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Could long wait for Andrew Wiggins’ decision be bad for Kentucky?

Andrew Wiggins, of Huntington St. Joseph‘s Prep. holds the trophy during a press conference after being named the 2012-13 Gatorade National Boys Basketball Player of the Year, Wednesday, Mar. 27, 2013 in Huntington, W.V. Wiggins was surprised with the news by former NBA Champion Alonzo Mourning who earned Gatorade National Boys Basketball Player of the Year honors in 1987-88. Photo/Gatorade, Susan Goldman

Andrew Wiggins, of Huntington St. Joseph‘s Prep. holds the trophy during a press conference after being named the 2012-13 Gatorade National Boys Basketball Player of the Year, Wednesday, Mar. 27, 2013 in Huntington, W.V. Wiggins was surprised with the news by former NBA Champion Alonzo Mourning who earned Gatorade National Boys Basketball Player of the Year honors in 1987-88. Photo/Gatorade, Susan Goldman


The national signing period for basketball players opens Wednesday and there is still no real clue about what No. 1 prospect Andrew Wiggins is going to do. For months I have thought he would be part of UK’s star-studded recruiting class. And he may still be.

However, the longer this goes, the more I wonder if Kansas, North Carolina or Florida State might not be his final choice.

Here are points that worry me:

— If Wiggins was going to pick Kentucky, why wait? Six other McDonald’s All-Americans made their choices.

— If Wiggins was going to pick Kentucky, wouldn’t he be wanting to bond with Aaron and Andrew Harrison, Julius Randle, Dakari Johnson, James Young and Marcus Lee during the national all-star games instead of letting those six get to know each other better and him not being part of that.

— If Wiggins picks Kentucky, could it end up creating chemistry issues with too many players — a problem most every coach would love to have. But would future teammates not appreciate how long it has taken him to make this decision?

There is no source to explain where Wiggins is going. Everyone has a theory, but no one has an answer. Two college coaches I talked to Thursday insisted that they don’t think Wiggins has told anyone where he’s going.

So what do you think? Is this long wait good or bad for Kentucky with Wiggins?

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  1. Mark

    It’s all about publicity. His people are likely telling him to hold on the decision because it generates tremendous buzz. He is already building his legendary status, much like Noel last year and John wall as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t announce until May. As for where he will go…your guess is as good as mine.

    1. Joe

      Come on mark. It’s not about publicity. Nothing Wiggins ever does seems to be about publicity. If you listen to all his coaches and the way he talks on interviews the kids just loves to play basketbal . If he knew where he wanted to go he would announce it. Not let some people tell him to hold of to help his legacy. Come on man. If you followed Andrew you would know how humble he is and that he doesn’t like attention or the lime light.

      1. Anonymous

        Actually, Wiggins recently commented that, while he used to hate the attention, the spotlight is growing on him. Also, while I agree whole-heartedly that if the decision were squarely up to Andrew it would already have been made (or that he’s still waiting on some other confounding factor [like who all returns to UNC]), I really do see his handlers playing a part in this holdout. I literally can’t think of anything else he might be waiting to see BESIDES who returns to UNC, and I just don’t feel like that’s such a pivotal factor to have held him up this long. While I hate to admit it, my gut tells me Andrew isn’t the one behind all this waiting. If that’s the case, some sort of publicity or storyline is almost certainly the driving force.

  2. Larry Pup

    Well I think it can’t signal any good for UK. I think if it were UK he would have already committed. However you could say that about all the schools too. We will just have to hold our horses and see what he happens. I hope he’s a wildcat soon.

    1. B. Farquar

      UK needs to offer Wiggins more! This is crazy…open the wallet!! Maybe the Cats have reached the salary cap.

      1. Larry Pup

        Another brilliant comment.

      2. UKFAN197TONE

        So, you’re saying when he picks a school, THAT particular school paid him the most money? Good, clear, factual thinking their. I usually don’t call people names on an internet forum, but you are one huge IDIOT.

        1. UKFAN197TONE


  3. P90XDude

    He probably will not go to Ky – If he goes to another team – how did it work out for Shabazz this past year? He should come here.

    1. Anonymous

      How well did it go for Noel last year?

      1. Zocrow

        He will be the #1 pick in the NBA so I would say he is doing ok

        1. Anonymous

          He was gonna be the #1 pick regardless. It’s how well did his team do, which was not make it to the ncaa tourney.

          1. Karen Sprinkle

            Believe Nerlens was injured with 8 games to go in the regular season. There’s a strong probability UK would have made it into the NCAA tourney with him. No way to know for sure of course.

