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Since John Calipari has coached Derrick Rose, John Wall and Anthony Davis when they were named National Player of the Year, could freshman Julius Randle be the next to join that elite group?

“He’s good, but we’ve got guys on our team playing better right now, but he is that good,” Calipari said last week. “My thing will be — I’ll give you an example.  I come in last night.  I’m in my office about 11:00.  10:30.  He’s in there shooting.  This morning, I hear blup, blup, blup, and I look out my window in the morning, and he’s got a full sweat going, and he’s going to practice today.
So when you ask me, does he have a chance at that?  Yes, he does because of that.

“The only kid that worked like that that I’ve had has been a Brandon Knight, who willed himself in the league, willed himself to be a top five, six, seven pick because, physically, you look at him, and there’s no way, but he willed himself.  This kid has got that body and he does it.

“But listen, he’s —  we’re changing how he plays.  So he’s not as confident.  He doesn’t have the swagger that he had right now because we’re changing — you can’t do it from seven feet.  Now get out there and do it from the perimeter.”

2 Responses to Could Julius Randle be Calipari’s next national player of year?

  • Bart Sullivan says:

    In Cal we trust, and it will certainly help Randle long term to improve his perimeter game. But I sure wouldn’t want to do anything to undercut this young man’s confidence in his game. For this team to hit the heights so many are predicting for it, Randle has to be a leader and play the way he plays.

  • Little Baron says:

    He is obviously embracing the “Calipari induced changes” and will only get better as a result.

    If not for a freak accident (when our star defender was the ONLY player running to play defense), NOEL could have also been in that list.

    Wow, Calipari just keeps bringing in the talent!


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