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Does Kentucky have its new football coach in Mike MacIntyre of San Jose State




Could Kentucky have its new football coach even though Saturday UK athletics director Mitch Barnhart said the job had not been offered to anyone?

Aaron Cordero of bleedbluekentucky.com says sources have told him UK has found a coach to succeed Joker Phillips and that the announcement could be made in the next two days.

Maybe it is 47-year-old Mike MacIntyre, the current head coach of San Jose State who is making about $500,000 annually now. His team won 52-43 over Louisiana Tech — which is led by possible UK coaching target Sonny Dykes — on Saturday night to run its record to 10-2. That’s a big jump fro 1-12 in his first year at San Jose State in 2010 or even 5-7 last year. His team is ranked 26th in this week’s AP poll.

His father, George, was an assistant coach at Miami, Tampa, Clemson and Vanderbilt before becoming head coach at Tennessee-Martin and finally the head coach at Vanderbilt from 1979-85. The San Jose State coach played safety at Vanderbilt for two seasons before transferring to Georgia Tech. He was a graduate assistant at Georgia before becoming defensive coordinator at Davidson College in 1992,  Tennessee-Martin from 1993-96 and Temple from 1997-98. From 1999-2002 he coached receivers and then defensive backs at Ole Miss before spending five seasons in the NFL (four with Dallas and one with the New York Jets). He went to Duke as defensive coordinator in 2008 and got the San Jose State two years later.

He signed a contract extension through the 2017 in January of this year, but obviously there would be no huge buyout and even making what Phillips did would be a huge pay increase for him and his staff.

A radio station in San Jose was the first to report Sunday that MacIntyre had been offered the job.

One college football bowl official who knows MacIntyre says he has connections that could make him a solid fit at UK.

“He worked with Bill Parcells with the Cowboys after Parcells talked to UK about taking the job before he went to Dallas and UK got Rich Brooks,” the bowl official said. “He is a really good coach who knows the south. He’s well respected and comes off really well when he is recruiting from what I have been told. He’s a sincere, good guy.

“He’s done a good job with that program. It was horrible when he got there. They have a good defense and only got hammered when they played a spread offense that Utah State had and then they had trouble stopping Louisiana Tech. But his forte is defense. His offensive talent is really good this year, his defensive talent is not as good. But I would think he would go get two strong coordinators if he comes to Kentucky.”

The Western Athletic Conference has been full of UK rumors as Utah State’s Gary Anderson once was thought to be on UK’s list. His team won the conference and  ranks eighth in the nation in scoring defense (15.4 points per game), eighth nationally in sacks (3.25 per game), 13th in the country in rushing defense (111.4 yards per game), 14th in the nation in pass efficiency defense (107.0), 16th in the nation in total defense (322.7 yards per game) and 37th in the nation in passing defense (211.2 yards per game). However, sources have said he’s happy at Utah State and let UK know that.

What about Dykes, a former UK assistant coach under Hal Mumme who led Louisiana Tech to a 9-3 mark despite ending the season with losses to Utah State in overtime and San Jose State? Is he out?

Maybe. Maybe not. Some close to the UK search still think Barnhart plans to talk to him. Maybe he’s the one Kentucky really wants. His offense averages around 50 points per game to lead the nation and to win back the UK fan base, the Cats need to play an exciting brand of football. Dykes’ forte is offense, MacIntyre’s forte is defense. Barnhart may sense which direction UK fans might prefer.

Dykes is also being mentioned more prominently with several other coaching jobs. North Carolina State, Purdue and Auburn all fired coaches Sunday. California, Arkansas and Tennessee have also done so along with Kentucky.

“From what I hear, Sonny Dykes is still hot and should be hot. He’s a terrific coach, is relatively young and has a great offense that generates excitement. I’ll be stunned if he doesn’t have a lot of options this week,” the bowl official said.

“I hope Mitch can make a great hire but the competition for the quality coaches continues to increase and UK is probably at the bottom of the list in terms of desirability. To me, Auburn, Tennessee, Arkansas and even N.C. State have more football appeal. I think Mitch has to strike fast to get an A-plus hire.”

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  1. Joe

    If Mitch doesn’t hire Kingsbury, he’ll end up wishing he had.

    1. Anonymous

      Kliff is the coach of the future. in four years of coaching he has developed Case Keenum and Johnny Football. Think what he could do with Whitlow or Towles. He runs the Kentucky offense better than Leach.

