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Could Marcus Lee break out something special for Big Blue Madness?


Big Blue Madness is now just over seven days away. While I can’ wait to see what UK women’s coach Matthew Mitchell might do this year — I vote for Elvis — I am also curious about what certain UK players might decide to do.

I thought freshman Marcus Lee might be the most entertaining just because that is his personality. But his older brother, Bryan, who will be at Big Blue Madness, is not so sure about that.

“I have no idea (what he might do). He’s not a big dancer,” Bryan Lee said. “I think my mom hopes he doesn’t break out anything crazy, she thinks the Mohawk is crazy enough.”

Oh well, an aging sports editor can still hope he draws some inspiration from “The Big Bang Theory” and surprises us all.

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  1. TheProfessor

    I just hope he breaks out something special on the court this season.


    I’m with you Larry. I always Love it when the players have fun with the event. And Elvis is a good one

  3. Dave / New Mexico

    Save the theatrics until after we win #9.
    No collapse this year…please.

  4. Jim Hains

    I “HOPE” that they learn and accept” early there is “NO I” in “TEAM”…That “TEAM DEFENSE” wins championships…The willingness to hang their “egos” at the door and PLAY TOGETHER as a “TEAM”…That “GREAT TALENT” doesn’t mean that it gets you a championship…GREAT TALENT and RESPECT for the OTHERS on the team…Their “TALENT and ABILITIES” deserves as much RESPECT as much as YOURS does…PLAY TOGETHER and ON the SAME PAGE…The “BBN” respects YOU and YOU should show some RESPECT to THEM…YOU WIN as a “TEAM” and LOSE as a “TEAM”…PLAY like the last UK team to win a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP…PLAY TOGETHER…PLAY like the CHAMPIONS that YOU CAN BE…THAT is just my opinion…A LOYAL UK FAN for ALL my LIFE…

    1. larryvaught

      Jim Hains, I sense this team is exactly that way

  5. UKkathy

    If team practices leave Coach Cal singing, well, it’s gonna be real special. NOTHING like last year. I can feel it in my bones. Number 9 is on the way. I can hardly wait. I haven’t been this excited since Coach signed with UK. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Lordy, I am so anxious. GO CATS!

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