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Coaching rumors for Stoops, Fulmer, Jones, Dykes and Petrino

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Let’s get a daily dose of coaching rumors for Kentucky football.
— If Jeremy Fowler of CBSSports.com is right, Kentucky has interviewed Florida State defensive coordinator Mark Stoops for its head coaching opening based on a source he has. That’s the first time Stoops has been mentioned as a possible coach at UK.

Florida State’s defense led the country with 236.3 yards allowed per game before falling to Florida Saturday. He is a finalist for the national defensive coordinator of the year. He has no head coaching experience,

Stoops has never been a head coach, but he has held many jobs throughout college football. He has coached defensive backs at South Florida, Miami and Wyoming and been defensive coordinator at Houston. He was defensive coordinator at Arizona from 2004-09 before moving to Florida State.

Last season his Seminoles only allowed 15.1 per game (4th nationally), in 2010 they allowed 19.6 (20th), and in 2009 they surrendered 30.0 (94th).

He certainly has a strong coaching bloodline. One brother, Bob, is the head coach at Oklahoma. Another brother, Mike, is the former head coach at Arizona. A third brother, Ron Jr., is an assistant coach at Youngstown State.

— Conference realignment could be UK’s best friend in pursuing Cincinnati coach Butch Jones. He may or may  not have said no to UK — Kentucky athletics director Mitch Barnhart said Saturday that no one has been offered the job — but with the Big East continuing to lose teams it appears Jones may now have interest in UK if enough money is involved.

— Several media members at Tennessee Saturday indicated that they did still believe Phil Fulmer was on UK’s radar. The former Tennessee coach has been out of coaching four years, but knows Barnhart well. I was also told that Fulmer and UK offensive coordinator Randy Sanders are still friends even though Fulmer fired Sanders at UT. Remember a few years ago Barnhart relied on Rich Brooks for guidance in a coaching search and ended up hiring him. Fulmer could well be a backup plan for Barnhart.

— Louisiana Tech Sonny Dykes seems to have dropped off the UK chart for some, but remember there has been contact with his agent. Don’t write him off yet?

— Bobby Petrino? The rumors continue, but several UK folks told me again Saturday that this is a move Barnhart will not make.

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    Maybe Mitch is going to announce the new HEAD COACH right before Christmas. You know, as a present to the BBN!?

  2. Mason

    Lots of chatter that UofL, UC, and UCONN are headed to the ACC. If true that might have been the “change” that caused Jones to back off.

    1. larryvaught

      YOu could be exactly right Mason

  3. Bill

    Commonwealth Stadium is going to be a ghost town without Petrino as the coach. Anyone else fed up with Mitch Barnhart?

    1. TheProfessor

      Have been for quite awhile.

  4. Tom R

    McIntyre is today’s favorite flavor. Larry, let us know ASAP when the white smoke rises!

  5. Jerry S

    The new coach will be announced as early as tomorrow at noon and the latest would be Friday. They already know who the new coach is.

  6. coldspringmike

    Maybe Mitch could go on ESPN-U to announce the new coach, you know, like the kids do now when they announce to the nation what college they have decided on. Have Mitch sitting at the table with a curtin next to him. After about a hour of silly talk the host ask Mitch to announce the new coach of Kentucky to the nation, the curtin is pulled back and bingo, there he is, the guy who is gonna lead UK football to the promise land. I’m sure every college football fan would be tuned in, holding their breath, waiting for this announcement.

