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Derek Abney on Hal Mumme’s playbook, improvement in UK offense and future success with Mark Stoops


Question: Is there any truth that there never really was a playbook for this offense when you were at UK?

Derek Abney: “Part of that is true. We had playbooks, but the uniqueness when I was playing, especially under (Hal) Mumme, was that you had your base plays and different formations associated with it. It was simple and the simplicity was the beauty of it. We did learn some plays, but a lot of it was the simplicity. We did same plays with different formations.”

Question: What realistic changes/improvement can Neal Brown’s offense make in one year?

Derek Abney: “The second and third year you don’t have to teach all the things that come inherent with a program that is established. I am not talking just on the field. I am talking weight room, training table. So then you start focusing on the deficiencies and really things that really matter. You start trying to develop and excel. I think having a second and third year gives him an opportunity to really start to hone in on the little things. The kids start knowing the system better. It is really important that they have that down and start getting some kids that fit their system. I really feel like it moves up then.”

Question: Do you see Mark Stoops and this staff getting UK back to a consistent winning level like it almost reached when you played?

Derek Abney: “I do. Part of that is who do they bring in as far as the players and they are doing very well at that. .Then also the coaches associated with it, and these coaches have proven themselves. I think we are implementing their strategies and system and then it will eventually all comet together.”

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  1. Edward

    Shout it from the Top of the Mountain , Derek Abney, shout it as loud as you can!!! Go Big Blue!

  2. TrueBlueJohn

    Wouldn’t it be great to have a couple of Derek Abney’s for our QB’s to throw to? We already may have them on the roster, but they haven’t been proven yet.

  3. Old Cat

    Dereck Abney is very special and you might spend a lifetime waiting for another similar athlete.
    Ryan Timmons is the most likely clone that I have seen, just turn him loose on kick offs and puntr returns.

  4. Larry Pup

    UK football fans have waited patiently for a long time to see a consistent winning program capable of winning games they are not supposed to. Until these coaches and players prove it on the field, school’s still out on this subject. I’m tired of the talk, and I want to see winning football in Lexington that bring back the glory days like Bear Bryant and Fran Curci brought to the Bluegrass. I admire what Coach Brooks was able to do in his time here. He took a job nobody else wanted, and fought through great adversity to some great wins. Remember the LSU win? I want to see a physical, highly skilled, hard nosed football team that is sick of being everybody’s whipping boy. The recruiting is going well under Coach Stoops, that is a blessing, and it gives all of us great hope. Now the question must be answered, can Stoops win with these players he is bringing to this program? I sure hope so.

  5. Paul

    Was listening to some “talking heads” recently ( along with a few ex-coaches ) and the consensus was that marketing was the only way to take a sub-par program to a higher level.
    See Oregon.
    If we are the BBN , why don’t we have a blue field – yes I know Boise St. has a blue field, but who gets the most exposure ? UK
    Rick Nuheisal (sp? ) said he was asked time after time by recruits when will UCLA change their uniforms – In my opinion the most beautiful uni’s in college ball.
    Kids like the bling.
    We don’t have any great tradition to uphold – – – keep up the recruiting and get a marketing professional to add some Hollywood.

    1. Edward

      The University of Kentucky is a charter member of the Southeastern Conference (SEC). UK is not an upstart university in an upstart conference. Many programs in the SEC have long histories and traditions of winning football, some like Kentucky, just not so recently. In the 50’s UK performed a lot better than the so called “representative football” many of the AD’s harped about the last 4 or 5 decades. We are now wining our share of the recruiting wars and kickoff is only “1 month, 26 days,” away. We don’t need gimmicks to win recruits, the coaches need to recruit and convince those recruits that many of them can get to the next level. I believe that we are on our way. Again LP says, “UK football fans have waited patiently for a long time to see a consistent winning program capable of winning games they are not supposed to.” I believe this is coming and maybe sooner than many analyst are ready acknowledge.

      Let’s not make ourselves a laughing stock on Saturdays Down South in our attempt to rise above being a doormat.

      1. Larry Pup

        Well said Edward. We don’t need hollywood, we need touchdowns and forced punts. That will get peoples attention. Go Blue!!!

  6. Mike Cold Spring 2

    What an exciting time be a UK fan! After the last few years I am really excited for the season to start – I am not counting on a bowl game – just solid improvement and the spring game looked a lot different than 2013. I am just thrilled the timing worked to get Stoops interested in UK.

  7. Ira

    Well I saw improvement at the end of the season, but like everyone else knows we need a QB.
    I think if Towles(still not convinced me yet) or Phillips who just looked like a RS freshman out there can move the chains consistently, it will motivate both sides of the ball.

    We are finally getting the personnel, problem being we are going to be very young, very inexperienced at the beginning of the season. Most fans will be looking for that air raid offense, slinging it everywhere. Doubt it happens. Our QB whomever it works out to be, way to inexperienced to turn him loose. Look for us to run the ball a lot first part of the season would be my guess.

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