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College or NBA out of high school? Julius Randle says he probably would still have gone to college


ARLINGTON — If Julius Randle had been able to choose between going straight to the NBA or heading to college out of high school, what would he have done?

That’s the question the UK freshman was asked at this Final Four press conference Sunday.

“I really don’t know. I am certainly happy that I chose to go to college. I probably still would have chosen to go to college,” Randle said. “It is what I needed as far as maturity level. A lot of people think they are ready, but in actuality, you are really not.

“I am really happy that I chose to go to college and first off, get that experience of being away from home. This year has been wonderful for me as far as maturity level and kind of growing me into a young man. I am extremely happy, whether they had the rule or not, that I chose to come to college.”

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  1. Judi Cole

    UK is glad that you came too, Julius! Wishing the young man all the best in his NBA career and hope he comes back often to visit!

  2. Larry Pup

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they all came back? Probably will not happen in a million years, but Wow!!! What a future for UK basketball if it did.

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