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Could Fulmer rumor be a sign UK fans will be underwhelmed by next Kentucky coach


The longer the Kentucky football coach search goes, the more the rumors spread and grow.

The hot speculation Wednesday was that former Tennessee coach Phil Fulmer had been offered a short-term deal to take over the program and get things back in order so the job would be more attractive to a big-name coach.

Never did I believe that because it would be impossible for any coach to recruit in that situation and season ticket sales would plummet.

However, I was told by several folks not to rule Fulmer’s name completely out. He could be the final backup plan.

Others continue to tell me that Louisiana Tech’s Sonny Dykes is high on the UK list, or maybe at the top. From what I’ve been told, contact has been made with his agent. Several sources with connections to the team say they have been told Dykes could be No. 1 on the list.

One very good source insists that the top target from day one for Barnhart has been Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy, but apparently he’s not interested in the Kentucky job.

Apparently many UK fans are going to be disappointed because it seems the chances of hiring Bobby Petrino have all but gone away. Some are insisting Petrino has tried to make his interest known to UK officials but has not even been able to have a conversation about the job.

Alabama defensive coordinator Kirby Smart remains a viable option except that several coaches have told me it would be hard for them to seeing him going to Kentucky after being at LSU and Alabama.

One name I keep hearing a lot is Mike MacIntyre of San Jose State, who is in his third year as head coach and has a contract through 2017. His connection to UK — he is being pushed by Duke coach David Cutcliffe. He was defensive coordinator at Duke under Cutcliffe and Cutcliffe knows Barnhart from their time together at Tennessee.

Confused? Most of us are, and probably will be until the coach is finally hired.

I heard sports talk show host Larry Glover explain this whole situation really well on his nightly show on WVLK Wednesday night. He said he expected UK fans to be “underwhelmed” by the coaching hire and just sensed a general lack of direction with the search. And from all I’ve seen and heard, it sure seems underwhelmed is a word a lot of fans are fearing.

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  1. Terry

    Bringing Schnellenberger out of retirement would be better than Fulmer, Cutcliffe, San Diego State, San Jose and such.

    1. Juan4UK

      I agree.

  2. P90XDude

    Fulmer will not be hired. MB not that dumb.

    1. Jared_S

      I’m afraid MB is that dumb

      1. larryvaught

        Jared, lot of others have the same fear as you and maybe for good reason from all I’ve seen and heard the last two weeks

        1. RJ

          Doesn’t sound like those guys have a clue as to how to go about this.

      2. john4uk

        Me too.Please let this be a rumor.

  3. Juan4UK

    Everybody please take a deep breath and sit back about the time it takes to name a coach. This end of the deal (UK and UK fans) is only one side.
    I ask that people look from the other side. Coaches have jobs now (excluding Petrino). They have commitments to keep to the teams they coach. It’s bad form to say you are leaving before the end of season. He loses credibility within the hiring community, with recruits that see that and say “You wouldn’t even finish out the year before you jumped ship”.
    This is why everything is done out of the public eye, and through back channels. Because it has to be, but at the same time, it looks bad.
    The hiring AD has to be able to vet interest in the job and can’t wait til after bowl season to do it. So all contact is through agents and friends to gauge interest and vague parameters. When the AD can whittle it all down to people serious about taking the job, that’s when it STARTS to get serious. — That is where we are now. It has only been two days.
    Keep in mind, these coaches are still coaching their teams, full time.
    So now the agents start to get serious, and they have to figure out which jobs are best for their clients. This takes place back and forth for both sides. UK and potential coaches.
    So then both sides settle on something and there is a negotiation about specific parameters, salaries and the like.
    At this point, I would believe, the decision is agreed upon and there is yet another set of conversation that talks about when the hire will be announced, when the coach will be expected on campus and the like.
    Because once the announcement is made, things move lightning quick for both sides.
    Very rarely will you see what Chip Kelly do what happened at ND. Announce and quit before the end of the season. If the announcement comes before the end of season, then all the coach deals with are questions about the new job, over and over again by the new local media and the old. Not to mention the national media on both sides dragging his name through the mud for a classless move of leaving his current team abandoned at this time of year.
    At best, we may get an announcement if word is leaked, just before that coaches bowl. Then the coach will, make a statement saying that yes it is true, and he will not take in further questions until his season is over so that he can concentrate on his current team.
    We have all watched this play out dozens of times.

    1. Juan4UK

      *Ten days. and *Brian Kelly.

  4. Juan4UK

    *ten days. Sorry.

  5. LHW

    I might back off of Barnhart if he could pull in Gundy.

    1. larryvaught

      don’t believe Gundy showed any interest at all from what I heard

  6. Will

    When you have one of the best coaches in the game willing to come here, and your AD won’t even look at him. What do these people expect, of course, all of us will be underwhelmed. It’ll probably be reflected in season ticket sales next year.

    1. Juan4UK

      I see you Will. And that will play into the fans perception of the hire. That is a shame though, because no matter what, there is good reason to be cautious with Petrino. Fair or not fair. Changed man or not. All the circumstances are a big deal. And believe you me, I know first hand that second chances are often deserved. And I believe in them. But everything about Petrino is a big deal (including his ability to win -grin-).

    2. Caz

      You are spot on Will. Expect to read a long line of excuses though from the Barnhart crowd….

