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Playboy model, UK fan Megan Dills holding design contest for Kentucky blue swimsuit to benefit cancer research

Megan Dills

Megan Dills


Megan Dills wants to combine her love for University of Kentucky basketball with a way to help cancer research in honor the memory of her father, Carl Dills.

“I am holding a design contest for a swimsuit,” said Dills, a UK fan from Grant County and a Playboy model. “The suit will be in my favorite blue, UK blue. The swimsuit will be called ‘The Cure’, in memory of my dad  and all proceeds of the swimsuit will go to cancer research.”

She plans to take design submissions through Jan. 31 at curechallenge@yahoo.com and the winning design will receive $500.

She got her swimsuit idea from a Playboy model from Australia who has done a similar thing.

“She names all her swimsuits. I wanted a swimsuit named the ‘Cure’ and just got a wild hair and decided to do it myself,” Dills said. “All the proceeds will go to cancer research in honor of my dad.

“I am pretty excited about it. I want a two-piece bikini design. Nothing scanty, just a normal two-piece suit anybody can wear. There can’t be anything that says UK or anything like that on it. It has to be UK blue.”

She hopes to have both a “high end” swimsuit that could sell for $200 and a more moderate swimsuit that could sell in the $30 range.

Dills, who gained national attention after she was knocked down at Indiana when IU fans stormed the court after the Hoosiers’ win over Kentucky, knows she likely will need to model the swimsuit when the winning design is picked.

“I hope to get some of my model friends to wear it and even some at the Playboy Mansion,” she said. “I would love to be able to go to spring break and give out suits to college girls to make it a sea of blue. It’s just one of these things I feel very passionate about because of my dad, who died last year. I really want to make this work and also give UK fans something else kind of special for them.”

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    How would a non-UK fan know it was “UK” if there is no ‘UK’ anywhere on it? Or am I missing something here?

    1. larryvaught

      think she is hoping the color says it all

  2. metalarmdad

    When some “Hooser” knocks down someone as pretty as Megan then you know that they can’t be very smart, but what are you to expect from IU fans when they have been nothing for so long and then win on a last second shot on their home floor. This was their Championship , only one thing they haven’t done, win on the road

    1. larryvaught

      You got that right about Megan

  3. oldblackhightops


    I tried to send in a design but the email came back as “undeliverable”.

    Any help, please?


    1. larryvaught

      will check with megan and get back to you on that

    2. larryvaught

      you can send it to me at larry@amnews.com and I will see her tomorrow and get it to her

    3. larryvaught

      oldblackhightops, try this email again thecurechallenge@yahoo.com

  4. oldblackhightops

    Thank you Larry!

    1. larryvaught

      glad to help oldblackhigh tops

  5. Kentucky Dunks

    Did Megan attend UK?

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