    2. Bill

      I agree so that makes two of us. But then we don’t know if Kingsbury is interested. MacIntyre has gotten it done so I’m not discouraged by this possibility at all. Everyone is “swinging for the fences” including coaches who have had success and are ready to take the next step.

    3. Catsfan2

      I think everyone needs to chil Mitch l out. Leave Mitch alone other than Billy the drunk he’s made great coaching decisions at UK. No one liked the Brooks hire. There other names are still coaching for something. Just have faith that Mitch will make a great hire. There coaches knew what jobs we’re coming open before we did wouldn’t you think

      1. J Hayden

        Kentucky doesn’t care about Football, they will never have a National Champ

      2. fiveo66

        Forget Joker in those stellar hires?

  2. pacman

    McIntyre might be a great hire but don’t look for any increase in ticket sales or rumps in the seats from this hire. I don’t think anyone is excited about getting the head coach from San Jose St or La Tech. That tells me that all the other higher profile coaches think the job sucks. Since Mitch took so long to hold his one man search we are now about 7th or 8th in line for any high profile coaches.

    1. David

      If this latest rumor turns out to be true, I think I have had it with UK football until Mitch Barnhart is fired. We had the opportunity of getting Petrino here and probably at a good price. I am also sick of these self righteous fans who act as if they have never sinned.
      Petrino was our best shot to be able to compete in the SEC and Barnhart, his cronies and a hand full of FANS have sabotaged that chance.

      1. john4uk

        Amen.Totally agree with you.

      2. larryvaught

        no word from UK yet about any press conference set for today

        1. David

          I will be reading your post Larry. I just hope some of these rumor’s are wrong.

          David•a few seconds ago

          I think if I had a choice and since Mitch refuse’s to talk with Petrino, I would rather have Dykes and Franklin. I am so sick of setting our bar so low and fans refusing to believe that a football team can win in Kentucky. I think I will donate money to a real winner in the State of Kentucky, Trinity High School. Maybe UK should hire Trinity’s Athletic Director. They win in Football, Basketball, Baseball, Wrestling and many other sports.

    2. fiveo66


  3. Bill

    I wasted a lot of time over the last three weeks following this coaching search. Hoping against odds we would man up and hire Petrino. At the end of the day we’re the same old Kentucky we’ve always been. Just another no name hire you have to do an Internet search on to figure out who he is.

    1. David

      I agree with you Bill 100%. I am sickened with people aiming well below the bar. Thinking of keeping my money in my pocket and just follow Trinity, they have better football team and AD there. They rank in top 10 in Nation year in and year out.


    I’m glad you told us about him Larry. The good ole WWW had nothing. HA.

    Seriously. I never heard of this guy, but I’m glad to hear he’s a good guy.

  5. Cam Jacobs

    bunt single. i thought Mitch was swinging for the seats with this hire.

    1. David

      bunt single ha ha, I feel like i just got beaned in the head, got on base the hard way. Two outs and worse hitter on the team at the plate.
      Mitch Barnhart really sucks.

  6. Jerry S

    The players have caught news of this and are excited! That means we should be excited! Imagine Towles back there running the Pistol Offense!!

    1. RJ

      Towles has a lot of work to do to transition from HS to SEC. He didn’t look so great at the TN game, and I was there. As Randy Sanders stated correctly, there is a difference between a good thrower and good passer. Especially in the SEC.

  7. john4uk

    WBTV the CBS affilliate in Charlotte,NC has reported in their news tonight that James Franklin is a candidate for the NC State job.So Vandy could be in the mix for a new coach.
    With UK having one of the worst defense during the Joker years,anybody who can develop a competitive defense could be a good hire provided he brings in an offensive coordinator that can excite fans and put points on the board.McIntyre might be the answer.We will have to wait and see.

  8. eddie

    16–21 he more losses in his career than wins wtg mitch

    1. Rqa

      If you are only looking at his current record then you are awfully short sighted.
      Look at the trend line… 2 wins, 5 wins, 10 wins over 3 seasons. Took over a terrible program and now has them ranked. One of his two losses this year was a 20-17 loss @ Stanford.

  9. JD

    Mitch really does not get it. We will NOT be back to CWS for this.

