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Cousins impresses Kenny Walker


Former Kentucky All-American Kenny Walker likes what he has seen — and heard — about Kentucky freshman DeMarcus Cousins.

“Cousins is big, strong and pretty mobile for a guy that is 6-9 or 6-10,” said Walker. “He’s really going to take a lot of pressure off Pat (Patterson) this year. Pat won’t have to do all the low-post scoring and defending with Cousins here now. Teams are going to have to pay attention to Cousins on both ends of the floor because from what I saw, he can really be a force in there.”

While Walker expected Cousins to bring a physical presence to UK, he was surprised by something else.

“He does have a finesse game, too,” Walker said.

However, look for Cousins’ primary role to be inside based on what coach John Calipari told Walker.

“He was saying that he wants him to dominate the paint. That’s the mindset and attitude he wants him to have because that is what the NBA scouts want to see and if he’s going to help get the kid ready for the NBA, then that’s what he needs to do,” Walker said.

“However, he said this kid is so talented that he can do a lot of different things. He can step away to 15 to 17 feet and knock down shots. He’s mobile and can handle the ball, which impressed me. How much he gets to display that may depend on how he dominates the paint early. If he shows right off that he is coachable and dominates the paint, then I wouldn’t be surprised to see Cal let him show more of his versatility on the outside.

“But this kid could really be special. He’s even better as an all-around player than I thought he would be.”

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  1. catintn

    Larry I always look forward to reading all your articles- you put a positive spin on all your stuff- I only wish others could follow your lead. THANK YOU

  2. gmoyers

    Thanks for the kind words. Try to do what I can. But easy to put a positive spin on what Walker had to say here. Have a feeling a lot more is coming, too, with Cal’s Cats

  3. Stuart

    What are the chances of UK getting Knight, Poole, and Harris?

  4. gmoyers

    That would be tough, but then again getting Cousins, Wall, Orton and Bledsoe seemed a longshot at best. I think UK gets at least two of the three, though

  5. brian

    Can anything match up to last years class? I mean Poole, Knight, Payne, Harris and or CJ Leslie would be nice. Wow, how far we have come in such a short time.

  6. gmoyers

    It is amazing to think about the difference in two years

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