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Do you agree or disagree with Bleacher Report’s Bobb Reagan on top five scorers in UK basketbal history?


Here’s the five names he came up with:

5.  Alex Groza scored 1,744 points and still ranks 10th all-time. Groza led Kentucky in scoring in its back-to-back national championships.

4. Jack Givens had 41 points in the 1978  national championship game and ranks third all-time on UK’s list with 2,038 points.

3. Kenny Walker is UK’s second all-time leading scorer with 2,080 points, including 1,431 in his final two seasons.

2. Jodie Meeks had that memorable 54-point game against Tennessee as a junior in the very forgettable season under coach Billy Gillispie before he left for the  NBA.

1. Dan Issel scored a school-best 2,138 points and averaged just over 25 points per game in his three seasons. His senior year he averaged 34 points per game and had 53-point game that was the school record until Meeks broke it.

Kentucky has had so many great players and scorers, but Reagan has made a legitimate top five. However, who would you put in your top five. I might have to have Tony Delk in mind. Then there was Louie Dampier. Jamal Mashburn could score at will.

So let me know who you think should be in the top five.


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  1. Paul

    Don’t forget, Big Dan could shoot the 3 ball ( before it existed ).
    Kangaroo Kevin Grevy should be included ( sans the 3 ball also ).

  2. Terry Blue

    Unfortuneately he left out probably the greatest player ever at UK and that was Cotton Nash. He’s still the second leading scorer in ppg next to Issel in UK history and third I believe in RPG. He could play all five positions on the floor and often did so

  3. LindaS

    Big Dan and Louie both would be the top of my list. If there had been a 3 shot when they were playing they would have had 30% more points. Dan could hit from the corner and the top of the key any day of the week. Louie was just dangerous from outside. Since I don’t remember Alex I’ll put Louie in mine and I would have to have Jamaal. I would have two of my favs in there so I would make Jack Givens Honorable Mention.

  4. TennesseeBlue

    I did not see the Bleacher Report article but must assume that it was limited to men’s bball only. If not, what about the answer to one of the best UK trivia question “Who is the leading scorer in UK basketball history?”. Valerie Still with 2,763 points.

  5. charles

    my list ; cotton nash , louie dampier. kevin greavy , jimmy dan conner . kyle macy ,

    dan issel , jeff shepard , mike casey , jim andrews , mike pratt

    kenny (sky) walker , mashburn , walter mcCarty , demarcus cousins ,

    in my lifetime 1951 till present ( there were one or two i could not think of)

  6. King Ghidora

    I think he’s confusing ppg with the ability to score. The first thing I would do would be to remove Meeks from the list completely. Having one great game doesn’t make you a great scorer. I look at the players who had other great scorers on the same team and know they weren’t the first and second option like Meeks was. Yes Patterson got his points but he wasn’t given the ball to shoot it like Meeks was. I like Meeks but I think of players like Ramsey, Beard, Jones, Hagan, Spivey, and others who scored a lot of points when they had to share the scoring with each other and other greats. Then I look at Kevin Grevey who was the last spectacular scorer that UK had IMO. When I think of the competition for shots on that 1975 team then realize how many Kevin scored I know that guy was a scoring machine. So was Dampier. But look at the team Kevin played on that year. Connor, Flynn, Givens, Robey, and Phillips all could score on that team yet Kevin still managed to put up 23.5 ppg and his average was actually higher half way through the season. I think it was 25 or 26 ppg for a while. Teams started double teaming him out at the hash mark (coaches box mark) because he would kill you from that spot. That slowed down his scoring a little. You don’t see many guys that could shoot like that ever. He had a great pro career too winning a championship with the (then) Bullets. He was considered to be the first 3 point specialist in the NBA. So I’d have to put Kevin on that list. Arguments can be made for the rest but I think Dampier belongs on there too.

    UK has had a very long and successful history. Singling out 5 players is no easy feat. That seems to be about all that gets done at The Bleacher Report. It’s just one opinion piece after another with no actual reporting that I see. They expect their writers to have a lock step opinion on the issues too. Heaven forbid that you would disagree with anyone for any reason. “Rupp was a racist. That’s just a fact. UK cheats. Everyone knows that.” I don’t have much use for that collection of wannabes.

  7. King Ghidora

    I meant to mention the team with Cousins, Wall and Patterson. Those guys shared the scoring load and still managed 15ppg each give or take a little. Anyone who doubts the ability of Cousins to score should pay attention to what he’s doing in the pros. The same goes for Wall although he did take quite a few more shots than Boogie did at UK. Mel Turpin was also a great scorer who played on a team with a lot of other talent. There are so many players like that at UK it’s impossible to pick just 5.

  8. BobbyBlue

    Meeks with one unconsious big game,instead of Cotton Nash..come on,get real !

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