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D.J. Eliot on Bud Dupree, defensive ends, third-down stops, toughness


Defensive coordinator D.J. Eliot went over a variety of topics when he met with the media after Tuesday’s practice.

Question: How well did Bud Dupree  play in the loss at Mississippi State? “Bud played fantastic, made a lot of plays in the run game, but also had great pass rush, was there when we needed him and played through pain. You know, he had two things that were ailing him and he just toughed it out and played every single snap and we’re very proud of his efforts.”

Question: How hard is it to develop defensive ends?  “There’s a lot of different things that it takes to be a good defensive end, but you’ve got to be an effective pass rusher, but also you’ve got to be effective in all of those quarterback and spread runs games because a lot of those teams pick on the defensive end, try to get them up the field and cut off ‘em and so you’ve got to be able to play both of those types of the game.”

Question: How frustrating was it not getting a third-down stop on Mississippi State’s last possession? “Well, the last one we stopped them and that was very exciting and we gave the ball back at the 45 to the offense and so we were pleased with the efforts on that last ones and the other ones, we had our chances, could’ve made some plays. In hindsight, could’ve called some things different, but that’s always the way you are as a coach, you always look back. Our players were excited to stop them at the end and give us a chance to win.”

Question: Can toughness be taught? “I think that you just emphasize a tough mentality in practice and you don’t accept it when they’re not physical play in practice and in the game you harp on that. So we just continue to celebrate those that play physical and we continue to criticize those that don’t play physical.”

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  1. ira

    Think at this point Bud Dupree is ahead of Z. Smith as a DE in ability. Hard to believe with him coming out of JUCO rated that high, and Bud not playing the position, but love the fact that we are getting this level of play from Bud.

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