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With the Music City Bowl, Kentucky-Louisville basketball and now Rich Brooks’ retirement, it has been hard to empty out the e-mail bag.

But today I am going to give it a whirl and it is my fault a few are a few days old.

From Chris Bryan: There is a growing discussion revolving around the YouTube video of Coach Cal’s verbal exchange. The person who he was directing this at is in question. At some point would it be possible to ask coach or one of the assistants to put the incident to bed. I have a hard time believing any coach, Bobby Knight withstand, would go on a verbal tirade on a player with the referee standing three feet away.”
Vaught: Would love to ask an assistant coach, but they are off limits. Calipari did seem to me to be talking to Louisville’s Reginald Delk after Delk and Kentucky guard Eric Bledsoe exchanged words shortly after tip-off. “I don’t know. The game was so emotional … it was a battle,” Calipari said on the SEC teleconference Monday when asked about the incident. But I don’t think there was any doubt he said something to Delk and no matter what Delk said to Bledsoe, Calipari was wrong to do that.
But I also don’t understand why Rick Pitino wouldn’t take Delk out of the game like Calipari did Bledsoe. Just showed me how intense Pitino wanted his players to be and that he approved of all the trash talking and ignored the official’s plea to take Delk out. Seems to me Delk should have gotten a technical if Pitino wanted him to stay in that badly.

From H.B. Quinn of Cadiz: I have always enjoyed your view on UK. You seem to be favorable but not a “homer”. I’d be interested in reading your take on the national media’s take of the “Cuz” incident. I was watching the game in Bowling Green with my son at a sports bar. When CBS was showing the replay they showed a second angle on the incident that didn’t look as bad. They never showed that angle again. Of course, as you know, all the talk was about the thug UK has. I don’t remember any such talk when things like this happen at other schools (of course, I am a fan, not objective like you!). So are we hated like the Yankees were when I was growing up? Is the hate back now that we are good and Billy and Tubby are no longer here? What do you think?
Vaught: Thanks for the kind words. I think Cousins was wrong to throw the forearm. I think Swopshire was wrong to knee Cousins. Both deserved technicals. However, I don’t think either one should have been ejected and I thought the officials handled it well considering all the junk that was going on at the game. I do think some folks are having trouble with UK being back as a prominent player in college basketball and enjoyed the days when the Cats were down. So yes, I think some of the hate is indeed back when it comes to UK basketball.

From Bob Deyo: Apparently Derrick Locke and Morgan Newton expressed questions about the direction of the UK offense. Can you enlighten me on that? Also, if they spend money on Commonwealth Stadium, how about closing one end to make a horseshoe? Where else would a horseshoe stadium be better suited than horse country?
Vaught: Love the idea of a horseshoe at Commonwealth Stadium. That would be cool. Locke and Newton just both want a little more wide-open offense. Remember, Locke says a lot. He’s emotional and holds nothing back. Newton was not criticizing, but merely analyzing what he thought needed to happen for next year and noted that he had to improve to help the offense get better and take more chances.

From Paul Malek of Birmingham: Given Coach Brooks sense and appreciation for history and the greater meaning in the things he has been involved with, do you think that Louisville naming Charlie Strong as their head man is playing any role in what appears to be Brooks’ likely decision to step down?  What I’m saying here is that UK made a move a few years ago with Joker Phillips that represented a commitment to place an African-American as the head football coach at some point in the future and coach Brooks does not want our in-state rival to effectively “beat us to the punch” when it comes to getting that African-American head coach on the sidelines?
Vaught: Malek sent this before Brooks officially retired. I don’t think that would have been a reason for Brooks to retire, but I do think his sense of history and what might be best for the program could have been a factor. I’m proud that our state has two African-American coaches now. It shows the progress we have made. I hope fans at both schools treat Phillips and Strong just like they would have Brooks and Bobby Petrino. So while Brooks probably didn’t make his move because of Louisville’s hire, the timing still works out well for Kentucky.

