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Could Lloyd Tubman be “steal” of recruiting class; walk-on Charles Walker impresses Neal Brown


Seneca defensive lineman Lloyd Tubman has made an impression on Kentucky offensive coordinator Neal Brown since his arrival on campus in June.

“We really feel like Lloyd Tubman’s going to end up being the steal of this recruiting class. Not a guy that was on the national scene like a couple other kids that we signed,” Brown said. “Lloyd’s mother is from Liberia, and he’s really just learning the game of football. He’s got two sisters that are really neat people and he was a really good student at Seneca.

“He’s got a real big upside, as far as how much better he can get. He can run. He’s a guy that will play D-end (defensive end) and play a little stand-up outside linebacker. He’s looking at a redshirt this year and probably has an opportunity to be a really good player for us for four years.”

Three other Louisville players on the UK roster have also impressed Brown, including one that not many UK fans may even know about.

“Max Godby came as a walk-on and started two games for us last year (in the offensive line). He earned a scholarship right before the season started,” Brown said. “He’s a great ambassador in our program. He has a strong Christian faith and does a lot of things in the community. He’ll be a backup for us this year as a guard/center. Great kid. One of those kids that’s the heart and soul of your program, a guy who walked on and loves Kentucky, loves everything about the university.”

Then there is freshman receiver Miles Thompson, a walk-on from Manual. He was redshirted last season.

“He’s done a great job. He has the best vertical (jump) of anybody on our team. Everyone talks about 40-yard dashes, but if you look at guys that are explosive, the best measurement of explosiveness is your vertical,” Brown said. “I think he’ll contribute a little this year, but as he grows into his body, he could be a real factor for us down the road.”

Then there is incoming freshman Charles Walker, another receiver.

“Charles Walker is a kid that we got from Louisville St. X who I thought was as good a high school football player as there was in the state last year. He came as preferred walk-on and we are really excited about him,” Brown said.

Remember, last year’s in-state class included quarterback Drew Barker and defensive tackle Matt Elam, two of the nation’s elite players.

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  1. Grover Sales

    Tubman is special.He will be a great UK Player.All upside

  2. Larry Pup

    This is good news. Sounds like these guys will make their mark in the future. Tubman can be special.

  3. Ira

    Sounds good to me, but with WKY recruiting in state kids so effectively now, I wonder if we will be able to get really good preferred walkons like b4.

    1. Anonymous

      Ira..I believe if Stoops can start winning, UK will get who they go after in this state any time they offer. UK could have probably gotten some of those kids WKU were able to recruit, but didn’t offer because they had been selective in their recruiting Kentucky HS players and focused on Ohio a lot more, and rightly so.

  4. Larry Pup

    Ira..I believe UK will get who they go after in this state, especially if they start winning. They could have probably gotten some of those kids WKU were able to recruit if they had offered. UK was focused on Ohio, and rightly so. I don’t see a thing wrong so far with Stoop’s recruiting. Tubman, Barker, and Matt Elam are good examples of instate kids UK kept home. There are only so many scholarships to pass out.

  5. Keith

    If Walker was as good as any kid in the state of KY why is he a walk on. Seems like a player that good would deserve a scholarship like the other players recruited from KY

  6. Ira

    Guys I’m talking preferred walkons. Not like barker, Elam etc. the way we are recruiting is on another level than WKY. I Was inferring this should made myself clearer I suppose. But a scholarship to WKY now may anymore be an offer as a preferred walkon at UK.

  7. Andy

    We need as many WR’s as possible. I am glad Coach Brown has identified some preferred walk ons who can play.

  8. Bill

    Kid played tailback and was a three year starter at st x. That’s impressive.. Did not go to a lot of camps but received offers from WKU and late from UL. He is transitioning to Slot Receiver and is the perfect fit. Very underutilized at st x, although he was one hell of a tailback

  9. Carter

    I may be talking out of the side of my mouth but I see not only a difference in the athletic quality of the kids we are recruiting but a significant improvement in the quality of the students academically. I certainly believe that the quality academically of the preferred walk ons is something that is being targeted. You always need quality practice kids who are intelligent enough to complete the football team. Anyone who believes that academic excellence at UK isn’t part of the equation is naive, in my opinion, and I like what they are doing.

    I, for one, am tired of losing player after player to academic deficiencies. There have many who suffer in the classroom and have had to sit out or transfer. Eventually taking questionable student athletes catches up with you. I do feel like this has been an issue, even though it’s never been addressed publicly.

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