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Couch on Mumme’s offense (and possible hint on QB situation), need for defensive coordinator under Mumme


HOOVER, Ala. — Here’s more with former UK All-American quarterback Tim Couch.

Question: Looking back now, how far ahead of the offensive curve was Hal Mumme when he was your coach at UK?
Couch: “It has really been unbelievable. Doing what I do going around and calling college football games, I get a chance to talk to so many offensive coordinators who have told me that the system they run is a version of what Hal was doing in 1998 and 1999. They are all running it and it is spread all across college football.
“Now a days you see a very athletic guy playing quarterback like a Johnny Manziel or Robert Griffith III or any of those guys who are running a similar offense but they bring the mobility side to it which adds another dimension to the offense. You get guys spread out like that and you get a guy who can run and throw, it makes a big difference and is hard to stop.”

Question: What if Mumme had brought in a defensive coordinator like Mark Stoops? How successful could he have been?
Couch: “I think we would have definitely had different results at Kentucky. Any time you are going out and putting up 35 or 40 points a game against some of the best teams in the conference, you should win some of those games, and we did. But we lost some that we should have won. I think it is a great combination when you look at Oklahoma with coach Stoops’ brother Bob and they won a national title with (former Mumme assistant) Mike Leach as offensive coordinator. It is a great combination. It can work and win games and hopefully it will win games at Kentucky.”

Next: Couch on Neal Brown.

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  1. Larry Pup

    Mummy was a good offensive mind, no doubt. In the early days of his stay at UK it was very exciting times for UK football. However if you bring up Mummy, I will never get over what he did to Dusty Bonner though. Dusty had won the QB position on the field, or at least it was reported that he had, but Mummy threw him under the bus and opted for Jared. No disrespect to Jared here. He probably wanted to start. While Jared was a great QB, the big wins never really materialized to much extent. That handling and the attention it brought to Mummy’s fairness with competing athletes has left a bad taste in my mouth for him ever since, coupled with the Claude Basset fiasco. Maybe Mummy thought Dusty could not throw the deep ball and stretch the field like he wanted, I don’t know. UK football was hurt by Mummy’s staff and it never really recovered with coaches who followed him, JMO.

  2. RJ

    Mummy was a lot of things but not necessarily a nice guy. He graduated from the school of “if you can’t get it done, I’ll get someone who can”. He knew his future was measured from one season to the next and sometimes, one game to the next. I never cared for his personalty but he was not in a popularity contest. He was trying to save his career. Didn’t work though.

  3. JimHarris

    My one experience with Mumme was an unpleasant one as he came across as a horse’s butt. I was in an elevator with him and a couple of assistants who recognized me as a UK fan. This was down at Columbia. And as they chatted and asked, I told them that I had come down from Ohio. Mumme made a couple of smart remarks and then I was told that he even had something more smartass to say on his radio show that week about a fan down from Ohio. Maybe he could tell I was headed on out to Myrtle Beach next day. Or maybe it was just an overload of arrogance that was running down his leg. Anyhow, as much as I loved his brand of football I could never care much for him after that. And I certainly haven’t wished him well since he’s been gone from UK.

  4. BigAndy

    Dusty Bonner did just fine at Valdosta. I believe he helped build Valdosta State into a National Power, was named the top player at his level for two consecutive years, and won a Championship with the Lexington Horseman. He’s done well. I believe he would have been effective if he stayed at the Helm of UK’s offense.

    The Round Mound of Touchdown could throw the ball through a brick wall, was an allusive and bullish runner and was simply a really good quarterback. He was a KY boy, much like Couch, Redmond (UofL) and Andre’ Woodson with a national presence.

    I liked both Bonner and Lo.

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