  10. Andy S

    I know some on here were thinking Petrino or bust but how many other SEC schools have inquired about him? If a lot of other schools have not reached out, then that may have given Mitch something to think about.

  11. lunchbox

    same ol same ol we will still b bottom of the sec errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  12. lunchbox

    im with john……………………….offensive coordinator that can excite fans and put points on the board

  13. Jim

    I have decided to have an open mind, regarding the outcome of this hire. No, I don’t see UK being able to land a big name coach. A progam devoid of tradition can not command a lot of interest from the top names. Whoever ends up the coach, I wish them well and hope they succeed, beyond everyones wildest expectations. Can anyone win at Kenucky? Yes. One only has to look at Vanderbilt, to see how a new coach can come in and win right away in the toughest conference with a school lacking in winning tradition.

    1. David

      Your right Jim on one thing Vandy has shown us it can be done. But if Kentucky was to buck up the big dollars for a coach, well I feel that money talks and if Mitch was serious about building a football team we would have a good coach. Lets face it we keep aiming small with Mitch at the helm. Boggles my mind 3 years as a head coach and here we go again. Mitch you really suck as a sales person.

      1. Jim

        Who is worth paying big bucks for, that would actually consider Kentucky? The only big name that UK could get is the guy that never sticks around. I would be okay with it, but the powers that be are not. Maybe I am wrong, but even with a large contract offer, they still weigh the risks of taking the position. The only big names you can get are the ones with baggage. That leaves hiring a coordinator or a HC from a smaller league. I would rather get a guy with HC experience and hire his whole staff.

        1. David

          A mind troubled by doubt cannot focus on the course to victory, to choose doubt as a philosophy of life is like choosing immobility as a means of transportation. Many on here are convinced this is who we are and it never gets better than this, I am so glad I never had the honor of playing ball with minds like these.

          “There is always a way to do it better… find it!”
          Thomas A. Edison

          Why not go out on a limb? Isn’t that where the fruit is? This is the philosphy of winners.

  14. TheProfessor

    What will be the plan for facilities, control of football operations, and 5 year objectives for the program? Can’t really assess any head coaching hire without the AD addressing these type of issues with the fan base. What commitments have the University made to the new coach?

    I will not get excited about the name of the next head coach, that name’s excellent football credentials and pedigree, or his confidence about success at UK without the University providing the plan for success that they will provide as a platform for this new name.

    1. RJ

      I hope I’m wrong but I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for KY to “invest” in the football program. KY, as are all collegiate football programs these days, is more interested in immediate gratification – ie cash at the gate!

    2. LoveSECF-Ball

      I agree Professor. We are hearing nothing about Institutional support.
      I would think that is one of the reasons many coaches do not want to come here.

  15. Jim B

    If another school goes after Dykes I would think they would have a better chance of getting him than UK does simply because Sonny wants to take Tony Franklin with him and that won’t be happening at UK. Don’t know that UK has stated that, but Tony has. Macintyre sounds like a frear hire to me. Brown as his OC would be a popular hire with a lot of the UK fan base, but he would probably bring his coaches with him he has now.??

    1. larryvaught

      If UK wants Dykes, Franklin will be part of the deal. That is not stumbling block with UK-Dykes

      1. Jim B

        How can you say that Larry. Did you not believe what I told you in the email. TONY HIMSELF SAID HE WOULD NOT COME TO KENTUCKY IF ASKED, and without talking to Tony himself, there is not a better source out there than the one that told me that. Whats the deal??

        1. larryvaught

          Jim B, I trust my source a lot on this and things could have changed. Just saying it could happen, not that it will happen, but if Dykes comes, I would like for Tony to be the offensive coordinator

  16. Wes

    This whole deal is becoming a joke. When you have an unemployed home run type of candidate and you don’t hire him you obviously don’t really give a big rats A$$ about winning. When Mitch has this blow back in his face his pink slip should be attached to it. Gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. David

      agree 100%

  17. shinny

    I like MacIntyre’s defensive line coach–a great Dallas Cowboy Jeff Jeffcoat maybe Rumph and Mister could man up next year!!!!!!!!

  18. GraBeardCat

    There seems to be a clamor to hire Petrino at UK; however, there are no rumors that I have seen that any of the other schools that are looking for a head coach are wanting him. One would think that Auburn would be interested, but it has been quiet. It may be that his baggage is causing some schools to back off. I have never hired a head coach, but I have been in a position where I hired high level staff. When one starts looking in detail, sometimes the “obvious” choice is not so obvious.