          2. UKFAN197TONE

            You didn’t ask how well it worked for the team, you said, “How well did it go for Noel last year?”.

    2. Joe

      He is not Shabaz Muhammed. You can’t even compare the two players or the effect they have on a University

  4. King Ghidora

    I’ve wondered what will happen to the team if he goes elsewhere and people act disappointed when we should be ecstatic even without him.

  5. Russ

    Never thought he was coming to UK. My gut says he ends up in Chapel Hell

  6. OldFan

    I would love to have him, but not sure he is a “team” kind of guy. I think he loves all the pub, even if he says he doesn’t. This could very well be a distraction to the rest of the team. Read a lot of reports that he doesn’t like to mingle with other people, including teammates. Not sure that will be a good thing on the college level. Don’t know the kid so I don’t have first-hand knowledge of his attitude, but the kids already coming next year seem to want him also; that is a very good thing. Having said that, I have a feeling he is going to Kansas. That is the only visit where he used the phrase, Mom and Dad and I really loved it.

    1. Joe

      Stick to bingo old fan he is a complete team player and is nothing about the pub as you say.

    2. B. Farquar

      No offense but you sound stoopid

      1. Larry Pup

        You do to Farquit.

  7. BobbyBlue

    I believe he’d be getting more publicity if he’d already announced, he was going to UK and headline the “Greatest recruiting class of all time.” To me, that would overshadow the will he, or won’t he,and where will he go, publicity hes getting now,and his handlers have to know that.
    So,that being said,it indicates to me…he’s probably listening to Michael, and will pick Run It Up Roy…but only after he milks the “Ky fueled” publicity dry.
    FSU…come on !
    As for KU,I’d lay 4 to 1 he doesn’t sign with the “Rock Choke Gayhawks.”
    I’ve long since quit caring,myself…Just commit somewhere…Shabazz is an example of what happens with over hyped kids,that make bad choices dictated by handlers with a personal agenda !

    1. Joe

      Bobby blue you are an idiot please find another sport to follow cause you obviously know nothing about basketball. There are players like Shabaz Muhammed every year Wiggins is a once every 10 years talent. I am baffled how everyone commenting on here is putting him down or turning it into a negative that he hasn’t decided yet. Give him a break . He has earned the right to take his time and to make sure it’s the right decision and that it is what he wants. When you get as much publicity as him there is nothing he can do to change that. It doesn’tmean that he is looking forr publicity or that he enjoys it. Once he commits everyone will be talking about his decision and what it means. So no matter what he does its gonna be news for awhile

      1. Larry Pup

        Joe you might be right about Wiggins who knows, but who are you to call somebody an idiot. Who do you think you are anyway. Opinions are like noses, most everybody has one. Get over yourself.

      2. BobbyBlue

        Gosh Joe,
        No wonder you are baffled..Its called reading comprehension,but maybe they didn’t get to that in 8th grade,up in Louisville,before you droopped out !

      3. ablank87

        Joe, you are one smart man! Keep it up, and thanks for your input!

  8. LindaS

    Personally I think it is for the attention and the hype. If he knows where he is going he should announce it so schools and coaches can move on. Waiting this long puts a wrench into some of the programs looking for their premier player. I don’t think we need him, it would be nice to have him, but what are the other players thinking because he has not declared yet?
    Is he waiting for a better offer? LOL
    How can you not pick Kentucky, IMO!
    We will be fine with or without him.
    I’m so ready for the season, basketball, to start. I may be looking forward to that funny looking ball season too, I’ll have to wait and see.
    I sure hope basketball stories don’t get over shadowed by the funny looking ball stories and season coming up!

    1. Larry Pup

      I hope football shines like a silver dollar. There is room for both Linda, come on.

    2. King Ghidora

      LINDA! Those guys are Cats TOO! :) Football was my primary sport. There’s nothing like it. Well there’s nothing like what it used to be anyway. They have made it a bit too civilized now. I understand wanting to protect people but they have gone too far in some areas.

      Football is like what it’s like to live in the wild. You have the game kill, in this case a pig skin (actually hasn’t been one for a long time but that’s beside the point). You have to take that hunk of meat home for dinner for your family. You have your pack trying to help you do that. But you have another pack trying to steal it from you. You have to avoid being brought down by the other pack so you can keep your dinner. If you’ve ever watched a pack of dogs fight over a piece of meat you’ll know what I mean. It’s a primeval thing. It’s straight out of the stone age and before. They even give everyone a weapon to use (their helmets :D ). It’s also like a pack of dogs trying to chase down a rabbit. I learned a lot of moves watching rabbits trying to avoid being caught by dogs. Rabbits have great cut back moves. They have great hip fakes too. They would make great punt returners.