From Tony Hammons, drummer for Montgomery Gentry: We Kentucky fans individually all like to think that WE are the biggest UK fans but Eddie Montgomery is really the biggest UK fan that I know. I am out on tour with Eddie and Troy. Eddie always watches UK when the games are on TV. As the Kentucky boys in the band, we have our faces glued to the TV watching any UK sports broadcasts when we are out somewhere in the Great USA! It really gives us a Big Blue Kentucky home feeling to see the Cats in action when Montgomery Gentry is out on the road!
Vaught: Brother, you are preaching to the choir here. I know Eddie is now UK’s No. 1 celebrity fan. He can’t get enough of the Cats and he’s loving life right now with UK 15-0.

8 Responses to Did Calipari yell at Reginald Delk?

  • In regards to Cal yelling at Delk, I am sure it probably did happen. And I believe it happens more often than people realize. I saw a UT player jawing at Pelphrey in his first year at Arkansas and Pelphrey told him to shut up, with a bit more color. Not justifying, but we have to remember that these coaches are competitors too. They can get caught up in the emotion as well.

  • charlie says:

    Kentucky actually has three african-american head coaches as WKU has hired one of their former players

  • larryvaught says:

    You are right about Willie Taggert

  • TRUBLU69 says:

    LOL!! Larry I know you remember Rick Pitino going out and nearly punch SHAK..In Rupp Arena..Pitino went out of his mind that day..Much like Bledsoe did saturday..I mean of all that took place early in that game, I was most disappointed in Eric not listening to his coaches and sitting down..I know how he feels I have been there..But just get It under control…Larry I do have a HUGE concerne with BIG CUZ, He is a time bomb i’m affraid..I hope we have Him in the NCAA’s..Because he is capable of busting someones Chops..Lets hope I am Wrong….GO BIG BLUE!!!!

  • larryvaught says:

    Got a message that Delk might have given Bledsoe a pretty good job before the foul was called. Did anyone else see that.

  • Ben says:

    Hi Larry,

    Yea Bledsoe got jobbed on the very first foul. If the ref’s made a mistake not throwing out Cuz, they also made a mistake on this play. Here’s a link to a youtube slow motion replay of that first foul. The play starts at the top of the screen.

    At the start of the play, Delk is in front of Bledsoe and Samardo several feet behind him, not directly behind him as you expect for a pick play. Delk starts right at Bledsoe. Bledsoe has a right to hold his ground and does so. You would have expected Delk to maybe fake right and try to go left around Bledsoe, rubbing him off on Samardo or go left and then right. Instead he goes straight ahead and extends his arms to Bledsoe first and pushes him back several feet into Samardo. When Bledsoe is backed up against Samardo, Delk seems to slam his body into Bledsoe with a little extra force. Also looks intentional. Can’t see how this is a foul on Bledsoe. This clearly looks like a foul on Delk and if the ref’s could have look at a monitor, they might have considered it intentional and gave Delk a technical foul. But I don’t think they should have thrown him out of the game.

    I think this play is what set Bledsoe off. I imagine Delk had a few words and a laugh for Bledsoe when the ref called the foul on him. If the ref’s make the right call, then some of that stuff afterwords doesn’t take place.

  • King Ghidora says:

    That first call against Bledsoe set the tone for the entire game IMO. It made UL think they could get by with murder and they tried to do exactly that. It worked wonderful for them too. They scored 3 whole points in the first 11 minutes or so. Fabulous results there RP! Playing dirty, which UL did in spades, won’t keep you in a game when you’re outclassed. All it does is show how much of a slimeball you are for encouraging your players to act that way. UL only got back in the game when they stopped acting like thugs trying to get UK out of their game. Apparently thinking about basketball is more effective than thinking like Mike Tyson.

  • larryvaught says:

    Thanks Ben. That makes it pretty clear what set Bledsoe off. Glad you shared that with all of us


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