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DeMarcus Cousins enjoying “once in a lifetime thing” with Team USA

DeMarcus Cousins, who plays with the Sacramento Kings, signs autographs at UK youth basketball camp. (Victoria Graff photo)

DeMarcus Cousins, who plays with the Sacramento Kings, signs autographs at UK youth basketball camp. (Victoria Graff photo)


Former Kentucky standout DeMarcus Cousins of the Sacramento Kings had 13 points, five rebounds and six steals in just 12 minutes Wednesday when Team USA beat the Dominican Republic 106-71. Here’s part of what he had to say after the game in Spain.

Comments about the game:

I thought we started off a little sluggish tonight as you could see. I think we picked up the energy a little bit in the second, and after halftime we really picked it up and took the game away. But we can’t continue to start games like this. It’s kind of been a tendency of ours to start games like that. We got to get back to playing defense the way we did the first couple of games, putting pressure on the ball and giving teams a hard time. We definitely have got to pick up the pace.

When you are winning these game by this much how do you gauge how well you are or are not playing?

I believe everybody felt pretty good with how well they played today. You could see it on guy’s faces, you could see with the guys on the bench. Everybody was happy for one-another, everyone was cheering for one-another, and that’s what we are going to need to continue on this path.

DeMarcus, what does it mean to play for this team, your country, and how is it the team chemistry on and off the court different being on the Kings team and being on the USA team?

First of all, it’s a huge honor. Not everybody and not everyday do you get to go represent your country. It’s definitely a huge honor, especially for me. Playing with this group of guys, this is a once in a lifetime thing. You’re playing a group of guys as good as some of the best players in the world. It’s extremely fun, it makes your job easier, but at the same time it’s a different thing because there’s so much talent in one group you have to put your game aside to make another guy and vice-versa. So it’s a unique experience and I’m enjoying it.

What was your reaction when Coach K called you and said you were on the team?

I was all smiles.

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    One of my all time favorite players and maybe the FLAT OUT NICEST UK PLAYER I HAVE EVER MET (and I have met quite a few).

  2. King Ghidora

    That’s probably the reason the media tries to bash him so much UKFMLY. They don’t like good people apparently. If he had led a group of players into the stands to start a riot he wouldn’t be a target like he is. The media stinks (Larry excepted of course), the NBA stinks (for letting players bait Cuz with cheap shots so much), the refs stink for trying to bait him and t him up if they find the least bit of fault. It’s like pro wrestling to those people. They prefer a good story line to real basketball. Someone has to be painted as the bad guy in the hooded mask (yeah I know he doesn’t wear a hood but he would if the media had their way) and DeMarcus gets picked on because he brought big time talent to UK (along with Wall but he’s a smaller guy and can’t be painted as a big bully like Boogie) when he came in as Cal’s first recruiting class. There are lots of media types that will hate him forever because of that. Davis is obviously not a thug but Cuz can be painted that way because he plays with emotion more. Never mind that most of the players in the NBA play that way. Cousins was labelled as a thug in his first national tv game by a certain tv talking (bald) head. People wonder why I have no use for that guy. He destroys people so he can promote his pet team (we all know which team that is). Now it’s becoming more and more obvious that Cousins was never that thug they make him out to be. They will eat crow before Boogie is done because he will be a HOF player barring injury.

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