      It’s a lot more primitive than basketball IMO. Basketball is a game. Football is life or a reasonable facsimile. I love basketball but I LOVE football. I actually think rubgy might be even better but I’ve never played that except as a kid. Australian rules football is pretty intense too.

      1. Karen Sprinkle

        Dang, you’ve almost made me want to check out this sport called football. :-)
        Seriously, nice explanation of the sport.

    3. King Ghidora

      I forgot to mention how much I agree with your thinking on Wiggins coming to UK. I want players at UK that really want to be there. When a player drags these things out too long it starts to look a lot like the Lebron Lottery. And that was pretty sad.

      1. LindaS

        I’m glad you liked what I had to say. I think one problem may be that he won’t be THE star at UK, there are a few other ones coming in next year also.
        Now, football, it me, and I have said this before, they stand around in a huttle for 10 minutes, tell dirty jocks, check out the babes in the stands, pat each other on the back side and then play for maybe 7 seconds. I have timed it. Most plays or 3-4 seconds. I know I am right because a UK football player told me so a couple years ago when I explained football to him. I don’t understand it, I use to like it when I went to games but it is boring now. I’m not into that pack of dogs/rabbit thing. LOL Give me time, we will see how it plays out.

        1. Larry Pup

          Football is boring? You kidding right? Linda to us football fans that is blasphemy. Wake up!

          1. LindaS

            Too much stop and go, too much down time. We all have our likes and dislikes, I’m sure you don’t like watching gymnastics or soccer, I do. I bet you don’t like liver and onions but I do. I even know men who don’t like football. We are all different. I am not getting down on you because you do, but don’t get down on me because I don’t care for it any more. I’ll support the team and the fans, but I don’t have to watch it.

          2. Larry Pup

            OK Linda. But football is my favorite, always has been. But yeah I like gymnastics, especially the girls. I also like liver and onions. You are A OK gal. No Problem. I wonder where our friend Larry Clemons has been lately. Have not seen his posts in awhile. I think I spelled his name right.

    4. Joe

      He has the right to wait if he wants Linda and just because you would pick Kentucky doesn’t mean he is crazy if he doesn’t. And he is not hampering any of these programs. They would all take him with open arms. What better offers are you referring to? He already has Kentucky, Kansas and North Carolina. They are his final four teams and he probably could of went anywhere he wanted to. Only funny looking ball stories I see are your comments

  9. Pacman

    Maybe there is still some internal conflict within the Wiggins family. If the parents are big supporters of FSU (r another school) and Andrew wants to come to UK it could take some time to wear them down (or wear him done). A long wait may not be a bad thing if Andrew is trying to get his parents to agree on UK and it is taking them some time to fall in love with the idea.

  10. King Ghidora

    I think the Cats could pick up other quality players if he makes up his mind. It hurt the team waiting on Shabazz last year. There comes a point where you have to fish or cut bait.

    It may hurt the team’s chances to get him but I also believe anyone who waits this long could very well like the attention it brings to him. That’s not a team player IMO. I could get to the point where I don’t even want him to be a Cat. I think he would be a great player to have but not at the expense of team chemistry. I start feeling that if he really wanted to be a Cat he would already be one.

    1. Larry Pup

      I agree with you King. He is stringing us along big time. There comes a point in time where it becomes time to move on.

      1. LindaS

        It kind of reminds me of Shabazz last year. Maybe there is a reason he hasn’t announced other then family.

  11. Cathouse

    I am getting the feeling that I could care less where he goes I think someone close to him likes the suspense of waiting.

  12. Bluejay

    First of all I don’t think the wait makes any difference what so ever. It’s not like he has changed the date over and over. It’s always been sometime before mid-May.

    Second, I think the adult BBN fans should just move on and let the kid make his decision in peace. After all, our upcoming basketball team is going to be great whether Wiggins is part of it or not.

  13. Harrison44

    I think your all wrong. Wiggins is a young kid that is being pulled in a 100 different directions. His parents want him to go to FSU, his brother wants him to go away, because he is tired of being asked questions about where his little brother is going to go to school. But, I believe the reason it is taking so long is, Wiggins wants to go to UK, but he is avoiding the decision. Because, he knows he will disappoint his family, and all of the other teams. He doesn’t seem to want the conformation. He wants this to all go away. He will do better next year, he won’t have a decision. He will go to the Bobcats and it will be handled for him. I think he makes the right decision now and goes to UK.