      1. Reality

        Who is the Barnhart crowd? I’m pretty sure that this blog is just a repository of opinions from fans and Larry, not a sounding board for the administration.

        Will and Caz, it is very simple for you to ignore, minimize, or otherwise discount the risks of hiring Petrino. It is very simple because neither of you have to face any of the consequences of the hire.

        I see posted, time and again, that the risk is worth the reward. Unfortunately, risk does not always lead to reward. In fact, often times, risk will keep a rational person from taking every the most attractive opportunities.

        Your sentiment is only available to those who incur absolutely no risk from a risky proposition. Fans have to consider nothing but the benefit. Administrators do not have that luxury.

        1. The Sage

          The Barnhart crowd are the apologists who are currently defending the indefensible with inane talk about risk management when Bobby Petrino is available, interested, and the closest thing to a sure thing as exists in the current market. Of course there is some level of risk, but that holds true for every potential candidate. For example, there’s the risk that one of the lesser knowns might SUCK as a head coach in the SEC and make a terrible situation even worse. Moreover, the “safe” approach has gotten us absolutely nowhere in the last fifty years. Apparently it is very simple for you to “ignore, minimize, or otherwise discount” the substantial rewards of hiring Petrino. The bottom line is that major wins = a major spike in fan interest and revenue, something for which every administrator normally pines. And I take exception to your suggestion that I don’t have to face the consequences of this hire??? On the contrary, I’ve been facing the consequences of a completely inept and dismissive approach to our football program – and concomitant bad hires — for decades now, and I have been a good soldier through it all. But enough is enough.

          And, by the way, let me get this straight. Bobby Petrino is good enough for Howard Schnellenberger but not good enough for you? No offense, I’m going with Howard on this one.

          Oh, and one last thing about the “administrators” involved. I’m guessing it was one or more of our genius “administrators” who decided to name our football field after the person who has singlehandedly done more damage to our football program than any other person has to date. Although, based on the direction this hire appears to be heading, that ignominious distinction is soon going to belong to Mr. Barnhart, as soon as whatever dud he “safely” hires falls flat on his face, per usual. But hey, I guess the “administrators” can then name the stadium after him or something to thank for him for trying.

          1. Larry T Clemons

            I’m with YOU and HOWARD……” Get Petrino Done !

          2. john4uk

            I’m with you.However,i wonder if Petrino is even interested in the Kentucky job.

          3. David

            I agree, Petrino would be my first pick since I guess Tony Dungy is not going to come out of retirement.

            I am basically waiting to see who Barnhart hire’s. Barnhart better pick a big winner, the pick alone determines if I renew my tickets I have had for so many years. I can only assume others feel the same way.

        2. Caz

          By Barnhart crowd I mean all who thinks his search process is going well and that it is okay to have a candidate as good as Petrino out there with his contingency stating that his calls are not being returned. That may or may not be true, but unless he is interviewed and/or hired, it would appear to be so. Regardless, let’s hear one good thing Banhart has done for UK football. Hire Brooks? I love coach Brooks (who MB fell into) but we never got to .500 in the SEC and only went to decent bowls by extending our schedule to include gimme games. Also, Barnhart made promises to Brooks that he could not or would not keep. Brooks left (angrily) and here we are, back at poverty level.

          Barnhart has done virtually nothing to raise $ for football. Other sports feed off of football and basketball is self-regulating. So football is the cash cow and he’s done next to nothing to feed it. It really doesn’t matter WHY at this point, he’s been here way long enough that he has either succeeded or not.

          Believe me, it is not as simple for me and others to ignore the risks as much as you assume above, mainly because we try and evaluate it with each coaching hire that has been made year after year. Why? Because we are sick of seeing a perpetual dumpster fire for a football program. There is one huge consequence we all do have to deal with…Barnhart’s decisions.

          If you want to call being miserable for decades “simple,” so be it. Believe me, I wish I could step into Barnhart’s shoes. I have defended him time and time again, only to run out of ammunition given the product and results thereof in terms of the sport that is by far our biggest revenue generator. He’s not the only problem, but he sure as hell hasn’t provided much, if anything, in terms of solutions.

          Btw, I deal with risk on a daily basis, I’m an attorney. What risk are you referring to…the legal risk? Going forward, there are ways to contract around the risk and looking back, there is little to none there for UK, frankly. Or are you referring to the risk that Petrino would leave soon? That would seem to infer a winning team btw, so I’m not sure how big of a risk that entails.

          Since you are point out risk, what is the risk comparatively speaking that some of these other candidates can’t win in the SEC? I would say decent to great. Petrino can, he’s proved it. How about the risk of losing more than the $5MIL UK lost this year if Petrino or a similar level candidate is not hired? I would say that is a pretty high risk. The risks are on both sides of the coin and different risks can be offset through negotiation, money and through contracts. The biggest risk UK has right now btw is continuity, i.e., continuing to be a loser in football on the field. What’s the risk of Petrino in that respect?

          Simply put, I just once I wish UK would hire in football like it does basketball, to win at all costs. I believe you would see a different result. There are PLENTY of people willing to take risk if they can earn Barnhart money to do so. So please, do not patronize us about taking risks from his vantage point.

