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Dakari Johnson: “It’s about the team, not me”


As I continue to look back on the McDonald’s All-American Game, I found three of my favorite Dakari Johnson quotes that I thought you would enjoy. Again, he has the personality/demeanor that I think UK fans are going to love and I know his physical presence inside is going to be a huge asset for John Calipari’s team next year.

 On being with great players at UK: “It’s great because in practice, it will make you a better player and second, you won’t have to do too much on the court when u have other great players around you. It makes your job easier.”

On Andrew Wiggins: “We need him. The more great players you have, the easier it is to win a championship.”

On playing time: “If I have to come off the bench, that is fine. Whatever it takes to help the team. It’s about the team, not me.”

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  1. tony

    Dakari seems like a very mature kid.I cant wait to see this team in action next year!..#no.9N2014

  2. King Ghidora

    These kids are certainly saying and doing the right things so far. I sure hope that continues because I will love the team as long as they play unselfish basketball. Some of my favorite teams didn’t win it all but they played like they needed to in order to win. Things just didn’t click for them. It’s hard to make it through a 68 of the nation’s best teams in a tournament without losing a game. It generally takes some luck. And it takes making your own luck too. That comes when you live by the UK tradition which is a proven winner. And that tradition says the team has to come first. Davis and MKG were prime examples of that. They took fewer shots than any of the starters yet they were 1 and 2 in the draft. That’s team basketball. That’s the UK way. And so is what Johnson said here. If the team plays the way they talk they will do great.

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