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Could Zach West become Kentucky’s starting center?


There’s another key position battle on the Kentucky football team that has gone largely overlooked — center. In Neal Brown’s offense, that spot is critical and UK does not have an experienced center.

Brown and offensive line coach John Schlarman plan to give Zach West, a starting guard last year, a look at center to see if he “can get better at snapping the football.” They also see if Kevin Mitchell, who started at tackle last year, can play both guard and tackle.

Brown said he was not hinting that West could be the starting center.

“You’re reading way too much into it. He’s definitely going to get some snaps there. Zach West is a kid who has played guard, that we played a little bit at center in the spring, not in the spring game. Zach Myers, probably had the best spring of those guys (playing center). Jon Toth is moving to that position and Max Godby was a back-up center last year who got injured during the spring. He’ll probably get some reps there as well,” Brown said.

“I’m intrigued to see who’s probably made the most movement at that position because that’s probably sliding under the radar, but that’s going to be just as important

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  1. Andy

    West, Myers, Toth all have potential and it helps all of them are big dudes. I am intrigued as well. I have heard Jon Toth has a mean streak when he is on the field, which sounds great. Anyone know whats happening with Jordan Watson?

  2. Tcat

    Good question everyone was calling him the best lineman of that class… I know the kid was hurt but I’ve never heard one thing about him, like nothing… He had real nice offers for a Joker kid…

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