  7. HUBER

    Why jump 3 weeks ago to fire Joker if Mitch was going to drag his feet and not beat the competition for a too tier coach? Everyday that goes by means more competition from more schools. Throw on what the announcement of a Grade A new coach would benefit us on the recruiting trail. I don’t understand Mitch’s thought process on slowly dragging his feet. The deal should have been done and the announcement should come tomorrow………. But it won’t. (Rolleyes)

    1. Larry T Clemons

      And, that’s why I think we got Petrino….and if MB, did hire Coach Petrino 3 weeks ago, it makes him a Hero for BBN, Kentucky Football and Bobby Petrino. MB, I hope you did…I’ve been fighting for you on this Hire…

  8. RJ

    I still think MB wants to hire a “home run” coach. Think about it. UK (and every other univeristy for that matter) have so leveraged their high profile sports programs to pay univeristy expenses that they cannot afford empty stadiums. That’s also why conferences are realigning – TV money. UK got lucky in that regard in that they are grandfathered into the SEC before all the realigning. Still, they have to find a way to fill Commonwealth Stadium. I don’t think UK can affored to think long term right now. They have to start winning or at least be exciting to watch to fill the stadium. Long term OJT coaching is not going to cut it.

  9. john l

    I wonder if Petrino is even interested in the UK job.Personnally,he would be my pick as he is a proven product and Arkansas on the verge of national prominence.If he can get Arkansas there,surely he could do the same at UK.If he is interested and Mitch has not made contact,then Mitch and Eli should be dismissed for incompetence.

    1. Larry T Clemons

      Lets hope, the Good Christian in MB is willing to give a Man another chance….What a Chess move, ” IF ” MB, secured Coach Petrino, 2 or 3 weeks ago…

  10. Andy S

    I guess Chris Peterson from Boise is not gonna happen either.

    1. larryvaught

      No on Peterson. No on Petrino

      1. RJ

        You’re just full of good news! :)

      2. Larry T Clemons

        Ouch ! Then can we please have Jon Gruden, Pleeeease !

      3. john l

        Do you mean “no” on Petrino because he is not interested,or “no” because Mitch is not interested?

        1. larryvaught

          Mitch is not interested

          1. Larry T Clemons

            That is just wrong…MB, let he without Sin cast the first stone…Petrino is the gracious and Godly hire…a chance to help redeem a Man, is a priceless proposition. What an Opportunity Lost…I truly felt all the signs pointed to Petrino…MB, may just have To Much Power !

          2. john4uk

            Thanks Larry.Just makes me sick that Mitch os not making a move to Hire Petrino,whose greatest sin was poor judgement.

    2. JD

      Why do people love Peterson so much? How are Houston Nutt, Dirk Koettner and Dan Hawkins doing as head coaches these days? Boise is a unique situation, in a weak conference without recruiting restrictions on partial qualifiers.

  11. UKFMLY

    I like Stoops as a coach. He coaches great defense and come from a coaching family. He can recruit in the south(a must) and he has Name recognition. I hope he is the choice but we will see.


  12. Wes

    If not petrino, then fulmer. I’ll bet the guy still can walk through the south and still get half the kids he wants. If it’s him I hope he brings Chavis with him.

    1. JD

      Im guessing 90% of SEC caliber talent recruits have no idea who Fat Phil is.

  13. JD

    As long as Petrino is an option everyone else is a consolation. Either a mid major guy or a coordinator. A proven WINNER AS A HEAD COACH has to be the #1 option. The rest are dice rolls at best and more than likelysub .500% records at UK given UKs situation and likely a 9th SEC game coming in the near future. On the job training is jnot an option at CWS.

    1. Larry T Clemons

      You are So Right, UK should give Coach Petrino this opportunity…Not one other Candidate mentioned in the last 3 weeks works……..one not mentioned that I would go with is Jon Gruden, if he hired Coach Petrino as his Offensive Cordinator and future head Coach…Gruden, would stay only 3 years , at the most, maybe 2.

  14. TimC

    Mitch will go on the cheap. McIntyre probably.

    1. JD

      Im sure his 3rd tier Bay Area recruiting connection is going to pay off huge for UK. SMFH

  15. JD

    Looks to be McIntyre. I hate Mitch more and more every day.

  16. Cam Jacobs

    Petrino is the guy that can fix this for us. Fulmer is my second choice. He would be a big patch that would make us a solid program(back to where Brooks left us) then we would have an even better program to offer a top notch guy since we decided to pass on BP in 2012.