          1. Reality

            So, while admitting that Petrino’s alleged contact with UK may or may not be true, you’re willing to accept that the non-hire of Petrino would make it true? What sort of twisted logic leads you to that conclusion?

            You’ve said that anyone that thinks the coaching search is going well is in the “Barnhart crowd” but you haven’t offered a shred of evidence that the coaching search is not going well, other than, of course, your “evidence” that Petrino desperately wants a return phone call.

            There are no ways to contract the University out of vicarious liability. Period. If it were possible, there would be no such thing as vicarious liability. There are no contract terms to relieve an employer from vicarious liability. In fact, attempting to put those terms in may rob an employer of a crucial affirmative defense.

            For public policy reasons, the Ellerth/Faragher defense is not available to an employer who has not demonstrated that they only hire careful employees, or taken appropriate action to prevent sexual harassment. Would you feel confident in your dispositive motion asserting that UK hired Petrino, when you knew for a fact his past relationship with a subordinate was going to be used to refute your motion? I certainly hope you would not.

            So immediately, we know that the affirmative defense is tenuous at best. Meaning that litigation will be protracted and costly.

            If you were the type of AD or hiring manager that was willing to ignore those risks, you wouldn’t have to worry about ignoring it more than once. This is not patronizing, this is factual.

        3. Parker Eastin

          From my point of view, the Barnhart crowd are the apologists who are currently defending the indefensible with inane talk about risk management when Bobby Petrino is available, interested, and the closest thing to a sure thing as exists in the current market. Of course there is some level of risk, but that hold true for every potential candidate. For example, there’s the risk that one of the lesser knowns might not be very effective as a head coach in the SEC and make a terrible situation even worse. Moreover, the “safe” approach has gotten us absolutely nowhere in the last fifty years. Apparently it is very simple for you to “ignore, minimize, or otherwise discount” the substantial rewards of hiring Petrino. The bottom line is that major wins = a major spike in fan interest and revenue, something for which every administrator normally pines. And I take exception to your suggestion that I don’t have to face the consequences of this hire??? On the contrary, I’ve been facing the consequences of a completely inept and dismissive approach to our football program – and concomitant bad hires — for decades now, and I have been a good soldier through it all. But enough is enough.

          And, by the way, let me get this straight. Bobby Petrino is good enough for Howard Schnellenberger but not good enough for you? No offense, I’m going with Howard on this one.

          Oh, and one last thing about the “administrators” involved. I’m guessing it was one or more of our genius “administrators” who decided to name our football field after the person who has singlehandedly done more damage to our football program than any other person has to date. Although, based on the direction this hire appears to be heading, that ignominious distinction is soon going to belong to Mr. Barnhart, as soon as whatever dud he “safely” hires falls flat on his face, per usual. But hey, I guess the “administrators” can then name the stadium after him or something to thank for him for trying.

          1. Reality

            Amazing argument. The consequences of watching a football game and feeling emotion over its outcome is comparable to the consequences of hiring a subordinate that could expose a taxpayer-funded institution to legal liability. Do you really believe that, or were you just overcome with the need to somehow shoehorn in the phrase “consequence?”

            Bobby Petrino is good enough for me. He’s a good coach. He has proven that with his results on the field. I would support him if he were hired. However, that may not be enough to overcome the risks associated with hiring.

            What basis do you have for definitively stating what has or has not happened? Message board posts? How do you know Petrino has called UK? How do you know that call wasn’t returned? How do you know Petrino wasn’t considered and rejected as too risky? How do you know he didn’t turn down an offer he didn’t find acceptable? How do you know that he won’t be announced as the new head coach at 12:30 Monday morning after the UT game?

            You don’t. You just prefer to pretend that some of these things have (or have not) happened. It’s irrational.

  7. Bryan

    It seems more and more like we are right back to where we were in ’03. Yes we have better talent now, but so does the rest of the SEC. Yes we have improved things like video rooms, locker rooms, practice fields, etc., but so has everybody else. Now we are in the middle of a coaching search and you hear things about “big name NFL splash” (B. Parcells in ’03), which didn’t work out and we ended up with a safe, serviceable hire to get through probation and make the program more attractive to the next guy. It worked out with Brooks, but everybody hoped we could progressively get to the next level. Now we’re talking about Fulmer doing the same thing. The more I follow this, the more I feel like we will be underwhelmed, and we’ll struggle to get to 6-6, or 7-5 (depending on the success of UL and VU) and then we’ll be going through another search in a few years. Am I being pessimistic, or is that just the reality of UK football. BTW, I’d rather have anybody mentioned through this whole thing (excepting Cutcliffe) than see Fulmer run out of the tunnel in UK blue.

  8. oldblackhightops

    Fulmer = Rinse and Repeat in my opinion.

  9. RJ

    Fulmer would be more underwhelming than keeping Joker around.

  10. Wes

    Not entirely. If he is given a five to six year deal where recruits know he is going to be here then i don’t think recruiting will drop off. Also, if he brings in two very good coordinators that can coach and sell their plans to respective recruits then he will do a very good job. People need to remember this guy won a national championship and dominated the SEC for several years. He kicked our tails enough years and when he was on his good run he could walk into a lot of areas in the south and get who he wanted.

    Now I only would take Fulmer if we have exhausted all resources in trying to Petrino.

