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Dakari Johnson on rebounding, team play, Towns, physical play

Kentucky sophomore center Dakari Johnson had 10 points and 12 rebounds in Friday’s win over the Dominican Republic and shared these thoughts in the postgame press conference:

On if he felt like he had to set a rebounding tone in the first half:
“Uh yeah, I just tried to come out and just try my best rebounding. Coach said that they’re a physical team, so I just tried to play physical.”

On what he’s made of this team’s play in four games:
“It’s just been great. Just the balance and the overall team, everybody contributing and everybody doing their job and playing their roles, it’s been really fun for all of us.”

On if Karl-Anthony Towns’ play motivates him:
“Yeah. He’s a real good player. He’s been playing really well, so I’ve just been trying to do my best and just play my role and contribute to the team.”

On what the competition has been like vs. practice at home:
“Just out here it’s grown men. They’ve been doing this for awhile. They’ve been playing, some in the NBA, some in the Euro league, so they’re used to just playing against guys my size and bigger. So they’ve just been really physical.”

On how he’s able to neutralize that physical play:
“Just try to stay physical. Also, just running up and down the court. They’re kind of older so it’s harder for them to get up and down the court, so I’ve just been trying to run really well.”

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  1. King Ghidora

    He’s got that part right about being “kinda older” making it hard to get up and down the floor. :) Dakari has played very, very well on this trip. He looks like a whole new player with dimensions he did not have last year. He’s still physical when he wants to be but he can run the break now too. It’s great to see a guy improve that much over the off season. Someone has been working hard to be good at what he does. Way to go DJ.

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