  19. nic

    Couldn’t we go to the UK marketing guru, coach Cal, and have him make some phone calls? Our football search is ridiculous. We banking on lower tiered school football programs whose coaches managed to temporarily reverse their plights of lousy seasons and expect them to magically come into SEC and do the same? Good luck with that hypothesis! Swinging for fences is landing a seasoned coach with sound results, if this is UK’s at bat and signal from 3rd base, game over…show fans you mean what you convey, get UK a homerun coach!

  20. JCC

    People are tweeting that Butch Jones is the man today, Saturday at the game everyone was positive that it would be Gary Andersen and yesterday the flavor was Macintyre. No one knows, all speculation. Why don’t folks just kick back a wait until a new coach gets hired, that is the only time it will be for real.

    1. larryvaught

      Just hard to know what is going on with the coach. But hopefully UK is getting close

      1. TrueBlueJohn

        Larry, the more I read and hear about McIntyre, the better I like him. From what I understand, the San Jose job was one of the worst in the country when he took it over. Now they are 10-2, and one of the losses was 20-17 to Stanford. He has to know what he is doing. I believe that there is enough young talent on this team that an organized coach with a plan can have some success right away. The first thing that any new coach is going to have to do is recruit linemen. On defense, we have good linebackers and young talented defensive backs, Tyler Bray had a field day because he had all day to find receivers.

      2. Ira

        you know why its hard to know which coach it is, because Mitch himself doesn’t know. He was serious when he said, ” I haven’t made any offers.”

        I think though you are going to see alot of the WAC coaches looking for new homes especially those that have been winning. The WAC conference is defunct in 2013. Not enough members to stay together. Probably why Mitch is looking at them so hard. He can get one on the cheap. Remember everyone, here at UK cheap is better.

        Don’t forget Steve Brown, instead of buying him out of his last year of his contract for less than 200K, the AD had him moved to another position on the defense. It was cheaper to keep him on the staff for one more year than to let him go. Mitch will go cheap again for our coaching hire.

        The only reason Joker Phillips got fired and he is having to do this buyout, is the ticket sales/ non renewels, plus people not showing up to the games this year. Because otherwise I really think Joker would have had his fourth year.

        Our AD is a skinflint when it comes to football. He is proving it by this non search/hiring of anyone. Not only that, when he does hire one of those WAC coaches, it won’t be much more than Joker’s original contract. Cheap.

  21. GraBeardCat

    I can understand the lack of information re: a new coach. It is the end of the year, teams are still playing, coaches are focused on closing out the season/fighting for bowl positions/recruiting, etc. Most of them would not want to make any final decisions until their season is over. Even if UK has talked with any, it is unlikely that the coack would want any news “leaked” at this time. I would be surprised if any official news came out until the season is over – or the selected coach approved a news release. Even if a present coach agrees to come to UK, there is a lot that would be required before he reported – closing out his present job, selecting assistants, negotiating contracts, etc.

  22. Russ Hayes

    I probably don’t know the inside scoop like many in and around the football program, but I think Barnhart has done great things for the UK athletic programs’ all around quality level, so I will give him the benefit of a doubt on a football HC hire. When Coach Cal said that when he recruits, he recruits the mom because she is sending him her son. In this day and age, a Petrino hire, to me, would be a recruiting problem with his track record. The other schools certainly can use the “he’ll be gone in a couple of years” against UK. Remember, too, that the legislature and the university (not the UKAA) have a difference of opinion on capital improvement funding. That’s not Mitch’s call. If we want an improved/replaced stadium, that is where we need to focus. Besides, from what some of the coach interviews I’ve read said that the UK football practice facilities compare favorably with most. I jst hope we don’t lose the freshman and next year’s class. Joker may have not won on the field, but he and this staff sure have stocked the shelves for the next coach if they stay. Go ‘cats!!

    1. Anonymous

      How do you come to this conclusion. Lack of investment in recruiting coupled with geographic disadvantages led to the Cats reeling in what Rivals.com ranks as the 14th best class in the SEC for 2012 (out of now 14 teams). We are last in all of the SEC schools!!

