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Coach says only source who knows what Wiggins will do is Wiggins


What’s Andrew Wiggins going to do?

That’s the question many college basketball fans — especially those at Kentucky, North Carolina, Kansas and Florida State — are asking about the nation’s No. 1 prep recruit as he continues to weigh his college choices.

However, remember no matter what you read or here, there’s only one accurate source. That’s Wiggins — and he’s not saying what he’s going to do or when.

At last week’s Jordan Brand Classic in Brooklyn, Wiggins shared very little information, and nothing new, on his recruitment.

“He talked to a few of the national media, but he really did not talk to anyone locally,” said Rob Fulford, Wiggins’ coach at Huntington (W.Va.) Prep. “He talked to USA Today and one group from Canada, but he refused Sports Illustrated. He just didn’t want to do a lot of interviewing. It’s the same questions about wanting to know the timetable for a decision and where he’s going. He doesn’t know.”

Yet the speculation never stops. Fulford was sitting at dinner when Keith Jenkins, the editorial graphics producer at ESPN, tweeted the decision was Florida State.

“I texted Andrew across the room and said he needed to tweet out something to stop this from blowing up so I could enjoy my dinner,” Fulford, who was one of the Jordan Brand coaches, said.

Then there’s the theory that Fulford might get a job on Rick Pitino’s staff at Louisville and bring Wiggins with him.

“If the position was offered to me at Louisville, I would take it. But that’s not saying Andrew is coming there,” Fulford said.

But what about speculation that Wiggins will make his college choice known during the Nike Hoop Summit Saturday in Portland?

“He’s not said anything about the 20th to us. I am not saying he might not do it at the Hoop Summit. But I until I hear it from him, it doesn’t exist in my mind,” Fulford said. “He has been too busy to really worry about it. These kids have funs at these games. It’s not like they are sitting around talking about him coming to Kentucky or North Carolina.”

Wiggins played in the McDonald’s All-American Game and Jordan Brand Classic with six future Wildcats — Julius Randle, James Young, Andrew Harrison, Marcus Lee, Dakari Johnson and Aaron Harrison. He’ll be playing against the Harrisons and Randle in the Nike Hoop Summit Saturday night but one of his teammates on the World team will be junior Karl Towns, a UK commit.

“The McDonald’s and Jordan Brand are more just go play and showcase you talent without a lot of structure,” Fulford said. “This is more of an actual game in Portland. It’s USA versus the World. The Nike Hoop Summit is more personal because it is us versus them. It’s not like an all-star game.”

Fulford says he knows Wiggins, and others playing a third straight week, have to be tired.

“I am wore out and I did not play. We spent a lot of time in traffic,” Fulford said. “Andrew flew out of New York Sunday about 6 p.m. and texted me when he landed in Portland at 11:56. He had weigh in and measurements at 9 the next morning and then two practices. They are doing a lot.”

But one thing has not changed during all this time. Don’t believe the speculation about Wiggins or what any so-called source says.

“I have told everyone from day one, and apparently some people do not want to listen, if the information does not come out of Andrew Wiggins’ mouth, there is  no accountability period. I keep saying that and have all year,” Fulford said. “Everybody says, ‘I got a source.’ No you don’t. The only source for this is Andrew Wiggins and he’s not saying.”

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  1. Larry Pup

    Fulford knows what he’s talking about, I think, on Wiggins college choice. I think UK will probably lose him. Just my gut feeling. I sure hope not. Come on Andrew be a Kentucky Wildcat.

  2. Larry T Clemons

    Noel out to NBA, Wiggins In…Right on Time for # 9 …

  3. Larry Pup

    Larry T..where have you been? This is the first post from you I have seen in a long while. Hope you are well. I hope Wiggins joins the party.

  4. Larry T Clemons

    LP…Been missing my updates,also. I just bought a 12,000 sq ft Building in Downtown Panama City, (for my future Art Gallery ). I’ve been ripping up and rolling carpet, scrapping & painting ceilings, building partition walls and soon will redo Bathroom and shower, Then Paint walls and install carpet….Back in Ft. Lauderdale to work, then drive back to 14 hour days at the New Building…” Got to get it ready with the Big 60″ Plasma TV, to watch our Ky Wildcats, DOMINATE…” Go Blue and thanks for asking… I never made an issue of U of L winning the Championship, but just know, they’re a great bunch of Young Men and I’m very proud and happy for them….It would be nice to meet them in the Finals, Next Year. ” Oh Yeah, I would Love That ! ” GO CATS…

  5. Larry Pup

    Good for you Larry T. But don’t kill yourself. If I ever get to Panama City I will have to see that. Glad you are doing well. Take care.

  6. Larry Pup

    Yeah the red birds won it all. To bad. I do like Siva a great deal. He is a fine Christian young man.

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