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uk footballBy LARRY VAUGHT

So what is his Kentucky assistant coach Vince Marrow saying to persuade so many Ohio prep standouts to pick Kentucky?

“That is a good question,” Youngstown Christian coach Brian Marrow, the UK coach’s brother, said. “I don’t know. I have not heard his whole sales pitch. Really, I am just proud to see my younger brother doing this. I am so proud of him making his mark this way.

“Mark Stoops is a heck of a recruiter, too, and maybe Vince is just telling players what the program is about and what a great staff they have. I really like (offensive coordinator) Neal Brown and what he’s done everywhere he’s been. But I know Vince is doing a good job, too. He’s a good guy and kids just sense that.”

Does his brother know every prep coach in Ohio or does it just seem that way?

“It does seem like that. Maybe it’s the way his path has taken him,” Brian Marrow said. “There’s a huge coaching fraternity in Youngstown where he’s from. There are a lot of guys we played with and against. He lived in Columbus and then took a job in Toledo, so he’s covered all kind of areas in Ohio. He just knows a lot about the state and the people here.”

13 Responses to Does brother know what UK assistant coach Vince Marrow is doing to land so many Ohio recruits?

  • Greg says:

    And our we glad to have him here at UK. Go CATS!!!

  • MikeF says:

    His results are indicative of the fact that a lot of kids really want to play in the SEC against the best!

  • Scott says:

    About time folks in Ohio understood that only 3 conferences matter in football: the AFC, the NFC, and the SEC.

  • TrueBlueJohn says:

    Great Line. And with 63 players drafted, it has the ring of truth.

  • UKFAN197TONE says:

    I like that, “AFC, NFC, and the SEC.” Has a good ring to it. HOPEFULY UK can move up the SEC ladder and gain some respect for playing in the SEC.

  • Anonymous says:

    Great recruiting. Keep em coming Vince. UK is gaining ground everyday.

  • Ira says:

    We may not lock the state of OH down, but if we can pull out 8-10 top talent guys out of it every year, wow. Recruit 4 from GA, 4 from FL, and keep the top talent from KY home say 3-4 guys that is a recruiting season. We can build serious depth and talent for UK in 3-4 years. We can be competing for the SEC East in no time and won’t that put a pucker on some Rivalry fans!

    Keep VM happy

  • JCC says:

    I read a piece on the internet last year about what UK needed to do to win in the SEC and it centered around heavy recruiting of Ohio, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Florida. Well I think we are on the way to doing that. 3 out of 4 and lets see if we start getting into thr homes of some of the big Penn players.

  • Larry Pup says:

    Keep em coming Vince. UK is on the rise.

  • Edward says:

    Right you are Scott and sometimes I believe that the SEC best could take the bottom teams in the NFL. Sometimes some of them are really bad! Welcome Ohio to Kentucky.

  • Love SEC F-Ball says:

    SEC is a great Conference. Glad to have Vince Marrow here at U.K. – Great job so far. Also noticed that Coach Stoops had several players go to the NFL from his previous team.

  • Roger Banta says:

    That’s big boy stuff…… I loved hearing him say that to his kids when they got it right. This coaching staff is going to take UK Football to places it has never been.


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