      Please read this article:

      We have 15 commits out of those 15 we have no 5star, no 4star, 11-3star, and the rest either 2 star or not ranked. I am sorry I do not see this stocking the shelves for Kentucky. IMO

    2. David

      I am sorry not buying what you said here Russ. Kentucky ranks last in football recruiting in all of the SEC, this year we have 15 commits none of them 5 or 4 star, we do have 11 3 star and the rest are 2 star or not ranked. Lack of investment in recruiting coupled with geographic disadvantages led to the Cats reeling in what Rivals.com ranks as the 14th best class in the SEC for 2012 (out of now 14 teams).

      Please read article: http://kykernel.com/2012/09/19/less-spending-lack-of-in-state-talent-hurts-football-recruiting/

      I am thinking our AD is lazy and Philips and his staff were sub par at the best. Joker may be a nice guy but I feel he was a yes man for Barnhart. He said we did not need better facilities and did not need more money to recruit. Sounds to me he was happy being where he was instead of beating the bushes like other coaches have to do and trying to attract talent that can compete in the SEC. I know this is a harsh opinion but Barnhart irks me and I think we need energized people looking all over the country for help on the football field, Joker was a nice guy but frankly has not done anything to improve our standings actually Vandy has passed the Doormat title to Kentucky.

  23. GraBeardCat

    I believe Howard Schnellenberger also mentioned that facilities is not the issue. It is interesting to hear that “our AD is lazy” when we don’t really know what he does. I have a friend who is an AD at a small college, and he works 6-7 days/week, 10-12 hours a day. While MB may not do everything everyone wants, I would not say he is lazy. If people want to be narrow-sighted and focus only on football, then you could say that the AD has not done what he should do. I know that football is the major revenue source for the athletics; HOWEVER, the AD is responsible for, and held accountable for, ALL sports. MB has elevated UK sports in general to a much higher level than that they held before he arrived. I agree that Joker’s time had come, and maybe he was not the best choice; however, I also remember that there was general approval when he was hired.

    1. David

      This debate goes both ways. says Bleacher Report

      Facilities in college football mean more than ever before. If you’re an elite program, you absolutely have to have them, especially if you’re located outside of a typically desirable location.

      Money is pouring into these big schools, especially from satisfied donors, which is upping the ante on this national arms race on a yearly basis. To stay relevant and lure in the premier talent, you must stay ahead of the curve.

      Two programs that know plenty about this are Oregon and Texas.


      I also said that it was mentioned by Joker there was no need for any extra money to recruit. He was content. Kentucky’s football recruiting budget falls in the lower half of the SEC, according to budget data of 99 schools collected by ESPN.

      I am saying maybe the school should have some scouts hitting some high school games and reporting back with some real talent and kids that have some heart to go along with them skills.

      1. David

        This year alone out of the top 10 ranked in-state players, only one — Clay County lineman Jacob Hyde — has committed to Kentucky and the Cats are not the leader for any of the others.
        That’s why former UK center Dave Hopewell, who started on the 1977 team that went 10-1, isn’t buying all Phillips said. Hopewell was from Alabama. Two of his best teammates, Derek Ramsey and Art Still, were from New Jersey. He had teammates from numerous states because then coach Fran Curci was not afraid to recruit anywhere.

        “I just think Joker is being politically correct,” Hopewell said. “I don’t believe all that. If that’s the case about an unlimited budget, they should be flying everywhere to recruit. Go wine and dine players to play here. Be like (UK basketball coach John) Calipari and get in a private plane and go see the nation’s best players and sell them on coming to play in the SEC, which is just a miniature NFL.”


  24. RJ

    The thing I like about MacIntyre is that he knows that defense wins football games. Offense sells tickets. Yes offense is exciting but it will not, as Hal Mummie found out, win games if you cannot stop the other guy from scoring. Except for that, I’m not all that excited until he does something.

  25. KenTuck

    Thoughts on Macintyre as a coach;
    1. Has deep roots in the South
    a. Dad was HC at Vandy, and raised son in Florida, South Carolina, Mississippi, and Tennessee
    b. Mac played for Vandy and Georgia Tech
    c. Coached at Georgia, Ole Miss
    2. From the Bill Parcels coaching tree and has a couple of pro stops
    3. Regarded as a top notch recruiter
    4. Has taken a losing program and turned them into a 10 win winner
    5. Relative young and can relate to today’s youth
    6. Appears to have a strong personality, which will be needed in Lexington
    7. Has a strong Defensive background, and yes UK needs to have a strong defense to compete
    8. He has been able to hire a good staff to turn a program around, this is a point often missed when looking at a HC, how good do they recruit and place coaches in the system
    9. Appears to be up for challenging jobs
    10. Nearly beat Stanford and went 1-1 against two other coaching candidates
    He looks like a very good candidate for UK.