    1. KYCAT

      Brother said shocker. Bro plays one more year. Wiggins only 1 yr college. Witchia St made deep NCAA run in tour. Would be nice to play w/Bro. Witchia St Hmmmmmm

      1. King Ghidora

        Except his brother doesn’t actually play much for the Shockers. He might get in some practice time with his brother but that’s about it unless things change big time. WSU might be willing to let Nick play if Andrew comes to school though. :)

  14. King Ghidora

    Well the adult BBN members think it was just this same story last year that cost UK the chance to sign the depth they needed. I’m not real big on kowtowing to kids. I’d rather see players who actually want to be part of the BBN come to Lexington to play. I’m guessing you don’t remember that Shabazz strung the Cats along last year and by the time he decided to go to UCLA the Cats were left scrambling to sign someone else to fill that position. You might have noticed that UK didn’t sign a talented small forward. Yes Poythress is talented and he played sf a lot but with him at that position they didn’t really have a talented power forward unless they went with a big lineup with Noel and WCS. That’s how the Cats ended up with Mays starting. You can almost draw a straight line from there to several losses. They didn’t really have a consistent threat to shoot from 3 land once everyone discovered Wiltjer couldn’t shoot that well when he was guarded tight and he couldn’t drive past players from outside either. Actually Alex could shoot well from outside but he didn’t get many shots due to other reasons.

    These things don’t happen in isolation. I just don’t want to see the Cats miss out on possibly signing another role player or just making sure that players like Hood get to keep their scholarships. Hood has talent. He is just injury prone. I’d rather have him than nobody and that’s just who the Cats might get if Wiggins does what Shabazz did. I suppose Hood won’t be going off somewhere else to play but it’s possible. At any rate I like the way Rupp used to do things. He recruited some players but mostly he would hold a tryout especially in his early years. If you didn’t show up wanting to play he didn’t want you. I think UK suffered because of people not being dedicated to the program back during the Smith era in particular. There are great players who want to be a Cat and play for Cal. I’d just as soon take those and play rather than letting a player like Young think he’s not really good enough too. He’s a great player. UK has the best recruiting class in history already. I’d love to see Wiggins come to play but he really needs to come to play if you know what I mean. Too many kids don’t like it when they find they have to actually work in college or whatever and they transfer or just quit. They also get benched by Cal.

    All I’m saying is if Wiggins doesn’t really want to be a Cat then fine. Just don’t mess with other people’s lives while you play primadonna. I don’t know if that’s what Wiggins is doing. But it seems that way every day he delays. I think UK is in the position to just move on and use the players that want to be there. What better way to get that across to future potential recruits than to pull the scholarship offer of Wiggins. Players would show their cards a lot sooner that way and teams could make arrangements before the last day of the signing period. I don’t like seeing the Cats fail to make the tournament and bombing out in the first round of the NIT. Waiting for Shabazz Muhammad had a lot to do with putting the Cats in that position this year IMO.

    Sure Wiggins is a kid. Sure, I’d like to see him in a Cat uniform next year. But I don’t want to waste any more scholarships waiting on players who have to know that teams are waiting on them until the last day of the signing period sometimes. What’s to stop a kid from trying to hurt a team he doesn’t like? I’m not accusing anyone of that but anyone who doesn’t know UK isn’t universally loved is out of touch. Kids could try to hurt the team because uncle Fred was passed over by Rupp in 1955 or because Pitino’s 1996 team beat their dad’s team by 40 points. You just never know. We tend to think Cal can pull off whatever he sets out to do but he didn’t get Shabazz and it hurt the team this year mainly because Cal waited too long to try to get someone else good.

    1. BobbyBlue

      After trying to wade through your post,I guess I’m missing something.
      You want to quit recruiting the best prospect since Lebron,and sign some one else.
      Fact is they don’t need anyone else,in this class,but Wiggins is a once in a lifetime,talent….according to all the knowledgable gurus.
      Cats are already at 14 rides filled,if you count Nerlens,but yeah everybody agrees he’s gonna jump,so maybe they are only at the allowed NCAA limit, of 13 rides. So right now they have to put somebody on walk on status,and face the slobbering wrath of the medias criticism…the media that can hardly contain itself, over any opportunity to attack Cal,and UK,and especially if they sign another player. So yeah they need to quit recruiting the best player since Lebron,and face the media criticism,Cal will receive either way, by signing some lesser talent, that they don’t really need, for the coming season. I mean you gotta take Wiggins and the criticism,even if he shows up for class this fall unsigned,which he can do, if he wants,but not some lesser talent.

