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Daily update from the rumor mill on Petrino, Dykes, Cutcliffe and even Bill Cowher


Depending on who you want to hear, it’s easy to find many, many directions that the UK football coaching search could go.

Here are various scenarios I heard or had pitched to me today:

— Never ever will athletics director Mitch Barnhart hire Bobby Petrino. Too much risk, too much baggage no matter what the reward.

— UK AD Mitch Barnhart will not have the final say on hiring the new coach, which means it will be a lot easier for Petrino to be offered the job.

— There was little or no movement in the coaching search Monday possibly because Barnhart was hoping Tennessee would have an opening and snatch Petrino to take the pressure of him.

— A Kentucky insider is saying Barnhart is going for a home run hire — former Steelers coach Bill Cowher and cites John Calipari’s ties to current Steelers coach Mike Tomlin as one reason it could happen.

The list could go on and on. But here is the best information I got today from someone I trust and who has direct knowledge of many things going on.

One, Barnhart has a priority list of coaches that includes a “home run hire” as well as Petrino because others at UK want Petrino considered. Two, there is a second level that could include a coach like Sonny Dykes as well as a coach like David Cutcliffe of Duke. Three, there’s a list that would involve current coordinators at the both the collegiate and NFL level.

“I don’t think there are nearly as many names being discussed for the job as many want to believe. I don’t think the list of possible candidates is nearly as long as some think,” the source told me.

And as I was driving through Knoxville, I listened to a Tennessee sports talk show when the idea of perhaps bring Phil Fulmer — and yes, his name has been mentioned at Kentucky because of ties to Barnhart — back came up. The talk show hosts as well as fans thought it was a terrible idea. And remember he led Tennessee to a national title and the fans don’t want him back. That shows how fickle a coaching search can be.

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  1. Scott Davis

    darren rovell ‏@darrenrovell espn business writer online poll

    POLL RESULTS (567 VOTES): 66.3% of those that voted say Kentucky should offer Bobby Petrino the head coaching job.

    1. larryvaught

      Thanks Scott, had not seen that

    2. David

      I am all in for Petrino. Cutcliffe is way down my list. Go Big Blue….

    3. Mike Flannery

      A friend of mine reminded me that Barnhart paid out over 5 million to Gillespie and now another 3.4 million to Joker. That is why Barnhart needs to hit a home run. How many of us would still have a job for an 8+ million expense with nothing to show for it? Petrino is a proven winning coach. Even Gus Malzahn at Arkansas State is a proven winner that could bring an exciting offense. Mitch, you need to get this one right….not another 5 year paycheck for 3 poor years of service!

      1. Juan4UK

        Yeah Mike, but when you start to go down with he paid out this and this then you have to compare that to the profit and loss of those years. An AD is going to measure money vs money. So you have to say he paid out (to use your figures) 8+ million expense and the AD brought in $170 million in revenue. The problem is the $170 m revenue should have been $210 in revenue but wasn’t because of the losses and disruptions. So, while profitable, it should/could have been more profitable.

        1. Larry T Clemons

          Petrino is The Best, Business ‘ move….

  2. Cam Jacobs

    Yep. Offer him the job Mitch!!!

  3. william allen

    Petrino has not been charged with any NCAA violations, and his personal life is between him and his wife. All of us have made mistakes. Just ask Petraeus.
    An AD’s job is to hire the best coach available, and Petrino is the man.
    We don’t need retreads like Cutcliffe and Fulmer.

    1. john4uk

      No truer words have ever been written.Please no more retreads,experiments,or assistant wannabees.Hire a legitimate coach that has a real track record of performing at the hidhest level.

      Lets hope that Petrino has a legitimate interest in the UK job,and gets a look.With all the talk going around,no one has mentioned or knows if Petrino is really interested in the job,just we fans who really want him as coach of the Cats.

      1. steve from Dayton

        Yeah, no retreads…but wait, Patrino IS a retread! So, no experiments…but wait, he’s an experiment too!

        Why would you want the guy who is sure to take us down the road of Curci and Mumme? Embarrassment! I’ve watched this program since 1954 and season tickets since 1973. I’m tired of the soap opera.