  11. Will

    Larry, I wish you would ask guys like Cobb and Couch what they think of Petrino. This is so disheartening.

  12. Chuck

    What little excitement I had over the possibility of UK football is completely gone. Ive gotten to the point that I dont care anymore who they hire and will not be purchasing season tickets either. Im pretty much done, tough to be patient when the only thing you hear about the coaching search is how badly it is being handled. I dont expect a coach to be hired, but with Mitch going in total seclusion with no updates what so ever saying that they were making progress, is making me grow tired of the process, especially when you hear that he wont even speak to Petrino.

    Bozich’s blog today pretty much said as much, get ready to be underwhelmed with this hire. I for one, wont be wasting my time checking on it anymore, too depressing. Its bad enough that we had to live thru watching what Brooks built get ripped apart in less than 3 seasons.

    1. Juan4UK

      I’m not sure if Bozich is well connected any more with any real knowledge of UK inner workings of current events after the things he has written the last few yrs. Ever wonder why he moved to WDRB (or wherever). If he ain’t writing it, his sending it off to his son to write it in Indy.
      Bozich don’t know jack.

    2. rqa

      Jesus H. Christ…a few weeks ago people were saying that Joker was coming back because MB wouldn’t comment on the situation.
      A year ago this same fanbase was begging for Mike Leach who had been unemployed for 2 yrs and passed over by 40+ schools…despite his record at Texas Tech (who btw was seeking a reason to fire a popular, winning coach) and now less than a year later Wazzu is regretting its decision.

      You don’t make comments, you don’t release names of coaching candidates during a coaching search until you have someone’s name on the dotted line. Do you not realize that UK won’t even be able to officially speak to candidates until the season is over???

  13. grant

    Man i dread the sight of the word “underwhelmed”. I guess the baggage of Petrino has just proved to be too much. I feel in my gut and i cannot help it , that UK football is going down a path that is going to be hard to overcome if they don’t choose correctly and these posts we have all made could be cut and pasted 3 years from now on the next coaching search on this website. I wish UK would just at least check in to the Petrino possibility, and all the ramifiactions that goes with from a legal standpoint if there is any, i feel like they may have the answer there with him to move up in class despite his transgressions. I feel awful. Thats all i have. Disappointed.

    1. Reality

      Why is everyone so convinced that UK did not check into the Petrino possibility and the legal ramifications inherent in his hire?

      Why would fans, or Larry Vaught, for that matter know about what was done or was not done to vet any and all candidates, including Petrino?

      Everyone seems to be starting with the proposition that Barnhart is making all the wrong decisions and using that proposition to support their belief that the coaching hire is not being conducted properly. In fact, Vaught’s quote from the former player has only strengthened that narrative, despite there being no proof that it is rooted in reality or grounded with any actual knowledge of the search.

      There seems to be a concerted effort to maintain the woebegone attitude concerning this prospective hire, despite the fact that very few people know anything about how it is actually happening.

      1. Caz

        Did UK check into the legal ramifications of hiring Billy Gillispie? How about Eddie Sutton?

        What is out there that we are unaware of? We have seen no evidence and truth is an absolute defense to slander, so what exactly are you talking about?

        1. Reality

          You’re only unaware of the legal liability Petrino exposed Arkansas to if you’ve not been paying attention. Who ever said you were unaware of it?

          1. Caz

            In response to your response above and here…

            Factual? You can contractually take Petrino out of these types of hiring decisions. Outside of that, you are assuming he committed an actionable wrong and that she has a viable cause of action in the first instance, which is your first error. Second, you’re assuming he will engage in similar malfeasance subsequently at UK. And you want to pin not hiring him on the unavailability of a single affirmative defense and that therefore any case is almost necessarily lost? Remind me not to retain you the next time a complex litigation matter comes up. And exactly what “dispositive” motion is it to which you are referring above? Assuming you mean summary judgment, so what, they are denied more often than they are granted. And, frankly, “protracted and costly litigation” is a commonly-overly utilized, designedly-ominous cliché that has facial appeal to the uninformed but is not a primary concern of the state’s land grant institution with a billion dollar endowment. The lost revenue from one of our 20,000 attendance football games could cover over a dozen of those lawsuits.

            So per your comments earlier I get one bite at the apple for this so-called legal risk you mention, but Barnhart is on what will likely be his third dud hire (Gillispie/Joker) to date? That seems fair. Especially since with respect to the issue of nepotism, Barnhart has made it perfectly clear where he stands…

  14. kywildcat_96

    I think a lot of fans are setting themselves up for being underwhelmed with the thought of Petrino or quit football. I would like to see a winning football program in my lifetime as well as anyone but not “at any cost.” He wins and then leaves. When he leaves you are left with a mess. Anyone that has worked with him talks about how bad of a person he is. It’s easy to sit behind a computer and bash Barnhart if he doesn’t hire him, but none of us has to work with him everyday nor would we be held resposible for his transgressions. I think Barnhart will (or has) talked to him but I wouldn’t blame him for not hiring him. One last thing on Petrino – how many of UL’s players were arrested while he was coaching there? Think about the costs before you sell your sole.

    1. Mike Flannery

      A good AD will place his requirements and no tolerance clauses into a contract….build it in up front and it will take care of itself.

      1. Juan4UK

        And a guy with those slap in the face restrictions is gonna take the other job. Goes both ways. It’s a case of rock and a hard place.

