weapons 100%. I look for them to combine for at least 1600 yards this year and even more next year.

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