        I really like some of the other names I see; Bill Cower? WOW! My personal choice is Neal Brown but they’re not asking me.

        1. larryvaught

          Steve, I would love to see Neal Brown at UK, too, but might be a bit young yet. Still, Cats need to be creative and bold with this hire

        2. Katdaddy

          Bill Cower with Neal Brown as OC. Petrino is a retread and will be a disaster.

  4. OldFan

    Bill Cowher might work, but can he win without the talent of a top notch team? In the NFL you get to hand-pick a lot of players. At UK, you have to start out by taking pretty much anyone that will come. Can he build a talented team through recruiting that can win in the SEC? I don’t know his college coaching background yet, but will do some research on it.
    I would love to see a BIG name come here, but I just don’t have the faith it will happen. I know Mitch will be praying about this very often so he fells he will make the right decision. Maybe the rest of us should join him.

    1. Larry T Clemons

      Cowher, great name, great NFL coach…Not the offensive genius we could get with Petrino…You need to Score in the SEC, to Win…

  5. yes

    Yes hiring of Petrino soonest will allow him on the recruiting trail immediately. Not only will he be able to reevaluate the class Joker currently has as verbals, he will be able to put out new offers that fit his particular style of offense immediately.

    Soomer that is done, sooner he can get it started.

    1. Larry T Clemons

      Your exactly right…the recruiting has already begun with Great Players at the thought of playing with a Petrino coached Team…

  6. Keith

    So, if I read this right, you’re saying that there are three different lists? The first list includes Petrino and a home run hire. Are you saying that there is only those two on that list, and if so who is the home run hire?

    In regards to Petrino, from your information, he has the BOT, and boosters pushing him. Does this include Capiluto?

    Thanks, and another good read Larry.

    1. larryvaught

      Keith, just passing on what we relayed to me by someone who has a much better feel for coaching search than me. All I know about president Capiluto is that I am told he has much more interest in how this football hire goes than many of us probably believed

      1. TrueBlueJohn

        That is an interesting note. The UK president being very interested in the football hire. Maybe, this administration will provide more backing for the program than in the past. My favorite is Sonny Dykes.

      2. Juan4UK

        That may be the most interesting thing to come out of this coaching search. But I have to say, that Eli doesn’t strike me as the kind of guy who knows the difference between a flea flicker and The Statue of Liberty.

      3. Lori Metcalf

        Capiluto’s interest most likely stems from the fact that he doesn’t want a kerfuffle in the athletics department taking away from what he is trying to do academically, etc. The faculty and staff are waiting with pitchforks at the door if athletics gets too much money/attention while they’re cutting back.

        1. Juan4UK

          Yeah, well, the faculty and staff need to shut their mouth. The Athletic Department is self sustaining. And when their academic prowess starts drawing fans then maybe they will have some time to open their mouths about other subjects.

  7. JackG

    David Cutcliffe is not a home run hire to me. Is Mitch talking Little League or Major League? Glad to hear Mitch doesn’t have complete say over this matter. Hire Petrino and and get us on to the promise land. Build it and they will come (back). The BBN I am talking about. WeAreUK!!!!!

    1. Larry T Clemons

      I think we got Petrino…more News ,after (24-48 hrs), Kentucky / Duke…keeps Kentucky in the News Cycle and gets maximum News coverage for Hire, (helps recruiting)…As I stated earlier, recruiting has already gained, by just the mention of Coach Petrino, as Kentucky’s new Football Coach…

  8. Mitch Rapp

    Any competent AD would already have a list of 3-6 target coaches to go after immediately, especially since he knew Joker wouldn’t survive the season. Rank the list, have the checkbook out, and go down the list until you close the deal. An effective CEO would have this done already

    1. larryvaught

      Mitch, could be the names on the list are ones Mitch has had for a long time. Remember, no way for anyone to know exactly who is or isn’t on the list. But I do believe the quicker UK moves the better it is for UK

      1. Mitch Rapp

        Thanks Larry. Your site is the most informative one regarding this search. Keep it up!