        1. JD

          Petrino holds NO CARDS. He will be forced to take what’s offered. Tenn and Auburn don’t have to settle for baggage to get a top shelf coach. UK doesn’t have that luxury. Any coach capable of 8-9 wins at the coaching graveyard known as CWS will have some blemishes, otherwise he would have a better job

          Petrino could also be LOCKED UP st UK for 8-10 years where as anyone else will certainly use it as a stepping stone to a bigger job if they do accidentally succeed here.

          1. Juan4UK

            What do you mean that BP holds no cards? Take a look at the internet chatter around Petrino. Fans see him as a winner. Those are his cards. At least 3 SEC options available. Take away UT (cause of Kiffin) and then it’s between UK and Auburn. So who gets picked between UK and Auburn?

      2. rqa

        Mike, Arkansas had protections built into their contract with BP…how did that turn out?
        You cannot escape institutional liability via a contract.

        1. JD

          Arkansas had a huge buyout clause. That wasn’t the one they needed.

  15. Bill

    What a cheery bunch! Read in the Tennessean that there was no way they would consider Petrino. They have had too many problems already. (For whatever this is worth and whether or not it is believable.) Juan explained why there are no announcements and won’t be until those being considered have fulfilled their commitments to their teams this season. If their teams are being successful, then there is no way they will allow a distraction to undermine what they are doing. Competition for coaching positions is fierce. Think about the competition for 5 Star recruits, and then triple it. It’s the same for top offensive and defensive coordinators. So our choice right now is to be patient, or we can jump in a hole of doom and gloom, and pull the dirt over our heads. If the fans want to do something they can fill the stadium for senior day to show our support. Don’t think that will go unnoticed by prospective coaching candidates. Most importantly, it will be noticed and appreciated by our seniors.

    1. Juan4UK

      That’s the best point I’ve seen in a while, and that is to find a reason within ourselves and fill the stands this week.

  16. JD

    For those scared of Petrino, he can be controlled with a contract. Morals clause requiring payback of salary/bonuses, $50m CASH buyout due the day he resigns. No football affiliated job if fired or quits, etc. That’s easy. Lock him down for 8 years with UK getting the option on years 5-8. Simple.

    Barnhart is who I have ZERO trust in to not dick this up. It’s been proven time and time again that unproven coaches can’t win here. If he hires a coordinator or mid major coach we will be right back here in three years. GUARANTEED. Mitch is riding that golden parachute contract that Lee screwed the BBN with on his way out the door.

    1. Reality

      The terms of this contract would be unacceptable to any coach at any university. Even this contract, which would never be agreed to under any circumstances by anyone, would not protect UK from potential legal consequences should Petrino conform to his prior behavior.

      1. the truth

        the most damaging thing out of Petrino’s prior form is hiring his mistress and that can be controlled with a much simpler clause: all of his hires have to be reviewed by the AD. The other issue that is brought up is Petrino will leave if he does well, but any coach that does well at Kentucky will leave.

        So the only thing that can’t be controlled by an acceptable contract is he leaves after being successful for a couple of seasons and making the UK job more appealing? I’ll take that.

        1. Juan4UK

          UK already has those as part of the hiring process. Unfortunately, there is no way to keep him from sliding $20k into some VB players pocket for services rendered.

      2. Caz

        What prior behavior, a consensual relationship? I didn’t realize that was sexual harassment…or are you privy to some knowledge the public is not?

        1. Reality

          That the relationship began as consensual is not a defense to a sexual harassment claim.

          1. Caz

            Needing a defense assumes there has been a sexual harassment claim. Has she filed one?

          2. Juan4UK

            It doesn’t matter. He had a relationship with a subordinate. When a relationship goes bad ANYTHING can happen, legally. That is the exposure. Not to mention an exchange of cash was involved, he directly lied to his AD, used his position to obtain employment for someone he had a sexual relationship. And then you have the PR nightmare of him cheating on his wife. These are not small issues when it comes to a high profile job. Now, given that I have said this, I would still consider Petrino if other options do not pan out.

      3. JD

        Petrino is not in the position to dictate terms. If he wants back in the game, especially in the SEC, everyone will require outlandish requirements from him. BTW, he already had a preposterous buyout clause at Ark just to prove he wasn’t looking for another job. The man can be had for well below market value. Tenn and Auburn don’t have to accept baggage to get a capable coach. UK does not have that luxury

        Mitch either wants a very valid shot at 8 wins or he will settle for hoping Louisville, Vandy and Miss St fall back to our level like Tenn did last yeR so his next bad hire will AT BEST trip and fall into 6 wins and a crappy Bowl in Nashville or Memphanistan instead of w bigger Bowl in a warmer locale.

        If Mitch settles for another scrub he should have just kept Joker, kept losing and saved the UKAA $3m because ANYTHING LESS THAN A GRANDSLAM HIRE will not get me or anyone else back into CWS. We are DONE with handing thousands over annually for bad football while Mitch blows that money on soccer complexes and softball coaches.

        1. Reality

          How do you know he’s willing to be had for well below market value? How do you know he wasn’t contacted with terms that he found unacceptable? This is the ridiculous part of your statement: You take positions as if things are fact when you have absolutely no knowledge of them. Why?