      1. King Ghidora

        That’s just it. I don’t think the Cats need him. He would be great for sure but I wonder about the kid who claims to not like the spotlight but drags out his recruiting knowing it puts him right in the middle of that spotlight pretty much every day. Take Shabazz again. The guy went around for years claiming to be younger than he actually was. Just because a recruit says something it doesn’t make it true. If Wiggins is so in love with the spot light that he puts every team in his group of maybes on hold until they find out what he will do. Again that very thing hurt UK big time last season. It won’t hurt them this season but it could prevent them being hurt in the future.

        Besides that I’m not so sure it’s a good thing to take a player just because he is talented. I could say a lot of things here about a lot of players. For example Austin Rivers was reported to have had an attitude problem at Duke despite having a high ranking as a recruit. He never really raised the level of Duke’s play much and he left after a single year, something that K has preached against. Chris Ford said Rivers had the worst season in the history of the NBA based on statistics or something to that effect. Players can be disruptive sometimes especially if they are talented. Rondo didn’t exactly mesh with the team at UK but I tend to blame Smith for that since he had several situations like that. Orton was also a complainer about playing time at UK thinking he should have played more instead of Cousins (sorry but I can’t agree).

        At any rate I have my opinion and you have yours. I’ve heard that once in a lifetime talent almost every year since the NBA started taking kids right out of high school. It rarely works out that way. I heard that Davis was the best in the past 20 years too. He was very good and he had a great attitude. I’m just saying that delaying too long can indicate a bad attitude. I know the reports all say Wiggins is a good kid and he probably is. But my first concern is the Cats. I’d love to see Wiggins show up and play like Davis did or better. But I saw a team of rejects play the best game in college history too. Talent is great but without the right attitude it means a lot less. I just don’t want to see anything disrupt the great attitude I have already seen from the 6 great players already signed. So wade through this. If Wiggins waits too long he could very well be a disruptive influence. That’s my opinion. I’m not saying that’s the case right now. I just don’t want to see another Shabazz type situation or any number of other bad situations.

        1. Karen Sprinkle

          Brandon Knight didn’t commit until the first day of the regular signing period, and didn’t sign a letter of intent EVER. I’ve never heard anything saying that he wasn’t a team player or that he had a bad attitude. We have no idea what is going on behind the scenes to delay his decision. The kid is entitled to take time to make the right decision.

          1. Joe

            Karen you have the first good comment I read yet. Let him make his decision and he is entitled to take the time he need. Not just make a commitment right away to make everyone happy. No one knows what he is thinking or doing. Leave the kids alone

          2. UKFAN197TONE

            Most of these BIG TIME PLAYERS aren’t signing NLOI anyway. I forget what it’s called, something about Financial Aid, but it’s not a National Letter of Intent either. Keeps them “safe” if a coach is fired or rolls out on the university and the player isn’t “stuck” there.

        2. Joe

          You are an idiot. He is not gonna rush into a college Decision just to stay out of the news. It’s not like deciding on where to go out to eat. It’s where he is gonna live for a year and what program he is gonna trust to make him better

          1. King Ghidora

            You know thinking other people aren’t as smart as you is a sure sign of paranoia. I’d get that checked out if I was you before you end up talking to yourself in secret code.

            I have my opinion oh smart and wise one. I don’t recall saying “every” kid that waited a long time would be a problem. BTW that decision is not all that difficult to make for most people. But you being such a genius and all you surely know that. And surely you know that he has not “rushed” into anything. He’s taking his good ole time about it.

            Tell me is it just this one thing I’m so stupid about or do you follow me around with a log book and a IQ assessment program to evaluate your data? Because I think your evaluation criteria must surely be based on a data set that isn’t significant. It generally takes trained professionals and elaborate tests to determine idiocy but you have some secret weapon it seems. Does it involve a tin foil hat by any chance? Maybe some pixie sticks and a decoding chart you spent years developing? I know a guy like that. He’s determined just how the Egyptians flew to this planet in their pyramid spaceships. It involves manipulating gravity but then you probably know all about that too. You guys probably have meetings at the secret facilities at Eastern St. Hospital (no it isn’t really closed at all – that’s just a cover story).

