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nba_draft_logo-180x162By LARRY VAUGHT

Phoenix coach Jeff Hornacek thought former Kentucky guard Archie Goodwin’s jump shot looked “much improved” during a workout Saturday based on what he told Kevin Zimmerman of

“Obviously he’s going to need to learn the game better,” Hornacek said. “He’s used to being a scorer. He can still be a scorer but he’s going to have to be, more the mental part of the game … a point guard. Really see the game, see how it develops, not only for himself but for his teammates. When you got a young kid like that, those are the guys you can kind of train. You can tell he has a feel.”

Goodwin, who won’t be 19 until August, is projected as a more likely NBA draft target for Oklahoma City rather than Phoenix by Zimmerman. He noted that Dallas, Philadelpia, Cleveland and Oklahoma City, which has the 29th pick in the draft while Phoenix has No. 30, have all worked Goodwin out.

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