          Who determines that the new hire is a scrub? You? When do we decide if he is a scrub or not? At the press conference? After the first game? The first season?

          You assign wants and thought processes to people you have no personal knowledge of, which is irrational behavior. Almost, but not quite, as irrational as thinking anyone anywhere would sign a contract that forced them to pay $50M in cash on the day of the resignation.

          1. JD

            And whos closet are you hiding in to know Petrino would not accept such terms? Are you his agent? He is no longer welcome in the NFL. The vast majority of NCAA programs would at most take him as a coordinator. His options are VERY LIMITED and that plays into a downtrodden program like UKs hands. $2.5m plus HUGE bonuses for 8+ wins, beating Florida, finishig top 4 in the East etc is where I would start the offer . The guy is an obvious egomaniac that thinks his system will work anywhere. Play to that

            And yes, we want a proven winner that recruits recognize over a nobody Midmajor coach or coordinator. Kirby Smart has ZERO reason to come to UK. He is next in line for a major SEC job that actually has administration support of FB, no one worth having will sacrifice their career to this coaching graveyard .unless they are out of viable options. A guy in Stillwater, OK just laughed off the preposterous implication.

    2. Mike Flannery

      You could not have said it better, unfortunately I agree with your assessment.

    3. UKFAN197TONE

      That’s the most asinine thing I’ve read on Vaughtsviews, well, anywhere for that matter.

  17. Mike Flannery

    Hopefully, MB will seek advice from the Van Notes, Schnellenbergers and not do what he did to hire Gillespie. By the way, this blog site is designed for all the opinions. I get several laughs every day reading it….some are from my own mispelled words that I thought I doublechecked.

  18. eddie

    i’m for sonny dykes who know he could eb the next les miles or even nick saban give the man a chance a has a proven reocred

  19. Joe Cat

    Not so fast, look at his record at Tennessee. He had around a .750 winning percentage with an national championship in 98. How many coaches are we going to get with that background. Since leaving ole rocky top the vols have a .458 winning percentage. Was not at top of my list but may be a good hire if we cant get that young coach at the top of the list (Sonny Dykes).

    1. Reality

      The fanbase should really start seeking the positives in some of these candidates, because they are real. The positives attached to some of the names being speculated are being completely ignored, much in the same way that the negatives attached to BP are being completely ignored.

      Let’s say it comes down to two candidates, Dykes and Fulmer. Each of them walk into Joe Craft’s office for a meeting. Each of them tell Craft what is needed to build and maintain a winning SEC program. Which does Craft lend more credence to? Which does RJ Corman listen to when being given a reason and vision for UK competing in the SEC?

      Fulmer, just like any other candidate, has positive attributes attached to his hire. Larry, maybe touching on some of these positives would do something to defuse all of the woe-is-me attitude from the fans?

    2. JD

      Find a kid in HS today that has any idea who has any idea who the hell Phil Fulmer is. He is a band-aid stuck onto a full blown aneurysm in the best case.

  20. rqa

    Larry, you have pretty well convinced me that you know no more than any of the dim-wits over on catsillistrated and only engaging in the same rumor-mongering that is taking place over there and on the other message boards. The whole rumor mill is one big circle jerk where they all serve to feed the others in the circle.
    For you, Larry Glover or anyone else to claim that there is a “lack of direction” about a process to which you have zero inside knowledge speaks volumes. There is “no direction” because you continue to report and repeat rumor and speculation which only serves to feed and produce more rumor and speculation. I personally know one internet poster who is delibertly making up stories and posting them on the message boards just to see how far they go. Larry, you have made reference to one of those faux-rumors in this column.
    P.T. Barnum was right…there is a sucker born every minute.

    1. Juan4UK

      rqa, then don’t come here. Most people here realize that Larry is passing on what he hears, not actual face up facts passed along by MB. The lack of respect that you show in some of your posts tells me that you don’t know your audience here at Vaught’s views. The fact that you go on the internet looking for information, and then get pissed off that you aren’t given absolutes tells me that you have some issues of your own. This is a civil board. Everyone here disagrees, but we try to keep it civil.
      As far as Larry passing on what he hears, is the reason we come here: that is to bandy about what various people are hearing and our views on the subject. That’s it.

      1. larryvaught

        Thanks Juan. YOu are right. Just trying to keep everyone up to date on all the rumors/speculation out there. Do have lot of sources and no one claims to have Mitch’s ear. But no way to ever have any guarantees with coaching search info

        1. Juan4UK

          Larry there are a few coming on here during all of this that think this is any random fan board. I don’t view it that way. The regulars here disagree often but always, in my experience, are willing to listen and exchange ideas without the personal attacks. That’s why I voice my opinion here: I appreciate the treatment from others. And I damn sure don’t want them attacking you or my other comrades that are here regularly. I welcome others, enjoy the differences of opinion, but I hope they assimilate to the general mood of the site.
          Without your articles Larry, we don’t have a starting point for conversation. I, for one appreciate that you bring us information and take the time to relay that it is just what you are hearing. Thanks again for this forum.