        1. Juan4UK

          It’s nothing for these things to take a month or so. There’s alot of stuff that can’t be done until the end of season. And the coach that accepts the job may be in a situation that it is bad form to accept before the last game. And what if that coach is in a major bowl. They usually want to keep that under wraps as much as possible. I can only remember twice where that has happened recently and the coach let it be known before the bowl, but wouldn’t even talk about the new job until after the bowl.

        2. larryvaught

          Appreciate that Mitch, but lot of info comes from the folks who post here. Love all the different insights

        3. Larry T Clemons

          100 % agree…

  9. tyson

    Larry, I was told by another (minor) media member that there was an “unofficial” search last year and basically no worthy candidates were interested. Have you heard about that?

    Also, it disappoints me the win at all cost mentality that many UK fans are taking in regards to Petrino.

  10. Jesse

    I hope we get the Home Run hire if these three list exist so we can end this love/hate for petrino I’m starting to think it’s getting out of hand all the opinions were getting about petrino,on one side they hate every coach that isn’t petrino and on the other side if petrino is hired they’re going to give away everything,the dog, the home, the kids pro petrino fans would grumble a little but would finally settle with a home run hire.

    1. oldblackhightops

      Oh well, Imight as well add on that highly regarded recruits say UK looks a LOT better with Petrino at the helm.

      Man I’ve heard it ALL today!

      1. Juan4UK

        Just a scenario about that. Quick said it would make UK a lot better option for him. Not that he would choose UK if that was the right hire. But even then, 1 recruit I don’t think is worth making any multi million dollar investment over. Football has too many moving pieces. Now, basketball for some schools that could make all the difference on a team.

  11. grant

    as a life long steeler fan and uk fan i have to say i do not believe cowher would make a good college coach. i am not sure how in touch he would be in the college game and kids. also , i hope mitch is not going to wait out of respect to joker to hire someone, dang he is already fired , do whats best for the university not joker , please. i hope no fullmer and cutcliffe, i am still for petrino, but would rather see uk go the way of up and comers versus those 2 . i am about wore out on this. go big blue 2night beat puke!

  12. grant

    i get a kick out of the “win at all cost ” mentality argument at uk . i must have lived in a cave the last 70 years , win at all cost? uk football? please! its been more like lose at all cost. give me a break , win at all cost? yeah uk is a win at all cost football program .lol thats funny. look at all the championship trophies. how about hiring a guy that could win some football games – period. win at all cost! ha! yeah if i did not know any better i would get uk mixed up with alabama , notre dame, and michigan since were win at all cost. ha. thats a good one.

    1. tyson

      grant, if this was in reply to my statement, i am referring to those that are willing to be extremely short-sighted and don’t care how much baggage the new coach comes with as long as we post some W’s. I think a lot of fans would hire a serial killer if the would win 8 or 9 games a year. Petrino has screwed over ever school he has been involved with (not sure Joe B’s son is an impartial witness whose testimony should be trusted) and left Arkansas open for lawsuits. It is not worth the risk to hire him.

      1. Juan4UK

        Ha Tyson, funny you said that. I read a comment on here and I almost wrote it down, but didn’t cause it would just flame the tensions here. But now I can. I was reading and thought, “well if that’s the case, let’s just go interview Manson for the spot!” lol

  13. Larry Pup

    Juan4UK…I love to read your stuff my friend, you are interesting, but U flip flop more than al gore. Are U finally in with Petrino or are you still waffling? I have concluded from the first hour of this debate that hireing BP is a no brainer, Truth is starting to set in however that it probably want be him. I think the window of opportunity may have closed, I sure hope it has not.

    1. Juan4UK

      I am torn about it Larry Pup. I am. I could get behind Petrino if that ends up being the hire. And I think that by the start of season, I could really get excited. And if the wins start rolling, man! But at the same time I have to remind myself that, you know what? Why do we just have to, as fans, throw everything we got a Petrino when there are a lot, and I mean a lot got very hungry coaches out there with no blemishes, no poor peripheral issues for us to tip toe around. Kind of a fresh start. You know? I literally have to take a deep breath and back away from it. I could be happy with Petrino, but, I would be off the charts to see Kirby Smart come here and a big time investment by the AD into the FB program. Then we get our very own high level coach who makes his own legacy at our school. To me, that option is a better one. A new face who makes KY his own home and legacy.