            I just want to thank you for evaluating my case like that personally. Your hectic schedule must demand so much of your time. It’s good to know that the real geniuses of the world can take time for a little individual attention sometimes. I might never have known I was an idiot without you. All those IQ test I took back in high school – Ha! What do they know anyway? Oh BTW Doctor Joe – it is Doctor Joe, right? Tell me. Will this affect my kids? Should I contact their respective universities and have them review their 4.0 GPA’s? Is your system good enough to evaluate the intelligence level of my offspring based on this one post of mine? Because the government might be wasting all that money they pay my son for physics research. He doesn’t deserve the title a Phd in phsyics at all I’m guessing if his dad is a true idiot. Harvard must have been out of their mind to offer him a spot in their post graduate program. But of course he took the deal offered to him by the Air Force instead. Silly people. They must all be idiots too. I see that now. It’s all so clear. Thanks Dr. Joe. Wait a second. I guess I need to wait for your evaluation before jumping to conclusions. Or you could just have the Pentagon contact my son with the bad news. Make it quick ok. Those jobs at McDonald’s are filling up fast and he’s gonna need some way to earn money. Maybe his sister, the finance manager at a major dealership, could find him a job cleaning out cars or something.

      2. B. Farquar

        I agree…everyone be jealousy of us. Cal be a genius recruiter. Who cares if he is not that great of coach. Keep getting the pros and don’t get caught! Cats are #1. Talent wins and Cal gets best talent…Cousins, Wall, Davis…

  15. Scott

    As long as the press is favorable, he will hold out. It’s all about the “Wiggins Brand” and name recognition. He’s a great player and is loving the attention. I don’t count Calipari out, he’s pulled too many rabbits out of his hat. If Wiggins goes elsewhere, take a look at some of the Long’s highlights, this guy has game.

    1. B. Farquar

      I love your post! You’re right about Cal. No one can deny him. He will not get caught at UK. He has too many friends make the payments foe him. We are lucky to have him. We need his connections to AAU to keep the talent coming to Cat nation. All those People complaint cause our guys don’t go to class just be jealous. They major in hoops not school. UK smart enough to know better and not be phony, one and done! Everyone else jealous cause Cal to smart to get caught. CATS!,

      1. Larry Pup

        Hey Farquit. You funny guy. You say funny things. Show how funny you are. You point out how clever you be. You funny. Oh so funny.

  16. Terry Orcutt

    I think he enjoys everybody talking about him where he going! If he want to win a NCAA championship he will come to Ky but he might go to FL State where his parents play at. the bottm line is Wiggins know where is going in my heart he be will at Ky next season to be in the best class ever on paper but hope it will show on the floor..

  17. Jim

    The fact is…he is a still a very young kid and NOBODY can even envision what is going through his mind. No one is saying “I want the best for the kid, even if it is not my school”. Sure, I would love him to come to UK. He is fun to watch. He would get much more National TV exposure at UK. But, I think UK runs the table either way. More fun with Wiggins? You bet, he blew me away as a sophomore in what he did in the Nike games. But, I only hope right now he is thinking ONLY of his own desire, whatever that is. I hope he overcomes his fears (whatever they may be) and enjoys the living dog crap out of where ever he goes. I will enjoy watching him. I will be a fan (as long as it’s not Duke! :) ). But the fact is, the basketball world does not care about him, only his skills, and that is what is sad. Even UK fans are not immune from this. After next year, he will be a joy to watch for many years to come as LeBron is and Kevin Durrant are no matter who you pull for, they are fun to watch. So will Wiggins be.

    Saying that, then I would say: “Andrew, follow your heart. Go where you and you alone think you will be happy (unless that is Duke!). Don’t let any man or system or promise or rationalization of why you should go here, or why you should go there, tell you otherwise. You, my friend, will be a success wherever you go! Just don’t forget there is only one “Most High” God, and no room for two. Keep it real, egos are traps and you are very young and all of us who were young at one time know it can really be a setup. Like I said, just keep it real, no matter what!”.

    I can’t imagine what the level of aggressive talent is going to look like, anyway, my mind is already blown. Wiggins would simply keep it blown, although he might blow a few more if he came.

    Go Cats! I really think #9 is happening next year no matter what!

    What fun!

    1. King Ghidora

      I don’t really enjoy watching the NBA that much Jim. But if Wiggins becomes a Cat I will certainly enjoy that. As for caring all that much what will happen to him I don’t think we need to worry about that. He’s pretty much set if he plays his cards right. The NBA will take him even if he bombs in college based on his current reputation alone.

      I don’t want anyone to have a bad life though. We’re all here talking about a game. Yes that game means a lot to me for many reasons especially as it applies to UK. But I’m not going to lose sleep if Wiggins goes to school elsewhere.

