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Could Kentucky signee Karl Towns Jr. end up top pick in 2015 NBA draft?

Karl Towns photo courtesy MSG

Karl Towns photo courtesy MSG


While looking back through some information on the Nike Hoop Summit, I came across this evaluation of the game’s most undervalued players by Jamie Cooper of dimemag.com.

Kentucky signee Karl Towns Jr., the 7-foot player from New Jersey who played on the World team for the second straight year, was one of the players mentioned. Here’s what Cooper wrote before the game:

“ESPN has him ranked ninth, while DraftExpress  has him at number six, but the growing perception seems to be that Towns could potentially end up as a top-three lottery pick next summer. In fact, by the second practice session this week, one scout was already half-joking that the top two prospects were actually on the World Select Team (Towns and UK signee Trey Lyles) and not, in fact, hailing from the Windy City. I’m not completely sold on Lyles just yet, partially because I just haven’t seen enough of him, but Towns, on the other hand, is already showing signs of the type of physical maturity that will ultimately set him apart from someone like Okafor, who has a much less impressive physique.

“Beyond that, Towns is arguably the most versatile player of the bunch. He has solid footwork and a soft touch around the rim (with plenty of room for improvement), unlimited range on his jump shot, and great rebounding and shotblocking instincts. Don’t be surprised if he ends up as the No. 1 pick (in the NBA draft) next summer (2015).”

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  1. Kokamo Joe

    UIK is well stocked with prime time post players, all of which could start for many major college teams. One has to wonder if Towns will get the playing time he needs to earn the number one draft pick. If he does, what does that do to Cauley-Stein.? Then if Johnson returns, what about him. And how about the kid that had the great game after Cauley Stein got hurt? Will he be pushed back to 4th string. Has there ever been a college program with 4 centers, each of which is NBA bound?

    1. King Ghidora

      Marcus Lee is a forward.

      1. Kokamo Joe

        The only center listed on the official 2014 roster is Dakari Johnson. Cauley-Stein, Lee and Randal were all listed as forwards. All four are capable of playing the center position.

        1. Larry T Clemons

          Dakari, WCS (centers) Poythress, Lee, Lyles, Towns (forwards)…Plenty of Playing time, ” If You EARN IT.” Towns,occasional center…

  2. Barry

    Let’s not over-hype next year’s team like this year’s team was. Let them play, develop, achieve, enjoy and the next year’s draft will take care of itself.

  3. Judi Cole

    Other coaches would love to have these problems!

  4. TJ Wren

    Im going to be the first one to say this Towns will not start over WCS. WCS is the best defender of the three 7 footers therefore he will get the starting nod. Dakari is the best banger of the bunch and Towns is the best offensively.

    1. Kokamo Joe

      Towns has not played a game. Hype says that he is projected as a number one draft pick after next year. If he is as good as advertised, he is likely to start over Cauley-Stein, just as Johnson did this year.

      The interesting thing to me is this. With Cauley Stein coming back and the possibility of the Harrisons, Lee, Johnson, and Poythress coming back plus the possibility of some of the new comers taking a back seat, does this mean the end or at least a slow down of he one and done thing?

  5. TJ Wren

    We will have the deepest front court in the history of college basket ball if Dakari and Alex come back. Were almost to stacked even though he can rotate them were they always stay fresh..I mean Dakari Johnson Karl Towns Trey Lyles Marcus Lee and Alex Poythress were all Mc Donalds All Americans….WTF 5 Mcdonalds All Americans in your front court, And WCS starts and is a lottery pick. Thats 6 future NBA big men. That has to be a record on one team.

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