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Coach says it is impossible to say what Harrison twins do best because they do so much

Craig Brownson talks to one of the Harrison twins during the Marshall County Hoopfest last weekend. (Paul Able photo)

Craig Brownson talks to one of the Harrison twins during the Marshall County Hoopfest last weekend. (Paul Ables photo)


He’s been asked so many times about what makes twins Andrew and Aaron Harrison special, but even now coach Craig Brownson says that’s not an easy answer.

“Where do I start. Their skill set is different. They can handle the ball. Both shoot it well. At 6-5, they are both are big guards. They are both so strong and play so physical. They have the ability to create contact and understand how to use their size to finish plays,” said Brownson. “They both have a very high basketball IQ. They are  just very good players and do so many things well that’s impossible even now for me to say what they do best.

“Andrew can score if he needs to even though he’s the point guard. In the state championship game Aaron was shut out pretty well and Andrew scored 22,23 points. If Andrew is not in, Aaron can bring up the ball. He is also very unselfish and has good court vision. They can play either spot.

“If they do happen down the road to make the NBA, they can both be combo guards. They have a different mentality. Andrew is always looking to get somebody shots and get the ball to players. Aaron is unselfish, but when he is feeling it he can light it up in a hurry.”

The twins came from Richmond, Texas, with their Travis High School teammates to play in the Marshall County Hoop Fest Friday and Saturday nights. They beat Ballard and Madison Central, two of Kentucky’s highest ranked teams.

“They are intense competitors. That’s what separates them so much. Their skills are great, but the mentality they have is so special,” Brownson said. “They can have fun if they want to have fun. They handle things so well in front of the cameras and with interviews. They enjoyed recruiting but were relieved to have it done so they could have some peace and enjoy the season. One of them told me during the recruiting before they picked Kentucky that they realized they wanted it to be about our team, not them, this season. They are just two great kids and like hanging with their friends. They are so mature.”

That maturity shows on the court, too.

“They always know where each other are on the court. That’s why they play so well together,” Brownson said. “They also get on each other more than a normal person would. They have high expectations for each other. It makes for an interesting dynamic with them.

“And they are also very good students. They are continuing to get better at that, too. Some of the classes they really like, some they don’t like as much. But they get the job done in the classroom and will at Kentucky. They are just normal kids. To be so talented, but never want to be treated different makes it so much easier on me. They could be a headache if they wanted to be. They could cause sleepless nights for me, but they don’t. They love their teammates. They are such competitors they raise the bar for everybody. That makes everybody better. I thank them for that. That is important for our team chemistry and my peace of mind.”

Brownson was not surprised the twins chose to play for Kentucky and signed with the Wildcats in November. Both are rated among the nation’s top five players in most recruiting rankings.

“I think the opportunity to play for a national champion was so big. Not that Maryland couldn’t do it with them, but you walk into Kentucky based on the past few years know you will be playing on a talented team that is very well coached and will play in front of some of the most rabid fans in the country,” Brownson said. “You also have the prospect of making the NBA with the track record there with players.

“I know they really liked (Maryland) coach Mark Turgeon and respect the job he’s done and have family in Maryland, but it is just hard to go against Kentucky. It’s one of those rare basketball powerhouses. I think that chance to win the national championship was big. They are such big competitors that don’t like to lose and they really hope to play for a national championship.”

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