    2. Juan4UK

      And I’m not going to apologize for trying to look at different options where this is concerned. For me personally, there are some things I have to get over with Petrino in order to get behind him. That’s my own issue and I don’t expect anybody else to be held back or anything else about what my opinions are. So I don’t think it’s so much a flip flop as much as it is my own desire to explore more than just one road of thinking. That’s all.

    3. Larry T Clemons

      He’s checking The X & O s knowledge of Manson, first…LOL I liked it Juan4UK

    4. KYWCAT

      You mean more than Mitt Romney!

  14. grant

    tyson there is risk with any hire. some riskier then others ? perhaps. i am ready to come out of the draconian freaking dark ages and play some winning football. instead of the safe little baby steps, take a big boy step and hire a PROVEN winner who can win at the sec level. I like what Schnellenberger said , take the next step. Stop moving latterally or backwards, take a shot at real football.

    1. Larry T Clemons

      No Risk, No Reward “…

  15. Theresa Crow

    Regarding the 3rd item on the list pitched to Larry: “— There was little or no movement in the coaching search Monday possibly because Barnhart was hoping Tennessee would have an opening and snatch Petrino to take the pressure of him”…I do not see UT hiring Petrino because it is doubtful that the Haslam family (the major UT supporter) would be for such a hire based on moral issues. I am married to a Vol maniac and he keeps up with all things “Vol” plus I work with numerous Vols here in Nashville and that is the word on their boards. So Mitch might as well not look to be bailed out by UT AD Dave Hart. As to the rumors about Fulmer & Cutcliff…please Mitch, do not hire either of them…as wonderful gentlemen as I am sure they are, they are “has beens”. Fulmer had lost his drive the last few years he was at UT. We need a dynamic coach to whom the prospects will want to commit, for whom the players will want to play, with whom the fans will want to stand because he has a recent and proven record of winning. I really don’t know who that is but if Mitch has that as his goal then he can find a coach with those qualities. I just have a bit of doubt his goal is the same as mine.

    1. larryvaught

      Thanks Theresa for the Vol insights

    2. Juan4UK

      I am definitely with you on the Fulmer and Cutcliff issue.

    3. Lori Metcalf

      Have a lot of Vols connections, too, and they’re all screaming for John Gruden.

    4. Larry T Clemons

      Maybe UT will hire Lane Kifen….LOL

  16. J.T.

    If Petrino wants the job, then Petrino should GET the job, period! Who could we possibly get who’s better than Petrino? Really??

  17. grant

    just a thought for juan. juan, say they did hire petrino, and in reality i don’t see them being real good instantly , but i hope better than 2 wins thats for sure. say you and some others are right and he leaves after 3 or 4 years. i am going to say he is going to leave the program better than he found it. the next coach would probably find the cupboards well stocked. wouldn’t that be ok? lets let a coach with some baggage , but , is with out a doubt the best candidate do some work , lets ride his back in getting this program in to shape for the next coach. i fear with an un proven commodity , we are going to stay in the same place and never get traction to move forward. this man is detested by some an everyone has the right to feel how they do, but i am willing to look the other way to get a program that is just in limbo going and like i said , i would bet he would leave it better than he found it.

    1. Juan4UK

      Oh yeah grant, absolutely. That’s exactly where I’m at if we hire Petrino. That’s a good part of why I’m ok with it. If we hire him, and he does leave in 3-4 yrs then I bet that there will be more young talent, The school profile will be higher probably. So yeah man, that’s the upside. If coaches are looking at us and saying whatever negative, facilities, down program low fan support and all that. Then if the AD hires Petrino and puts the $$ into the Facilities (big money for some POP), then in two or three years when the construction is done, then the job is more attractive and puts us in a better position to attract an even better coach. Oh yeah, I’ve thought about that.

    2. tyson

      Ask Arkansas fans if Petrino left them with a “full cupboard” and if they are glad they hired him. I don’t think they have ended up the Top 10 program they were supposed to be this year.

      Petrino leaves more scorched earth than he does a full cupboard.

