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Could Neal Brown connection lead former Texas Tech QB Michael Brewer to Kentucky?

uk footballBy LARRY VAUGHT

Kentucky will have a four-way battle in spring practice to determine who is the No. 1 quarterback. Jalen Whitlow is the returning starter and Maxwell Smith, who also started games, is out after undergoing shoulder surgery. That will leave sophomore Patrick Towles, redshirt freshman Reese Phillips and incoming freshman Drew Barker splitting reps for offensive coordinator Neal Brown as the Wildcats hope to start putting together a more productive offense.

But what if another quarterback was at UK when preseason practice started in August?

No, I have no idea if it could happen, but remember the name Michael Brewer. He was supposed to be Texas Tech’s starting quarterback in 2013 but a preseason back injury sidelined him until October and he never got back to the top of the depth chart. Brewer, who threw for 440 yards and five touchdowns in 13 games during his career, intends to transfer after graduating from Texas Tech at the end of the spring semester and will be a graduate transfer eligible to play in 2014.

Brewer was a three-star prospect at Lake Travis High School in Austin, Texas, and was regarded as a dual-threat quarterback with good speed and an excellent arm — the kind of traits Brown wants in the quarterback running his offense. He was part of four consecutive state championship teams and threw for 2,865 yards as a senior despite missing games due to an injury. As a junior the threw for 4,437 yards and 41 touchdown. He rushed for 593 yards as a junior and 743 yards his senior season. He only lost one game as a starting quarterback.

And check out his bloodlines. His father, Robert, played quarterback at Texas while grandfather, Charlie, also played quarterback at Texas. He has an uncle who played quarterback at Texas, great uncle who played quarterback at Texas Tech and another great uncle who played running back at Oklahoma.

So what could bring him to Kentucky? Simple — his relationship with Brown.

Check out what Mike Graham (@MGraham17), staff writer for RedRaiderSports.com and the Dallas Morning News, told me about Brown and Brewer when I talked to him after Brown was hired to run Mark Stoops’ offense at Kentucky.

“Quarterbacks love Neal,” Graham said. “I think next year’s starter, Michael Brewer, will come out of the chute and be successful because of what Neal taught him regardless of if Neal is in Lubbock or not. Neal was huge in Brewer’s recruitment and Brewer won two state championships at Lake Travis as a quarterback and one as a receiver. Neal has an eye for talent, no doubt. He typically recruited guys Texans knew about but didn’t covet. But those guys would show up on campus and impress you out of the box.”

Maybe Brewer will have no interest in playing for Brown. Maybe UK will have no interest in adding another quarterback, especially since Caldwell County junior star Elijah Sindelar could commit to Kentucky in the next few months. Then again, Brewer likes Brown, knows his offense, could play immediately and has not one, but two years of eligibility, remaining.

Brewer won’t be leaving Tech until the semester ends so he can graduate. Just file the name away and once signing day passes in early February, let’s see what might develop with Brewer’s future plans.

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  1. Glenn Fohr

    Brown should be concerned about the three qbs he has now and and their development

    1. larryvaught

      No idea how Brown feels about Brewer, that was just my speculation rememer

  2. Little Baron

    After the sad looking offense (or lack of offense) because Neal decided to play a non-QB (can’t pass effectively), I am still waiting to see if he really can judge talent. This year it is time to choose a genuine QB and have genuine QB’s as #2 & #3. Otherwise, it will be another season lost instead of developing, educating, training, teaching & getting the entire offense comfortable with and used to a passing game that gets to the line of scrimmage in a hurry. No one wants another year of Joker offense.

  3. Ira


    OC Brown didn’t recruit the QB’s he had last year. He inherited them from Joker. Now he has went all in this recruiting class with Barker. So I hope this young man is everything everyone expects.

    Everyone was dissatisfied with how our QBs played. Everyone was dissatisfied with how our OL played. But if you listen to some of Brown’s interviews you do get certain things. They believe a couple RS freshmen will be able to step up and really help the OL this up coming season. They are looking at Phillips to do some good things for Spring ball and not only that, think Barker showed them some flashes at the AAA game what he is capable of when playing against top talent. Yes I know that talent was still HS and the D was only allowed certain looks and could play cover 2 or 3, but learn his play book in a week, acclimize with his WR’s and his OL, the kid done really well.

    I just want to say 1 last thing back to the OL, those RS freshmen and a walkon I didn’t mention will push those so called starters to either get better or they may lose their starting spot. They think those 3 have that much potential even over guys that have game experience.

  4. Jim

    I would be happy with a juco or a graduated senior transfer that can start if needed. Would prefer a juco that has two years left. It appears it will be the incoming freshman or bust. I would like to see a new talent to at least be the back up, in case of injury.

  5. Bryan M.

    Michael Brewer has a lot of experience that could be very beneficial. I look forward to seeing how things develop.

    1. larryvaught

      Same here Bryan. Again, no inside info. Just speculating

  6. Little Baron

    I like the reasoning some expressed about an experienced Sr or JUCO transfer (though I don’t think we have any planned), but regardless of whether we start a true freshmen, redshirt freshmen or Sophomore – or whoever – we simply MUST start a genuine QB who can PASS the ball. If this staff (is it Brown or Stoops or both?) who chose to give up the first season (by playing a non-QB) MUST not sacrifice another season.

    Ira, i hear your explanation about the OL, and agree it was PATHETIC. Thank chjoker fo that! However… Couldn’t the staff have taken a couple of DL and move them to the offensive side of the ball last season? Or used a couple of guys being redshirted instead of virtually throwing an entire season into the gutter? Nearly every High School Lineman has played both sides of the ball for several years. Anything to get a new “non-chiller-style-offense” on the field would have been worth trying. All last season did was introduce our freshmen & transfers to the “habit” of losing week after week.

    If this staff has the non-QB as anything other than a RARE Wildcat formation player behind center, then it will be another season sacraficed, and that should be totally unacceptable to the BBN, the AD and the players.

  7. Glenn Fohr

    yep, we need a qb that will not take off running after 2 seconds. I agree Baron that if we get another non throwing qb then Stoops will be in trouble.

  8. Larry Pup

    I think the starting QB for UK in 2014 could be Reese Phillips. Don’t count him out with already a red shirt year under his belt. The staff seemed high on him at the close of last season. I would like to see Jalen possibly get a shot at RB or WR. I think he could really blossom there.

  9. CatsCatsCats

    Towles is going to spend a week with George Whitfield before spring practice starts. This guy doesn’t take a whole lot of folks. Someone is getting him ready for something.

  10. Little Baron

    UK needs to be sure we retain the BEST QB’s of the group, if someone is possibly going to leave… which may or may not be the implication with Towles. Any team that looked as PATHETIC as we did with the run-run-run and maybe think about a pass QB we had, surely recognizes the need to keep EVERY QB

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