  26. RJ

    Personally, I like Stoops over MacIntyre and MacIntyre over the rest of the field of up and coming coaches. If you going to get one for the long haul either of these guys would be my pick. If you want to win quick – Patrino is the only guy out there that fits the bill. Patrino would be around for a couple of years then what do you do? You may have missed Stoops et al.

    Given that Patrino is a non-starter, either of the above two guys would satisfy me with Stoops being the lead guy. Why? Recruiting connections in FL and the rest of the south.

    1. David

      RJ I like Stoops also and I like Dykes, but I like Petrino better than those two guys. I think if Petrino was given a chance he would be willing to stay around lot longer than 2 years you had mentioned. I believe he could turn this program around a lot faster than the others. I do not think he would have any trouble recruiting as some have made to believe. Go Blue

      1. RJ

        Patrino has an ego the size of Texas. He would use UK as a spring board to a bigger job at a school that is committed to football. Right now he is just looking for a chance to redeem himself then he is off to the next best opportunity. UK has never shown the committment to football that would get Patrino to stay once he is on top again. Secondly, he and MB are two entirely different kind of people. It would never work and both know it.

    2. UKFMLY

      I have been saying Stoops since day 1. I am glad to see he is in the hunt

  27. Mike Flannery

    On the WKYT news last night Mitch said he was looking for the right “fit” for the job, he used that word several times, but did not list any parameters other than “fit”. That got me excited like the one 3rd down and 1 foot play and 4th down and 1 foot play called in the UT game Saturday. Doesn’t he owe the fan base better search criteria than “a good fit”?????????

    1. RJ

      First of all MB owes his allegance to UK not the fan base. Secondly, fit is important to a school like UK. A coach at UK has to win enough to keep the fans filling up Commonwealth stadium but not enough to vie for a national championship because that costs money. Third, MB wants a squeaky clean program. He doesn’t have one now but at least it’s out of the press.

      So “fit” is press-speak code for a coach that will make the fans excited about UK football again but will not make new financial demands on the operating budget.

  28. Mike Flannery

    The word is that the Coaching job has not yet been offered to anyone, of course, he is waiting until Auburn, Tennessee and Arkansas make their choice. I still say that Petrino should be hired, he may not be welcome again in the NFL, he is a proven winner and I would strongly think he knows this may be his last chance….he has to be smart enough to make the most of any opportunity offered. He is the fan base’s overwhelming choice if you read the blogs, but, it is obvious the only thing that counts from us are the gate receipts!

    1. David

      I agree Mike. Petrino would be the best hire to revive the program, with wins would come filling the seats again

  29. David

    All of these guys may be great coaches and yes they all have some positive to them. MacIntyre has had a great season but has been a head coach only 3 seasons and just this one winning season so far. Stoops has got a great family name and knows Defense which does win championships, but has no head coaching experience at all. Dykes has spent a good amount of time learning under some high powered coaches and has now been Head Coach at Louisiana Tech and has put together some good seasons but lets not forget the WAC is not the SEC. I like Petrino because he has done well over his career including the SEC
    75–26 (college) Overall and 34-17 at Arkansas
    In four years at Louisville, Petrino built the Cardinals into a national power. He led them to 11 wins in 2004 and 12 wins in 2006–only the second and third times that the Cardinals won as many as 11 games in a season. He is by far the better of the coaches he does have personal baggage. Said he was sorry has sat out now lets move on and hire him before we are playing against him again.

  30. TrueBlueJohn

    Since both coaches have been mentioned as candidates for the UK job, I watched about a quarter of the La Tech – San Jose State game. The thing that jumped out at me was the spirit and enthusiasm from both sidelines. That was one thing that was lacking from Joker and his staff. I never saw Joker light up one player when they a foolish play. He didn’t learn that from Rich Brooks, because Rich would meet them at the sideline.

    1. larryvaught

      think Stoops will bring that enthusiasm as well

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