      1. Juan4UK

        Their drop is not due to a lack of talent on their roster. It’s a testament to his players not performing for John L Smith and his abilities.

    3. jauk11

      I am a little dubious about Petrino leaving UK in better sahpe than he took it over, for one think I think Joker does have some pretty talented young players, with I think when UK lost Smith they lsot their chance for a decent season, and things went to hell with the three turnovers with WKU and more injuries AND mistakes.

      Petrino barely beat UK his last year, they lost to them the year after he left, along with a 30 point underdog Syracuse team, and ended up 6-6 and 4-4—in the Big Last. They scored a total of 21 more points more than the four Big Last teams they beat did.

      Arkansas maybe worse, they are 4-6 this year and have yet to play USC and MSU.

      Perhaps scarier, because they did have talent this year, Arkansas had four four star commits with losing teams the two years before he took over, this spring AFTER back to back double digit winning seasons in the SEC (not the Big Last) he had commits from only TWO four stars and his “incident” was well AFTER NSD. AND didn’t Arkansas just have that $100M ++ renovation UK fans are still dreaming about? And I wonder, with all the fans revolting, how mitch is going to come up with that money if, like some of his supporters claim, he hasn’t been able to replace the folding chairs in the “recruiting room” yet (more apt might be the “turnoff room”).

      I do think that Petrino is pretty desperate for that offer from UK—so he can tell UT and Auburn that if that prude at UK offered me than I must be OK. It would also be a nice backup job, and if he doesn’t take the job he can laugh at all you desperate fans again.

  18. Andy P

    If Bill Cower is the “home run hire” count me as skeptical. Former NFL coaches, for the most part, fail miserably in D-1 college. It’s a totally different skill set with totally different talent level of players.

    Say what you will, the least risky hire UK could make from a winning football games standpoint is Petrino. There’s no one else, with the possible exception of Tommy Tuberville, that comes close to Petrino.

  19. Chuck

    Larry is correct, the sooner UK makes a move on this the better it is for the Cats. The new coach is going to be behind in the recruiting race and will need to hit the trail running. The new coach needs to be announced the day after the last game, otherwise what was the purpose of firing Joker so early in the season.

    Also if Mitch has not at least talked to Petrino, then he should be removed from his position. Even if he doesnt like the person, he has to at least explore that option. Petrino could be a changed person from all that has happened, only 1 way to find out and that is to talk to him. Mitch could go into the interview with some very difficult questions and it would be easy enough to see by Petrino’s actions whether or not he has changed.

  20. Mike Flannery

    One name that has not been mentioned much is Gus Malzahn from Arkansas State, He did a fantastic job with a high school in Arkansas that had never won anything before, he is very strong to adapt to his talent…he has already taken Arkansas State to new heights and he has no “baggage” dragging him down. I would imagine Auburn will be on him heavy in a short time since it hasn’t been good since he left.

    1. Juan4UK

      I gotta ya there Mike. But there is something really funky going on with the whole Gus Malzahn, Auburn thing. It made ZERO sense for Malzahn to leave to go to Ark St.. None. Then Auburn takes a nose dive when he leaves and now of coarse Chizik is gone this year. They made Malzahn the highest paid OC in the county I think at $1m and he left to go to Ark St? Something is funky there, so I don’t know.

  21. JeffB

    Why is no one mentioning a defensive minded head coach? Defense wins in the SEC, whithout it, history is doomed to repeat itself.

    1. Larry T Clemons

      Texas A&M won because of OFFENSE….of course, both are important, but I believe if you can put up points, on Ala., LSU, Auburn and Ga. You can be an SEC Champion…Petrino is an Offensive Genius, let him hire a great defensive Coach.

      1. Juan4UK

        Florida Gator friend of mine chimed in on this very way of thinking. Said he has noticed that a lot of the best offensive coaches made the best defensive coaches and vice-verse. Just because they are used to really studying the way to attack and defend the other.