      I’d love for him to be a Cat. I just think dragging your feet too long is going to make people wonder about you. If no one has told him that then he’s not getting good advice. I watched this all play out last year and it hurt the Cats. I certainly do care about that. But it’s still just a game. Whatever I want to happen isn’t personal and it’s not really up to me to care about him personally. If he’s deliberately trying to hurt UK recruiting that would tick me off but I still wouldn’t hate the guy or anything. It’s a game. I just don’t think we need to be overly concerned with his future. He has a God given talent that will take him far. But I don’t know him from Adam. I care about all humans in general but not when it comes to which school they attend. I laid out my case for thinking players who drag their feet can be a distraction and a detriment to UK recruiting. Yes that matters to me but not to the point I don’t wish the kid well. But to be overly concerned about his welfare above any other kids on the street is not something I see as being needed. I can almost guarantee he will do better in life than I have done and I haven’t been bad off. Well there was a couple of hard years right after college I guess. And stage 3 cancer wasn’t something I enjoyed a lot but the Lord preserved my place on this planet for a while longer. That’s been 23 years ago almost to the day that I was over that ordeal. Trust me I care more about people who face that situation than I do a kid trying to decide which great opportunity to take advantage of.

  18. ed honaker

    uk will be better with out him next year he is like goodwin shabazz and anthony bennet more worried their draft stock than winning in college

    1. King Ghidora

      I’ll admit I’m concerned about this at this point. But we don’t really have proof of that yet. I just think UK should think about their future when dealing with this kid. It wouldn’t be the first top 10 player Cal has turned his back on or so I hear anyway. It may be the first #1 player Cal has dropped his pursuit of I guess. I’m sure Cal knows the situation better than I do and he’s set for this year anyway. I’m just thinking about the future when the Cats may be more in a position like they were in last year instead this year. I know it’s a tough decision for many kids that weren’t raised to bleed blue but at some point it becomes a detriment to UK’s program.

      Shabazz Muhammad made his choice on April 12 last year. And the Cats were left scrambling to find a quality player just to fill the starting forward position. Now I like Mays as a person and a player. He seemed to care about things and he gave it his all as far as I could tell. But he was no McD AA player. And it showed in the team’s record. I don’t really care much for NIT seasons. I just wonder if it might be time to send a message to players who wait until the last minute. It’s not like UK is hard up for Wiggins. That’s actually reason they could wait on him. But what about the next time they’re in a position like they were last year? I think it caught the attention of recruits when Cal didn’t offer a scholarship to certain top 10 players that actually wanted to play at UK. Players that don’t want to play at UK can hurt recruiting by dragging their feet. We saw that last year. Again I think UK would be better off to be in the position Rupp was in where players came to him. I realize that would be tough now. But it wouldn’t be so tough to send a message right about now. If you’re not going to make up your mind we’ll do it for you and we’ll find someone who wants to be a Cat. It’s not like the world isn’t full of basketball talent. How many 5 star players did Wichita St. have? And IMO they should have been the national champions.

  19. Jim Boyers

    I’m over this whole situation.

    Pick UK, don’t pick UK. Who cares? We have what we need.

    The only thing he can do, that would hurt UK, is pick UNC. If he picks them, they automatically become #1a to our #1. It would instantly put them in title contention.

    1. King Ghidora

      I think kids are scared of what might happen at UNC if the NCAA ever gets its rear and does its job. UNC might go away for a while. They certainly deserve to do just that. But it is the NCAA and it is UNC so expect absolutely nothing to happen. Still I think it hurts their recruiting until it becomes clear the NCAA will let their pet team skate.

      1. B. Farquar

        I hope they NCAA don’t check us! But Cal too smart to be caught. NCAA should focus on the NBA not the Cats! They be jealous of us.

      2. B. Farquar

        I hope they NCAA don’t check us! But Cal too smart to be caught. NCAA should focus on the NBA not the Cats! They be jealous of us.
        Do y’all think the twins are legit? My Ohio State friend says UK is dirty but he be jealous like everyone else cause they didn’t go there. I don’t care be sues everyone pays players we just is smarter! Big blue,

        1. King Ghidora

          I think UK watches their P’s and Q’s better than any school in the NCAA because they have to. The NCAA has proven time after time that they want to destroy UK. So UK sticks very close to the rules to prevent problems. Sandy Bell is the best in the business at being a compliance officer. Nobody does it better and UK has avoided trouble at every instance where the NCAA has tried to nail them while she has been on the job. IMO UK runs the cleanest program in the country. At one time I wouldn’t have said that but pretty much every program broke the rules in those days and UK was far from being the worst. UCLA was the worst. Not apparently UNC is the worst. I’m not making this stuff up you know. Read this story and decide for yourself and ask why nothing has been done.