  17. Jimmy

    If we had a chance to hire BP and missed out they should fire Mitch
    And his 500k a year

  18. Andy S

    Nobody knows if its McIntyre yet. The process is still on going and everything is just speculation at this point, unless stated by the AD himself directly. How many other schools are going after Petrino? I haven’t heard other SEC schools AD’s looking at him either.

    1. Larry T Clemons

      Maybe, he’s already spoken for ! Let’s hope it’s Kentucky.

  19. Cam Jacobs

    Larry T, last week it seemed by your posts that you felt pretty sure Bobby P was the man. You still feel good about your posts?

  20. Larry T Clemons

    Yes…It just seems so logical. And I know Mitch is a Christian Man, I believed he felt it would be the gracious and Godly thing to do, in Hiring Coach Petrino. When a grown Man is at his weakest moment and you hold out your hand in support, boy, does that build loyalty. With Coach Petrino’s skill set and loyalty to The University Of Kentucky and MB…” How could that be a wrong hire “, it is The Best Hire, everyone wins… Plus there are no Rumors of Petrino’s name being discussed at other Universities, which tells me he’s been Hired, I just hope it was UK and not UT…What do you think Cam ? Or, am I just being hopeful…

  21. Cam Jacobs

    I’m with you on Petrino. I do worry about the UT thing though. I also think that the Greer guy knows exactly who got hired and he just openend his mouth too soon. Petrino is the only right choice. He could fill CWS tomorrow. Can you imagine the opening game next year with UofL? wow!!

    1. Larry T Clemons

      OMG, your so right….When Petrino’s name was just being Mentioned, Young Recruits put Kentucky back on their list of Schools, bet on it.

  22. Katdaddy

    Petrino = BCG. Stoops really excites me. Recruiting contacts in FL and all over the southeast. Bring in a top flight OC…..MAKE THE COMMITTMENT TO FOOTBALL and this thing could take off.

  23. Larry Pup

    I think many of these schools which are looking for head fb coaches now, and some who probably will be, have Petrino on their list. No doubt about it. The scary thing is nobody is saying so. I even saw where Charlie Strong is on UT’s list. I would hope Petrino to UK is a done deal, but I’m not holding my breath. I can only imagine a Petrino coached UK team and what kind of product we would see early on. Makes my mouth water. That guy can coach! I am so sick of losing to that ugly ass orange UT. Mitch needs to come through big time and hire a crackerjack fb coach who can line a football team up every week and be competitive. UK teams go on the field against top SEC teams, and their mindset is we can’t win. Petrino would not stand for that. He would kick some tail and get this blue team ready to play and thinking they can win. Why? He’s a coach who can get it done.

  24. tyson

    Hey guys, I heard that Charles Manson is a GREAT offensive mind and is open to coming to UK. Let’s get him instead of Petrino. Character is NOT an issue. Win at ALL costs! Damn the consequences!

    1. kywildcat

      I’m with you tyson.

      Seriously – all of the people that say “Petrino or bust” or that his only sin is infidelity to his wife need to step back a minute and take a look at the “man” that is Petrino.
      Lied to his wife and family, lied to his AD at Louisville AND Arkansas, ran out in the middle of the season on the Falcons, left a dumpster fire at every school he’s left (all of them), had between 14 and 20 players arrested while he was coaching at UL, and had that same UL team throw a party when he left them. No one that works with him likes him, AND he set Arkansas up for potentially a VERY large sexual harrassment lawsuit.

      Yep, if we don’t hire this “born again saint” we might as well close up shop.

      1. Larry T Clemons

        Shop was already closed, unless you didn’t watch this Season or last or, etc…

      2. Russ Hayes

        well said. I’m with you. This isn’t a “Mitch is a Christian so he should give BP another chance”, kind of choice. BP has left programs worse off when he left…and he WILL leave! “All we are saying…is give Mitch a chance”…sounds like a war protest song, doesn’t it? Well it could be if when the new UK coach is announced and it isn’t Petrino, that the BBN is torn apart by warfare. Joker is a class act and he is pleading with the faithful to give the new guy a chance. I bleed blue, I went to the first game in Rupp, went to every home game while I was in college there, and I follow them from afar…ACC country of all places. Give the process a chance to work. MB has a good batting percentage on coaching hires…(OK, BCG was a wiff, but nobody bats 1000)…and neither does any other AD in the country. Go ‘cats!!