  22. eddie

    i am a jaguares fan as many know the steelers used to be in our divison before they have the set up they have now but anyways i do like bill cower and yes i do think he would relate to the college game in fact it was a long time rumor he is waiting for the NC State job if he was out of touch with the college game so much he would not be wanting that job and i do think recruits would know who he is if they seen him on tv with CBS nfl pregame show anyways i think he would be fine….as for Petrino if we could not get bill cower i think joe b. hall cleared a whole lot of rumors about him made uk think okay maybe he is not as bas of guy that we think he is in fact his daughter has been quoted to say “my dad has grown up alot since being fired” and either one i would be happy with but if they do not pan out in think he could find a dimond in the rough in sonny dykes.

  23. grant

    ok juan were on the same page.

  24. Larry Pup

    Juan4UK..You make alot of sense my friend. You really do. I think we may all be dreaming about Petrino anyway. I heard another name mentioned and that is Louisville’e OC. I sure think we can do a whole lot better than him. He has not faced a top ten team all year. Just a name I heard had popped up. Probably just a rumor with no validity.

    1. Juan4UK

      Thank you Larry, I appreciate that. It is impossible to have any kind of conversation on any other board except Larry Vaughts. And I appreciate Vaughts Views for that type of environment.

  25. Larry Pup

    Eddie…Dykes as far as I know never played college football. He played baseball.. I’m not saying he does not know the game He learned football from his Dad Spike. I don’t know much about him other than his success this year. UK should be careful with this one I believe. But then again if he is our pick, I’ll yell for him.

    1. eddie

      here’s a little insight on sonny dykes espn says he is and hot up and commer and his offense is second only to oregon and he is a top ten recruiter i wrap my head around the fact okay the way he has made la tech win with three to two star players and win vs at least two bcs teams why could he not do that kentucky? i think he could i feel if not bobby p, then give sykes a chance but i would still be holding out for bill cower if calipari could help out there since he is a freind of his and get mike tomlin to talk to bill also it would not hurt.

  26. Larry Pup

    grant…you may be right about Petrino leaving after a short stint at UK. On the other hand, the properly structured contract and a commitment from the Admin. could keep him on the job for a long time. He has got to be getting tired of this carasel rat race. If UK hired him he may decide to call this home. Especially if he has success early on. Just my opinion. We need for Mitch to give him that chance.

  27. Old Cat

    Might not be a bad idea if Mitch snuck into Jurich’s office tonight to see who Tom has on his list to replace Strong. Tom seems to have a pretty good eye for football coaches.

    1. Juan4UK

      yeah right.

  28. Larry T Clemons

    Is this awesome, KENTUCKY FOOTBALL, getting more Ink and discussions, than UK Basketball, right before we play Duke, WOW ! Not, taking away from Our Cat’s game tonight, just saying, this is wonderful. To see this much excitement, after seeing those empty seats at Commonwealth Stadium…This is Great, Thank You to everyone, regardless of your position…….” unless your not pulling for Coach Petrino “,then you must be crazy ! ” Just kidding “, LOL.

    1. larryvaught

      Very fair points Scott on Petrino. And Larry T., do hate spending all our time on football, but this is gigantic hire. Got to get this right. Have a lot of basketball still to play

      1. Larry T Clemons

        This Is Wonderful…! Passion For Kentucky Football, I love it Larry, great Board,(s).

  29. grant

    pup that was worst case scenario- 3 to 4. not what i would like to see, indeed way more time here for petrino

  30. Eric

    Has anyone seen Petrino at Walmart in Lexington? Or at the airport? Or Speedway? It seems he is the new Spurrier and every time there’s a big coaching hire to be made these top candidates start spending a lot of time around the Bluegrass.

    And seriously, my big concern about Petrino is that he always seems to be looking for the next big thing and seems to have zero commitment to his current position. Some of you are ok with an interim coach, I think we need to be looking for long-term solution.

    1. Love SEC F-Ball

      Have not seen Petrino at Walmart yet
      – But I heard that he was at Sturgis trying to sell a used motorcycle
      (Valued at $16,000 but needs $18,000 of work)

      Someone spotted Chip Kelly flying over Lexington but his “Air Raid” overshot Bluegrass Field. Plane was going so fast it ended up in Alabama & hit “De-Fence” at the end of de-runway.

  31. Jared_S

    — There was little or no movement in the coaching search Monday possibly because Barnhart was hoping Tennessee would have an opening and snatch Petrino to take the pressure of him.

