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Demarco Robinson admits loss hurts and UK does not have lot of time to save season


Sophomore Demarco Robinson had seven catches for 75 yards and three punt returns for 28 yards against Western Kentucky Saturday for his most productive game at Kentucky. However, the Wildcats still lost 32-31 in overtime and Robinson was one of the players who met with the media after the game to try and explain the loss as well as UK’s 1-2 start going into the beginning of Southeastern Conference play Saturday at No. 14 Florida.

Question: How hard will it be to come back from this loss and get ready for Southeastern Conference play?
Robinson: “It won’t be that hard. The whole team has to work hard to get better. We will just continue that in practice this week.”

Question: Does losing to a Sun Belt Conference team hurt a bit more and make it harder to get ready to play again?
Robinson: “It hurts a lot. I have confidence our guys will take it as motivation instead of looking down on the season. We will use it to get better.”

Question: Are players taking this loss harder than you really want to share publicly?
Robinson: “Everybody is not happy with the loss. We fought hard to come back, but in the end we lost. Have to work harder to get it right.”

Question: Does this loss hurt the team’s pride even more than the opening game loss at Louisville?
Robinson: “I would say any time we lose at home it is a pride thing. We hate to let the fans down the way we did.”

Question: What did you think of the fan support you got from the fans at the game?
Robinson: “I appreciate the fans who came and stayed. We have to do better for them.”

Question: What would you say to fans who are not happy with coach Joker Phillips right now over the way the team is playing?
Robinson: “He is with us. You are either with us or against us. He is our coach and we are with him 100 percent.”

Question: Are there things he could do different or is this on the players?
Robinson: “I am not sure about that. It is a team effort. Everybody is together in our eyes as one. We are not doing much pointing fingers and stuff.”

Question: Does it just take time for young talent to come together?
Robinson: “I don’t know how to answer that question. We do feel like we have a lot of talent. It’s just getting chemistry and everything right. We have to start getting things going earlier in games.”

Question: Can UK still salvage a respectable season despite a 1-2 start?
Robinson: “In my mind, we don’t have a lot of time left. I am wanting to get this done as quick as possible.”

Question: How important does this make Saturday’s game at Florida?
Robinson: “The next game is always our biggest game. We have the opportunity to go on the road and beat a ranked team. We have our chance for redemption in that game.”

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  1. jcc

    I love the way he answers the questions so PC

  2. Pacman

    If Joker does keep his job it will be because of the future promise of guys like Robinson and Sweat.

  3. Tana

    Good point, Pacman. Too, besides that “future promise,” I really like the attitude of both of them.

  4. Gene

    I, in the past, have been more than a bit harse in describing my opinion of this kid and his status in the Wildcat football program. I’ll have to apologize to him after saturdays game. He played well and had a productive day. I hope he can continue to build on this game as the Cats get into the really scary part of their season.

    1. larryvaught

      Good of you to do that Gene. HOpe that was a big turning point for DeMarco

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