        1. Larry T Clemons

          OK, how about Coach Petrino is the Best College Football Coach and we need him…everyone else, is second tier…The Christian angle is for people that listen to you and Kywildcat, who believe Coach Petrino has no right to be given another opportunity…And, who would your choice be ? Fulmer, Stoops, Jones, etc…!

          1. Russ Hayes

            Larry T, all I’m saying is that unless something happens, the AD has said he isn’t hiring Petrino…and it looks like the other SEC schools aren’t either…so either the BBN is going to have a huge rift, or we get behind the process we have…which doesn’t ask for our input…and we hope there is a home run in the wings like the HC’s mentioned by folks smarter than me…the Cinnatti coach, La Tech, and the San Jose State guy. They sound like up and comers. 6 out of the 14 SEC schools have turned over their football coaches in the last 2 years…not everybody can hire the next Bear Bryant. I’m just trying to get behind the school and know now that UT, Auburn, and Arkansas…and others are looking, we will have to find the “up and comer”, because we aren’t a destination job in football like we are in basketball…at least not yet ;-)

  25. Jim C.

    You people are frickin’ idiots. Your on here raising hell about these coaches and none of you know a damn thing about it. Most of you ranting about Petrino have
    probablely fooled around on your wives, so don’t stand in a glass house and
    throw rocks. If you want to win, then hire petrino. Of course, he probabely won’t
    come because he’d have to work for peanuts. Mitch will not pay enough to get a
    coach of that caliber. Just hope he gets a real up and coming coach.

    1. Larry T Clemons

      Jim, wrapped a little tight ! ” You people are idiots ” (be happy to compare IQ’s any day)…” Most of you ranting ” ( I call it promoting, supporting and cheering)…And you now, can Judge, what people know and don’t know. So, what I read from YOUR POST is, ” Your a Rocket Scientist, who cheats on His wife and reads peoples Minds “. Jim, Jim, Jim…many of us here actually respect the opportunity that Larry Vaught has afforded us on this Blog…For me it’s entertaining and I enjoy reading a lot of regular followers Post. Heck, I enjoy reading your Post, I believe its full of anger, but so be it. You did enlighten me with one Comment Though, you said,” If you want to Win, then Hire Petrino “, you are very astute and agree with me completely. Of course, I know you weren’t referring to me as an Idiot, but I must defend the others on this Blog, because of their weak, meek minds…you understand. (LOL) …No need to hurt people, that aren’t coming after you, just Debate Them.

  26. TXjacwilBLUE

    Seems a number of people post on here with opinions and maybe not so much information. As in all cases there are two sides to every story.
    Petrino left Louisville.. had a buy out clause, was offered the job at Atlanta to develope Michael Vick. When he got there, no MV was coming in. When he wanted to bench some high paid player for dicipline the owners locked him out. I really dont see much baggage here. A number of coaches have left for the big contracts of the NFL. Maybe the players at Louisville were happy they didnt have to live under is diciplainary standards.
    Of course the situation at AR was different. No one has said that the hire, JD, did a bad job. Many have said there were others that were more qualified. ?? What exactly were the qualifications. Some guy that was involved in the rocket industry applied. Maybe??
    As far as cheating on his wife, that is between him and her. He isn’t married to anyone posting on here. If she forgives him that is all that counts. Case close on that.
    Sexual harrasment at AR… AR has settled with JD. nothing there..

    1. Larry T Clemons

      ” Amen ” Brother !

  27. Larry T Clemons

    Russ, I understand, But when Great says, I’m with you, if you want me(and he did)…You don’t say,” No “, I just want Good…For ME, I’m just focused on Coach Petrino….Or sneak in John Gruden as HC and Petrino as OC…Gruden will leave in 2 or 3 year, Petrino, takes over. Love your comments Russ.

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