    (This comment here really bothers me, I am not a huge fan of Petrino, but barnyard wanting/hoping tennessee gets him. DANG!! Would be different if it were someone we did not play but tennessee??)

    1. larryvaught

      Remember Jared that is just informed speculation on my part based on what I have been told

      1. Jared_S

        Oh I understand Larry, it just kind of does not surprise me with Mitch, know what I mean, plus I hate tennessee so bad, LOL

  32. Jim_S

    Petrino seems to recruit “marginal” players. Then he sits on them but when he leaves other coaches can’t seem to handle them. Happened at Louisville and Arkansas both. My biggest worries about Petrino are the types of players he recruits, how the program will survive if we lose most of his recruits when he leaves and the image he presents for the University. Would that really be worth investing in for the long haul? Winning is good, selling you soul to do so isn’t.

  33. Love SEC F-Ball

    Someone saw Petrino in Louisville yesterday –
    The airline ticket Agent spelled his name wrong.
    Left the R out & thought he coached basketball for U. of L.

  34. JeffB

    Leaving Mitch to his own devices…he couldn’t find a 1000 lb. pumpkin in an onion patch. Just face it folks…were doomed as long as UTBarnhartd is our AD. I remember back in the 70’s and early 80’s we were beasts on the football field, but those days are long gone. Should have just kept Joker? This hire is about who can get the Jimmies and Joes. If you have the Jimmies and Joes the x’s and 0’s will take care of themselves. Can a pro coach get the X’s and 0’s to UK if said pro coach is not familiar with the SEC recruiting scene? Can an overnight sensation college coach get the x’s and 0’s (Dooley (UT) couldn’t do it, Franklin (VU) can. If it can be done at Vandy, why couldn’t it be done at UK? Or, just maybe a proven winner in the SEC can take marginal Jimmies and Joes and turn them into something special with a lot of logical play calling and the right coaching staff?
    (Brainfart or Barnhardt)This is the guy who wouldn’t get rid of Tubby, hired Gillespie, allowed Joker to be coach in waiting and we expect him to do the right thing when he almost always does the wrong thing? We are one crazy (delusional) group of fans. Do a lot of praying UK fans, Somehow I think that GOD is the only one that will bless us with a good football coach. Maybe he could put Barnhardt in the belly of the whale like Jonah and take him to Nineveh or Knoxvile.

    1. Larry T Clemons

      Mitch, GOT Calipari and He’ll GET Petrino…relax. show some Love…

      1. Mr. Morals

        I sure hope you are right Larry, but every time I watch or listen to an interview of any kind that Mitch gives, he comes across as an arrogant, I am gonna do what I want to, kind of attitude. I know for a fact that if he had not been forced to hire Cal, he would have not have. Lets just hope that there are more folks involved with the process than just Mitch and Eli, if not, I dont have a good feeling about this.

  35. chris

    we are not a football school, we play football in the SEC, so be real here …

    Butch Jones is a good choice, safe and probably cheaper than most .. a homerun hire has most ” experts ” want is not going to happen unless Bama, Florida, Georgia and UT get out of the SEC and go elsewhere

    Joker was given raw deal, imo, but do not hire any UL ex coach and definetly not a washed up UT ex coach …

  36. Larry Pup

    Wrong Chris..if we play football we are a football school too. I always despair when I hear kentucky people talk that way. Nobody has to convince me that BB is the game in kentucky. We understand that. But football under the right set of coaches and atheletes could take some big strides. The way you talk we should just drop football the biggest reveue sport on campus. What is wrong with winning? Bear Bryant had success, Claiborne had a measure of success, Curci surely did, Mumme had his share of notable wins to brag about, The right coach at the right time to attract 4 and 5 star recruits will win at UK just as much as anyplace else. You gotta recruit, and bless God BP can! Look at Louisville under BP. Guys life is a series of risks. We all take risks every day. I hope and pray Mitch hires this guy. He will make UK a winner or there is not a cow in Texas.

    1. Mr. Morals

      Amen Bobby Pup, preach on brother, I with you 100%. We field a team in the SEC we should at least be competitive. Hire Bobby NOW

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