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College Basketball Power Index has Kentucky listed number 10


Kentucky once again is not ranked in this week’s Associated Press poll and is being given almost no chance to beat No. 4 Louisville Saturday by most college basketball analysts.

Yet it’s interesting to note that the College Basketball Power Index by Keith Glantz and Russell Culver has UK listed 10th in the country. That’s right — TENTH.

Duke is No. 1 and Indiana No. 2. Next comes Syracuse, Florida and Gonzaga before the Cards check in at No. 6. Rounding out the top 10 are Ohio State, Kansas and Michigan.

What this shows is that the perception of Kentucky basketball by those who study every aspect of a college game is far higher than the perception most UK fans probably have of the Wildcats. What’s interesting is that UK is ranked far higher than Notre Dame and Baylor, two teams that beat Kentucky early this year.

Does this mean Kentucky will beat Louisville? Absolutely not. Does this mean Kentucky could win? Possibly. Does this mean it’s still way too early to give up on UK being a potential Final Four team in March? Absolutely.

College Basketball Power Index
Keith Glantz Russell Culver
        CURRENT    LAST
Duke    11-0    94    94
Indiana    11-1    93    93
Syracuse    10-1    93    93
Florida    8-2    91    91
Gonzaga    11-1    91    91
Louisville    11-1    91    91
Ohio St.    9-2    91    91
Kansas    10-1    90    90
Michigan    12-0    90    90
Kentucky    8-3    89    88
Arizona    11-0    88    88
Minnesota    12-1    88    88
NC State    9-2    87    86
North Carolina    9-3    87    87
Pittsburgh    12-1    87    87
UNLV    11-1    87    87
Wisconsin    8-4    87    87
Baylor    8-3    86    85
Cincinnati    12-0    86    86
Creighton    11-1    86    86
Michigan St.    11-2    86    86
New Mexico    12-1    86    86
Notre Dame    12-1    86    86

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  1. Jim Boyers

    I haven’t given up.

    This team WILL round off the rough edges and come around. Might as well start by beating the dirty birds.

    1. Larry Pup

      I hope the kill em!!!!

  2. TheProfessor

    I believe that today, this team is in the 10 to 15 range. Pomeroy has them #13. This one has them #10.

    The poll that puts them at 27 is ridiculous.

    I believe this team at present is deserving of a 3 seed, and this team could rise to a 2 seed or fall to a 4 seed before March arrives.

    1. Kokamo Joe

      It is hard to tell how good this team really is or how good it will become. The RPI ranking for the Cats is 53 and they are only 1-3 vs the top RPI 100 and 5-0 when they have played in the 200 plus RPI. They have played a weak schedule. And it won’t get much clearer during the upcoming SEC schedule. Florida has the highest RIP score of any SEC team and they should be a test for the Cats. The SEC has teams such as Vandy (207), Mississippi State (227), Georgia (241) and Auburn (271) with lower RIP rankings than 200. Our recent victim, Marshall had a RPI rating of 219. So how are we supposed to judge the strength of the Cats? Louisville will be a test. Beat them and we will know more about the Cat’s potential. They SEC should get the Cats a higher ranking and a decent seed in the NCAA tournament. THAT IS WHEN WE WILL KNOW. I know that some will cringe when they read my statement, thinking that it is a put down for UK basketball. It is not. I can understand why Calipari schedules light in the preconference schedule. I have followed the Cats for most of my life and during that time the Cats have dominated that league most of the time. I think that that is something to be proud of and I see nothing wrong with admitting and being PLEASED that the SEC is UK’s play pen.

      1. TheProfessor

        The RPI is a fatally flawed system, and is worthless. Pomeroy provides a much more reliable basis for team to team comparisons.

        Kentucky remains at #13 in Pomeroy.


    I’m with you guys, I’m glad the National Championship trophies aren’t handed out by National rankings.

  4. Little Baron

    Many members of the media will take any and every opportunity to downgrade UK basketball… it stems from decades of jealousy, a genuine lack of basketball knowledge, or some combination of the two. Unfortunately, the losses to ND (a pretty sound whooping) and Baylor (AT HOME!!!) opened the floodgates for any media member who lies in wait for an opportunity to express their dislike for the winningest and most terrifice college basketball program in history.

    This team will make a run for the SEC Title, and should end up in the top 3 (worst case scenario). The Seed for the Big Dance is at stake, and this is our final chance to knock off a non-conference team that is ranked, so our CATS need to dig in and show that these past 3 weeks are yielding results…

    BEAT UL!!!

  5. Larry T Clemons

    It’s good to see Louisville got their Center Back…I don’t want any excuses when the Wildcats Win….Should be a Great Game…

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