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Coach says Dakari Johnson, like Kidd-Gilchrist, understands big picture of winning


The first time Kevin Boyle saw Dakari Johnson was the summer of the player’s eighth-grade year when his family had left Kentucky and was looking for a new school for him. Boyle was the successful coach at  Elizabeth (N.J.) St. Patrick — he coached former UK standout Michael Kidd-Gilchrist — and Johnson and his family had heard good things about Boyle.

“They just wanted to meet the coach,” said Boyle. “He was always a polite kid. At that age, he was a little bit lazy and out of shape. He was carrying too much weight.”

But the coach and player formed a relationship that continues today. That’s why when Boyle left St. Patrick after Kidd-Gilchrist’s final season to become the head coach at Montverde (Fla.) Academy, Johnson and his family made the move from New Jersey to follow him even though that meant Johnson was ineligible to play as a sophomore. He played this year and reclassified from a junior to senior so he can sign with UK next month as part of the recruiting class being hailed as the nation’s all-time best.

Boyle had coached future NBA players like Sam Dalembert,  Al Harrington and Kyrie Irving as well as other standouts like Shaheen Holloway (Seton Hall), Corey Fisher (Villanova) and Dexter Strickland (North Carolina). Now Kentucky is hoping Johnson is another of the former stars Boyle will have coached .

“He was the ESPN Freshman of the Year but he was about 40 pounds over weight that year,” Boyle said. “He knew he had to sit out when he transferred here because of a rule Florida has, but he knew the value of us being together.”

Boyle put him on a P90X® workout program of muscle-pumping exercises designed to transform his body when he couldn’t play last year.

“He worked hard to get ripped and in condition. He lost 45 to 50 pounds to tighten up his body,” Boyle said. “This year the school hired a professional strength coach and he is just in terrific shape compared to 18 to 24 months ago. He’s just a great kid. He’s well liked by teachers and the community. He’s not just athletic. He’s well rounded. He’s doing well academically. He is ready for the next level and new challenges. We are excited he is going to Kentucky. We know John Calipari is an excellent coach and that is a great school and environment for basketball.”

Boyle says Johnson is similar to Kidd-Gilchrist in that both “like being part of a team and don’t look for individual attention” at any time.

“Dakari has a different personality, but both are genuine, nice kids. Very humble,” Boyle said. “Forget athletics. They are just good people. It’s refreshing to see a kid with all the notoriety that Michael has had since a very young age never change. He loved his experience at UK and misses that.

“Both Michael and Dakari could have gone for 25 (points) and 25 (rebounds) every game at other schools. But they see the bigger picture of a system that makes them accountable for basketball and school, a system that makes sure they are a good person and learn to play with other good players like they would in college and if good enough, the NBA. Both moms recognized the value of being in a disciplined program that understood the big picture.”

Johnson is not as advanced skill-wise as Kidd-Gilchrist, but he was chose for the Jordan Brand Classic and McDonald’s All-American Game. He played on Team USA last summer.

“He has gotten a lot better,” Boyle said. “Like most kids his age, he’s a work in progress. He is a very good passer out of the post. He is starting to develop a jump hook. He can set a screen and hit a 15- to 16-foot shot. He’s just now getting comfortable utilizing all that in games. He’s not a great jumper or athlete. He is an outstanding player, but it is critical for him to utilize his body mass and size for rebounding and contact so he gets separation to shoot. Another way to get his offense is to set that screen and hit that 15-footer. He’s really worked hard in those area. That will show more next year when he can’t get to the basket as easy.”

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  1. Ken Grizzle

    Sounds like the perfect person to wear the Kentucky colors and represent The University and State. Welcome aboard Dakari Johnson and if you are anything close to being and playing like Michael Kidd-Gilchrist you will be loved forever in the State of Kentucky

  2. Mike

    You gotta love his attitude and commitment. It would have been nice if someone could have mentioned the same charasteristics on AP about a year ago. Go Cats!!

  3. Karen Sprinkle

    Having watched the documentary about Michael’s school, Prayer for a Perfect Season, there’s no chance that Dakari will have a problem with being yelled at by a coach. Coach Boyle really gets after his guys. Is it October yet? I’m ready for Big Blue Madness!

    1. Larry Pup

      It’s football time now.

    2. Gene

      It “IS” football time now !!

  4. Anonymous

    Refreshing to read a truthful evaluation of a kid by his coach!

  5. Zo

    Power game next year!Loving it!Thanks for coming Dakari.

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