  21. Larry Pup

    Chuck…Bozich is always negative to anything UK. Always has been. Him and Crawford both, shucks, the whole C-J is nothing more than cheer leaders for UL. Bozich and Crawford both are praying UK hires a dud. Jaun, I love your stuff pal, but you are Petrino one day, and I don’t know who the next. You would make a good politician. There is no waiting on Petrino, hire him now and go get some football players for UK. Reality now, he sounds like an attorney but has never told us who he would like UK to hire and the reasons. Reality why don’t you just leave it to the real lawyers and let’s go hire a football coach. I have not seen or heard of any million dollar law suits currently being litigated from the Petrino Arkansas screw up. Maybe there are, I don’t know. I pray it is not Fulmer

    1. Reality

      Larry, you exemplify those I spoke about who see this as a very easy decision because there is absolutely no risk or consequences that you will face. You drive this point home by saying you haven’t seen any lawsuits, but acknowledge the fact that they may exist, and are still adamant that the decision is easy: hire Petrino. You have no skin in the game, you’re free to go all-in without having to worry about the consequences.

      As for my choice? There are plenty of candidates I could support. In fact, I will support whoever is hired, even if it is Bobby Petrino. I can see positive qualities in a number of candidates, just as I can acknowledge there are negative qualities in those same candidates. There is not, and never will be, only one coach that can benefit UK football.

    2. Juan4UK

      Come on Larry Pup, I went through this. I could get behind Petrino if he ends up being the hire. But, I would rather have a capable coach with out the baggage and the negative perception. I like 99% of the population don’t know who a sure thing would be (excluding Petrino), but I don’t mind taking a fresh face who would view UK as his legacy, and make UK his home for good.
      But no matter how much people want Petrino, I am a realist. And reality says that there is a huge PR issue to overcome with a Petrino hire. He will have a job next year. Maybe even USC and take Kiffin’s. Reality has some very real facts, although now that he has been busted in such a public way it is very unlikely that it happens again. But a man who cheats on his wife once will do it again.
      I say that anyone who blows off UK’s liability will look at the headline of a lawsuit and vaguly wonder “who’s gonna pay that?”– Because they sure ain’t.

  22. UK 24 7

    UK already has their next head football coach. They can’t divulge his name just yet though. MB has too much respect for Joker. After the regular season you will know his name. Joker Phillips was fired with two games left on the schedule for a reason. It wasnt because of the Vandy loss. UK was ready to get rid of this coaching staff way before this game. Two more games wouldnt have mattered either way. UK had to get the jump on some of our SEC brothers if they wanted to land a coach of this caliber and that’s exactly what they did. You will be impressed with the next head coach and just as impressed with the OC he brings with him from another school. Do not underestimate UK (not MB) on hitting a home run for our football program.

    1. JD

      Buying into the Dykes/Brown rumors I see. Sorry but a coach that just gave up 55 to Texas State is anything but impressive. Looks like another $2500 saved for a betteruse next year. , like maybe lottery tickets. They are far more likely to pay off than Mitch. A UK football.

      1. TJ

        I, too, sincerely hope that it isn’t Dykes! His defense gives up OVER 500 yards per game! That’s almost 100 ypg worse than what the 2012 UK gave up & TOP was very similar. Dykes 2012 team has also committed more than twice as many penalties per game as has Joker’s 2012 team.

        1. larryvaught

          TJ, Louisiana Tech lost three linebackers off young defense to injury early in season. Lost two more DL this week and has cornerback out with concussion. Sonny values defense. Father taught him that. Would bring a big-time defensive coordinator with him

    2. Larry T Clemons

      Nicest POST all week…

  23. Larry Pup

    Boys I’m gonna tell you what the real problem is. It gets worse year in and year out as time goes by and another football search gets under way at UK. Nobody wants the freakin job because they realize what they are going to get. It is why Bear left for Texas A&M years ago and it has never changed in all these years. That is the bottom line we all must face. The latest example…. Gundy, if the rumor is true. We have buried ourselves into a hole we can’t dig out of. Reality…..pal, if they hired you I would yell for UK every time out. Petrino is certainly not the only coach we should consider right now. I understand that. I merely think based on football coaching ability he is the best of the bunch I have heard about being rumored for consideration hands down. He deserves at least a interview.

    1. Juan4UK

      With this Larry Pup, I agree.

  24. Terry

    Ky put out the cash money will talk!!

  25. Tom

    Thank you, 24 7, old timer here and I’m very frustrated that too many fans have given up on Mitch. You’ve made me feel much better!

    1. RJ

      I’m not sure MB had a lot of outside help with hiring Gillispe and Phillips. He had a lot of help hiring Coach Cal. I think Phillips was picked because he was a sentimental favorite and he had paid his dues. Neither pick worked out very well. The lack of confidence in MB stems from these picks and the rationale for making them. The SEC is the college football big time and AD’s do not get credit for trying. They get paid to be right, every time. I’m quite certain that anyone posting on the board would do the AD job for 1/3 the salary and would not fare much worse than MB at making picks. The administrative part of the job is another matter entirely however. Maybe that’s worth the other 2/3 of MB’s salary.

  26. Larry Pup

    UK 24 7…..That is encouraging if it is true. My ? is, why can’t our AD put that sort of info out that you just gave w/o divulging the coach’s name. That would go along way in calming a rattled fan base. Coach Joker already knows he is gone. He is going to be able to finish out the season. Why not give the fans some info just enought to stop the chatter.

