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Coachcal.com’s Eric Lindsey says Marcus Lee is an “athleltic freak”

Eric Lindsey has a detailed report of what he saw at UK’s practice Monday at http://www.coachcal.com/23727/2013/09/practice-report-lee-shows-athletic-ability/.

But check out what he had to say about freshman Marcus Lee, perhaps the most underrated player on UK’s roster:

“I know Marcus Lee was a McDonald’s All-American. I know he was one of the best players in high school last season. But wow, he is an athletic freak. He does some things that make you shake your head in disbelief. I know Anthony Davis was here two years ago and made some plays that were hard to believe, and I’m not necessarily comparing Lee to Davis, but the kid possesses some athletic traits that very few people have. He jumps like a pogo stick, runs like a deer, and, despite how thin he is at this moment, throws down dunks with authority

“Among Lee’s many jaw-dropping highlights: He took off from the beyond the free-throw line, took two giant steps (it would have taken me two leaps to make his one step) and tomahawked a dunk so hard that his lower body essentially buckled when he landed. Later, he caught the ball above the square – not just the rim – with one hand and slammed it home effortlessly.

“On the very next possession, he blocked a shot from Derek Willis, who stands at 6-foot-9, as if he was sitting on a ladder near the rim, caught the ball and threw it straight down. And finally, my favorite, late in practice he caught a lob pass so high and so off target that I was certain it was going to hit the side of the backboard. Wrong. Lee not only caught it, he somehow cocked it back and threw it in the basket without even touching the rim. In other words, he was so high up and has such a ridiculous reach that he was able to throw it in downward and into the basket.”

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  1. Larry T Clemons

    Heck, I’m so fired up ! ” Bring On The Miami Heat……

  2. Phillip Barker

    I think Lee starts and Poy comes off the bench…very active player!

  3. scott

    My prediction just from watching highlight videos of these boys playing. If they mesh and come together as one unit. Kentucky will come out of the gate hard and won’t be stopped.



  4. Watson

    So fired up now I’m thinking about painting my house, wife and dog BLUE!

    1. Watson

      So fired up now … can’t stand it … must control myself! Keep running into the yard and screaming GO BIG BLUE!

  5. UKkathy

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Lord. Basketball season can’t get her soon enough. How can I sit at this desk and work the rest of the day? GO CATS!

  6. Little Baron

    Exciting times ahead – 40 of ‘em !!!

    Watson – you’re too funny ! Just awesome!

  7. Little Baron

    Here’s my TALL team – just would like to see them for even 5 minutes. Maybe a 1-3-1 zone.

    PG – Harrison
    SG – Poytheess
    SF – Lee
    PF – Randall
    C – WCS

    Unstoppable at both ends. Harrison can handle the ball & always get relief/help from a BIG in a pinch.

    Not conventional, but so what :)

  8. Robert L. Hersh

    Are you talking Carolina Blue or Duke Blue. I”ve got to tell you Duke Blue and Kentucky Blue are so similar they tend to wash each other out.
    Happy Hunting.

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