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Devin Booker’s father on UK next year: “This is going to work out fine with the situation they have.”


Melvin Booker has never doubted how his son, guard Devin Booker, would fit in at Kentucky after he picked the Wildcats over Missouri — the school where Melvin Booker was Big Eight Player of the Year in 1994.

“It is going to be a great fit for him. I was proud of the decision he made and the style of play fits his style. Devin shoots the ball extremely well, so I think he can play in any system but he’s really excited to play for Kentucky,” said Melvin Booker.

That feeling never wavered even as UK has its share of ups and downs last season before going on its remarkable postseason run.

“It was a great run. In my (NCAA Tournament) bracket, I had them to go to the Final Four like they did,” Melvin Booker said. “I really did. Devin and I went to the SEC Tournament and I knew coming out of that they were playing like one of the top teams in the country and I felt they could make a run. I thought the seeding especially worked out for them with who they had to play. They can rebound the hell out of the basketball and that gave the teams they played real problems.”

He’s also glad that his son will be playing with twins Andrew and Aaron Harrison next year after the freshman guards decided to stay at UK rather than leave for the NBA after their freshmen season ended with UK losing the national title game to Connecticut. Now they will be there to help guide Devin Booker and incoming freshman point guard Tyler Ulis.

“I am really excited with the fact those guys all came back. I kind of expected Julius (Randle) and James (Young) to be gone. We were anticipating the twins not being there before the season because they are so talented. But I did not want Devin and Tyler to be the young guys with all that pressure on them as freshmen.

“This is going to work out fine with the situation they have. They will be two-deep in every position. Practices might be better than games. I am very excited about the next season for Devin. I can’t wait to come watch practices. I just want to see kids competing, and they will all be competing.

“He will be in a situation without a lot of pressure on him and he can just play hard and get better. He can also learn from the older guys. When I was in college, I learned from older guys. On the road you don’t know things as simple as where the visiting locker room is. There a lot of little things he can learn as a freshman from those older guys that will make it a great season for him.”

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  1. Kokamo Joe

    The good thing is that our two MCDonald All American freshman guards will be playing behind the Harrisons, which means that they will be in Lexington for two years and maybe even stick around for three or four years. Does this doom Hawkins to the bench for four years?

    1. Larry Pup


  2. Bob

    I think this is all the Cats lack is acouple leaving for the NBA and players staying acouple years to guide and take the pressure off freshman as well as coach Cal .I call this the changing of the guards. It’s just to hard each year to start all over and build an program . This will free up alot of time to be used on items like free throw shooting while players help coach players . It’s an win win .We are now beginning to see the big picture .It totally blows me away coach Cal has accomplished this in 5 years ! You may think i’m crazy but i think for once we have an football program thats not an passing ship but an building block to an top SEC team we can enjoy and get envoled in and it in return takes off alot of pressure and stress off our basketball team and coach. Making Coach Cal’s job less stressful as well as the players . Without an competeing football program year in and out mostly we all await Basketball . No more ! Football is for real at UK now and i am so excited . As great of years to be an Cats fan as i have had in my life . I think the best has yet to come. GO BIG BLUE !!!

  3. doug

    I sure hope you didn’t go to UK! You need help with your use of an or a in your sentences.

    1. Anonymous

      What does it matter he loves UK and this is all you can say.

    2. Anonymous

      Doug, I didn’t know you were in charge of the grammar, and writing lessons here on VV’s. You are rude. Write on Bob, I hear and like what you have to say, non of us are as skilled as Doug.

  4. B-Rad

    Wow Doug.. Why do some people have to be a a$$?

  5. Keith Blak

    Mr. Booker seems to be a wise man. Some fathers would be jealous of talented competition like the Harrison Twins, but Mr Booker knows that his son Devin will be a better guard while practicing everyday with great talent all around. Also I believe Kentucky’s opponents will be trying every conceivable defensive scheme including a lot of zones due to Kentucky’s rebounding strength. When this happens I believe coach Cal will be looking to Devin Booker as a zone breaker due to his great shooting ability. I believe he will earn his playing time.

  6. Anonymous

    Doug is either a duke, or Louisville fan snooping around. Uk fans don’t pull that type of bs

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