          Pay attention to the fact that it was CBS that published this story. CBS is usually right in the back pocket of UNC. That alone is significant.

        2. Larry Pup

          You funny again Farquit. You so funny. I bet you look funny. You funny.

        3. UKFAN197TONE

          You’re as much as a UK fan as I am of dook. NONE. Good try though.

  20. Mark

    I have to agree with Harrison44. I think he wants to play for Kentucky. It is hard to please everyone. We are his best chance to National Title and he knows that. He has one year and he is NBA bound. Yes, Kentucky will have an awesome team even if he doesn’t come but he knows he will get the playing time, no matter where he goes. Cal has the best record at getting players NBA ready. Let him take his time. He still has over a month to decide. He already knows our players want him to be part of the team. I would say he is sick of being ask.

  21. OL Roy

    Well dadgum it I done showed the feller my ring collection and bought him a cola.
    If that don’t make him a tar heel what does ?

  22. Kokamo Joe

    There are several possibilities. He may be waiting to see who goes pro at several schools before he decides. He may be simply enjoying the PR. Hawkins knew for several weeks that he had the scholarship but kept it quiet. Did Calipari want to milk the announcement for the PR suspense and value for UK? Could he be doing this with this kid?

    Wiggins would be great, but really, how many super freshmen do we need? We are loaded already.

  23. william guy

    I read all these responces and only a few are right. There are some intagibles that are not being considered here. One noel has not declared yet which could be holding up a annoucment for ky. I read noel wouldnt be ready to play in the nba for almost a yr. If thats the case uk might have a shot at getting him back but I doubt it wishful thinking at best. Then theres the over seas route, which has been done by brandon jennings before. I dont know what his family position is as far as needing money now. But I see much of a john wall ora around him and think he will milk this thing for all its worth. In the end does he wind up at ky, probably not. He will use his choice and choose a rival school. To get the best results possible to help him in the draft next yr. I predict north carolina will be his choice. And all this drama probably orchestrated by roy and company to try and get as much hype as possible for future recruiting wars. We have our cats that are more than capable of taking the title with out him. Him not coming probably brings out more in julius randle. Concentrate on the cats we have let this trap go dont feed into it any more he just wants to use us and ky as a side show.

  24. B. Farquar

    I heard Tom Crean say UK is a fake program. Indiana be jealous cause they can’t get our talent

    1. Larry Pup

      Farquit you funny.

  25. UKFAN197TONE

    If he comes, he comes. If he don’t, he don’t. I bet there will still be a season if he does or doesn’t. GO BIG BLUE!

  26. thom adams

    Guts says UNC… despite my wish tosee him in Big Blue.

    1. Todd

      I don’t think it’s neccesarily a bad thing because this is the most important decision of his life up to this point. If he comes to the BBN then we will welcome him with open arms. If not, no hard feelings. Kentucky fits some but doesn’t others. It’s a high octane environment with great expectations, especially with a talented group such as this years class. I believe it will come down to what environment best suits his needs and personality. Some love going to the mall in Lexington and being mobbed by fans, others like to shy away from that kind of publicity. I think for any basketball player that has a legitimate shot at making it in the NBA should come and play for UK. Just because it will prepare you for the bedlam and publicity of being a pro athlete, just due to its feel and response of the fans. It’s like playing in a NY or LA, because like I said we have high expectations year after year and it is put as simply as this: Here at Rupp we play KENTUCKY basketball and that means something. We are the gold standard of college basketball and we intend to remain such.

      1. larryvaught

        Todd, now that all-star games are over, Wiggins can figure out what he wants to do

  27. Kokamo Joe

    Shabazz is projected to be a lottery pick. The kind of kids that Calipari gets would jump right to the NBA if it was still allowed. All of our freshmen would be lottery picks next year regardless of where they decided to go to school. When you are the number one freshman at your position you have options.

  28. Ernie

    At this point I say if you love b-ball you would not want to draggggggggg it on and onnnnn ! we got #9 I think already! Wiggins is a great player! It is this simple if he wants the ring he comes to lex , if he wants to please his parents he goes to FSU . The other two schools I don’t think they gotta chance with him! either way wiggins is a great ball player! he will still be #1 or #2 in draft after college! But he needs to let everyone know his decision! So we can concentrate on FOOTBALL!!! #BBN #STOOPSTROOPS

  29. aquaman923

    All of you guys sound too “stoopid”, “to”. Grammatical fools…

  30. UKFAN197TONE

    Oh look, another Internet tough guy.

  31. Gregory Bush a.k.a. @UKCatsRedsColts

    Ol Roy it’s a colar not a cola

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