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Cobb may not play at Georgia


This is not the way Kentucky coach Rich Brooks wanted to spend Wednesday preparing for Saturday’s important Southeastern Conference game at Georgia.

Defensive tackle Ricky Lumpkin, who has started every game, missed practice due to illness. Middle linebacker Micah Johnson, UK’s leading tackler, watched practice because of a foot injury.

But they are expected to play Saturday. However, Randall Cobb might not.

Cobb, UK’s most versatile player, couldn’t finish Wednesday’s practice because of a bruised shoulder.

“I would say he is questionable for the game. His shoulder is bruised pretty bad. At this point, I don’t know if he will play or not,” Brooks said.

If he can’t, that would mean receivers LaRod King, Chris Matthews and Gene McCaskill would have to play much more prominent roles. It would mean running back Derrick Locke would have to have his biggest game of the season for UK to win. It would also mean there would be no margin of error for true freshman quarterback Morgan Newton because there will be no WildCobb formation to let Cobb loose.

“We obviously want him to play,” UK offensive tackle Zipp Duncan said. “But if Randall is hurting and can’t play, we will have to find a way to win.”

But without Cobb’s running, catching, passing and returning, it’s a lot harder.

However, if Cobb can raise the shoulder, I think he plays. He might not be 100 percent, but the kid is a warrior. Still, just knowing he could not complete practice today was not a good sign for the Cats going into a game that they need to win to make a dramatic improvement in their season.

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  1. KentuckyTailgating

    This could be a HUGE loss for UK. Without Cobb and the ‘wildcobb’ offense as a change of pace, the cats will be easier to defend. Newton will have to step up in the passing game more.

  2. Larry Vaught

    It could almost make it an impossible game unless Newton plays unreal

  3. Ron in OKC

    Maybe this is where Joker steps up and says, let’s win or lose with Newton throwing the ball- there is little downside- we have postseason achieved- only upside.

    Newton knows going in that he’s the man- no Hartline- maybe a small dose or two of Cobb-

    It may be another stage of growing up for our Freshman QB.

  4. Larry Vaught

    You could be right because I really think the more I hear that Cobb may not play

  5. rolo

    OH LORD, u all dont really think COBB will not play, he going to play!! I talk to him and the fact is the kid will be ready Saturday.

    and no JOKER aint going to cut Newton loose, that be going against the 3 yardfs and a cloud of dust thinking on offense. Newton can take a game ver if he the rigns were takin off, but that will not happen.

  6. KentuckyTailgating

    Rolo, not questioning what Cobb told you, but of course a player as competitive as he is will say that. But sometimes injuries don’t heal the way they hope.

    Now concerning Joker, please take things in context. To say he is a three yards and cloud of dust guy is simply ignoring the facts. People quickly forget the type of offense that he used when Woodson and company were here. He adjusted his offense last year to the personel. He has adjusted again this year. I don’t think any one is questioning that Newton will be a good one before his time here is done, but he needs experience and to learn and Joker is bringing him along slowly. A little over a month ago he was going to be redshirted and was not getting the snaps in practice needed to play effectively. Woodson was not a world beater his first year as a starter either as a Sophmore.

    Bottom line, the coaches are there in practice and see what the guys are capable of doing. I think they have earned a little bit of trust because they have done more than any other coaching staff ahs ever done at UK over a longer period of time. We are going to a bowl for the fourth time in a row. Things have definitely improved.

  7. gmoyers

    I just hope the shoulder is not separated. Would expect Cobb to want to play, but I am not convinced he will be able to.
    And I think Joker has been conservative as Morgan learns his reads. If Cobb doesn’t play, Georgia obviously will load the box and make Newton have to make plays

  8. GoBigBlue37

    I’m with you tailgating, Coach Phillips is giving Newton the best chance at success and doing a pretty good job of it, Newton is 4-1 as a starter. Just letting a true freshman come in an throw the ball around is a receipt for disaster, just look at USC and Mich. Both start the season on fire and the freshman QBs were getting all the attention but now after several losses in conference, I’m sure there is alot of second guessing.

  9. Larry Vaught

    I think they have handled things well, too. But now Georgia may force the CAts to let Newton throw down the field more and I think he may surprise the Bulldogs

  10. TRUBLU69

    BAD!BAD! News, thats 10-14 points IMO….But I say if he can’t play him and have him going hard, Hold him til UT..Newton is not ready to become a gun slinger IMO..Run Run Run the Ball, this o-line has been playing great in the run game..If that is our strength, then Run the Ball Down the DAWGS throat!!! And Like kentuckytailgating has stated the dawgs can be beat in the secondary, Run And Run often, Maybe get a cheap one or two…GO BIG BLUE!!!

  11. Alice

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