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Could Celtics be considering trading James Young?


Rumors at this time of year about college basketball and the NBA never cease.

Now comes one that the Boston Celtics might be ready to trade James Young to obtain Kevin Love and the reason he is not playing in the summer league is to avoid injury and not the neck problems associated with a recent car accident.

Here is part of what Gary Washburn of The Boston Globe wrote this week: “According to two NBA sources, Ainge has been dogged in his pursuit of Love, and several agents believe he has the creativity to put together an attractive package. The Celtics are essentially out of salary cap space, but they do have a $10.2 million trade exception from the Paul Pierce deal they have to use by Saturday. They also have potentially talented rookie James Young to offer in a deal. While Young was ruled out of summer league with a neck injury, there was speculation the Celtics are keeping him on ice in case of a potential deal.”

Of course, former Wildcat Rajon Rondo, Boston’s point guard, just recently told Baxter Holmes of the Boston Globe that he was happy to have draft picks Marcus Smart and Young on his team.

“I think we got some good picks, some really good picks,” Rondo told Holmes. “What I like about Smart is that he competes. He kind of reminds me [of myself]. I like the guys that compete and remind me of myself …  And then Young, I’ve been watching him since he played at Kentucky. He’s a knockdown shooter. I’ve heard that he’s even a better shooter than what we’ve seen in the games. It’ll be fun to get to practice with both these guys, to get to know them, to get a feel for them, what they like to do, where they like the ball, and just continue to grow.”

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  1. Larry Pup

    Sounds like there is something to this. He could become a Timberwolf.. Love is a great player. I would like hear what James thinks about it. Rondo seemed to be saying something else. This is one reason I don’t get to excited about pro basketball..

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