    1. Mr. Morals

      Larry, this info is complete crap. Do you think for one minute that if Mitch had a coach on board already that he would at least leak out the fact that someone has been hired without giving up the name right now? I will guarantee he is feeling the heat and would love to take some pressure off, so I am very skeptical of the info that UK 24 7 has posted. I hope I have to eat my words, but I am pretty confident that I wont. I really hate being sarcastic about this hire, but I have said from the beginning, that I dont have a good feeling about this, Unfortunately, history does repeat itself in wars and UK football coaches.

      1. larryvaught

        Not going to argue with you Mr. Morals. feeling you are 100 percent right

  27. ukbaby

    I remember when coach Cal had a thrity minute conversation with Coach Saban awhile back about coaching a championship team. Maybe he was talking him into coaching here. They both could dominate here, man what a duo that would be. I seriously don’t think Cal needs any advice on how to coach a championship team.

    1. Juan4UK

      It’s just building relationships is all. And there are technical aspects that people can share experience with to learn and grow. So it’s good that he spoke with Saban. Lot’s of things going on with that conversation, mostly related (on the outside) to PR.

  28. David

    I hate waiting about who the next coach is as much as I hate waiting who if any will sign in the spring for next 2013 basketball class. Seems like this whole year has been about waiting to hear the news. Hire Petrino and lets get that part of the waiting over with.

    1. Juan4UK

      The waiting is always the hardest part. Did I just quote Tom Petty?

      1. Larry T Clemons

        ” Is Mitch B. talking to Tom Petty “….I didn’t know he knew Football…

  29. Jim

    Larry Vaught,

    The UK hire of Calipari had a UK alum assisting Mitch on the search. It was a secret, unitl the choice was leaked.

    Does Mitch have any “football” alumni assisting with the search of the football coaching hire?

    Maybe it is a big secret, like the last time. But, I am wondering if anyone has heard anything about Mitch geting input from “football” guys connected to the program.

    1. larryvaught

      Lee Todd put Mike Pratt on the search group, not Mitch. And based on all the UK football guys I have talked to, there is no one with connections to the UK football program helping — or willing to admit it if he is

      1. Gen. Buck Turgidson

        Mike is an incredible asset for UK as well as being an absolutely fantastic person. He’s been a good friend of my parents since their college years. I’d have him as my point man for critical UK basketball related decision-making over anyone. That being said, shouldn’t we have a coterie of ex-football alumni like Jeff Van Note, Howard Schnellenberger, Dermontti Dawson… that form a pool of advisors available to lead/provide expertise on all football matters.

        Could you help me understand why this isn’t already the case Larry? It seems like a no-brainer to have our best football people leading the search.

        1. larryvaught

          Gen. Buck, you make too much sense. No idea why that has not been done

  30. grant

    lets not forget that cal was not a good hire when mitch hired gillespie, so its hard telling where this is going.

    1. Juan4UK

      as we have learned, and taken the time to study the situations with Cal, he was not guilty of anything. We have learned that the press doesn’t mind taking jabs because of agendas, personal dislikes, or because of what they think they know. Cal plays the grey area like every other coach.
      Not the case with Petrino. They are not the same risks.

  31. Law1127

    Wasn’t Joker a risk when he was hired and did he not have rumors of off the field indiscretions ? Yet everybody has said what a great guy he is,seems familiar of other current candidates profiles but did not disqualify Joker.Joker had no head coach experience and his only success was with Woodson and Cobb,recruiting wasn’t top 25 either!

  32. Larry Pup

    Law…I have never heard anything but good stuff about coach Joker’s character. Don’t have a clue about what you are talking about. I say we leave coach Joker out of this. He is a good man.

  33. Larry Pup

    For all of you who are against the hireing of Petrino because of his past poor conduct, let me ask, would you hire him if everyone else declines the job? That is precisely what happened last time when coach Brooks was hired. Would you hire Petrino then? I say if the answer to that question is yes, then go ahead and hire him now while we can. Take a bold risk. There is a better than 50% chance UK makes it into the world of winning college football quickly with him on the sidelines. He is worth the risk.

    1. Juan4UK

      I would hire Petrino at that point. And you make a good argument Larry Pup.

    2. UKFAN197TONE

      I would be all for his hiring if everyone else declined to take the job. But, how would we know “everyone” was asked?

  34. shinny

    Mitch probably doesn’t want the list of turndowns known, this happened before when Brooks finally took the job. C.M. must have known that too when he reached for Mumme,knowing he would take job in a heartbeat. After he left it was given to assistant,which was easy. After Brooks it was given to Joker. Point he has been through this before and didn’t know what he was doing(basketball & football). He had to get help the 2nd time in basketball, he sure needs help the 2nd time in football. I’m concerned he will not reach out to any former players!!!! I hope that isn’t the case.

  35. UKFAN197TONE

    IF there was a coach “hired” or even on deck, what would be the problem with letting it be known? He’s not taking over at this point, so, why would it hurt. Then again, all the focus would be off the remaining two games and cause chaos in the locker room. Catch 22 right there.

    However, since there is no new hire, there isn’t anything to tell.

    Do what I’ve decided to do good people…let it go. Enjoy the last two Football games and the start of the Basketball season.

    When the new coach gets here, then I’ll either complain or cheer; not that I have a choice right. HA.

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