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Coach Sanders on the Offense Highlights for the 2nd Scrimmage

By Lee Ann Herring-Olvedo

Believe it or not philosophy and football are not too farfetched ideas when it comes to words and ideas to live by that transpire into something tangible especially on the football field. Henry David Thoreau used to say, “All endeavor calls for the ability to tramp the last mile, shape the last plan, endure the last hours toil. The fight to the finish spirit is the one… characteristic we must possess if we are to face the future as finishers. “

One thing was certain from Saturdays’ round of scrimmages, interviews and events that football is in the horizon in the Bluegrass and the cats are ready to get this ball rolling in 15 days vs. the Cards in Louisville.

Sanders is ready to get this offense rolling into high gear. It seems that despite the bumps and bruises that the offense seems to be shaping up better than we might think. For the last couple practices and series the offense seems to be gelling together. Perhaps this year may be the year of the QBs and the offense in the SEC. Not to mention that Larry was wearing a Texas Tech Shirt (Mike Leach & Tim Couch memories at UK) at today’s round of interviews only made me that more sure that the football is here and the offense could be on fire come Louisville and beyond.

Here are a few highlights from Sanders on the offensive performance at today’s second scrimmage for the Cats.

Sanders on the 98-yard drive on offense: “It was very satisfying to see, No. 1 just to be able to go 98 yards without having a 30 or 40 yard play mixed in there means you had a lot of guys doing the right things in a number of plays in a row. It’s nice to have ability, you got to have ability to be able to win but you also to have ability doing the right things and not mess up.  Having a drive where you go 98 yards and not have a big play mixed in and for the most part I think we threw it twice and the rest was all run.”

Sanders on the QBs play during the scrimmage: “I thought they are progressing as they should progress. I am not watching on how they drop or things like I am trying to watch downfield and see what they are seeing. For the most part the ball was coming out to who it should have been coming out to and when it should have been coming out of their hand. So that tells me their drops are pretty good and eyes are in the right place. The one thing we are doing as a group is throwing the ball accurately most of the time they are throwing the ball where they want to which usually always correlates back to your fundamentals.

Sanders on the any standout or impressive WRs: “It’s always hard this time of year on receivers because we have run them to death for about a week and half. The guys that ran 4.4 when we started are suddenly running 4.6 and the guys that ran 4.6 are running 4.8. So it’s hard receivers I don’t know how many miles they run a day at practice but that’s what they have to do cause when you get in the games they have to be able to run miles and run fast. So right now where catching them and that’s what I see. Looks like we’re supposed to be most of the time the passing game is all about timing and distribution getting the guys in the right place and being there when you’re supposed to be there. It seems we have made a huge amount of progress that way.”

Sanders on freshman WR DeMarcus Sweat being a factor or impact this season: “Probably as much as a freshman can at this point. I think he’s got a great future and a lot of ability. He still doesn’t have that timing and distribution down being where he supposed to be when he’s supposed to be but he’s got speed, quickness, really good hands just a matter of how quickly he can learn and progress. Doing it on the practice field is good, doing it on the scrimmage field is good but when you turn on those lights on Saturdays sometimes they forget everything they knew.”

Sanders on Tight Ends and passing game progress: “Well we’re missing some many of them right now. Tyler Robinson not able to scrimmage today and Jordan Aumiller wasn’t out there today so it’s really curtailed a little bit of what we did with the TEs this week. It’s unfortunate that we’ve hadn’t had them but it’s also been good to work with other positions and other people.”

Well their still remains a lot to be seen on the true state of the offensive from various angles. It was mentioned that Joker may be ready to name a QB this weekend. For the offenses sake let’s hope that is the case. I am really glad to see that in a conference dominated by defense that  our offense has come a long way but of course a long way to go not just heading into Louisville but of course in to conference play we’re we start off with the Florida Gators in the Swamp. Though it is evident the offense has found some momentum and inner spark that is making an impact during practice. The true test of just how far we come will be when we face our opponents’ defense and not that of a fellow bleed blue team mate.  We have nothing to lose and a lot to gain in this youthful offense so let’s aim high ,take risk and make an impact play this season.

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  1. Ben

    Great news on the offense! I don’t care how good a team you are, if you can’ t score regularly, you will not win a lot of games. Every year either our offense or defense was good, but not both! Maybe this is the year! I will be watching the opener with a great deal of hope for this year. I wish Joker and the Cats the best of luck this year.

    1. lee ann herring-olvedo

      Ben, I think after these 16 practices as Joker mentioned today he can finally start narrowing down who will make it on the bus to Louisville. This could very be the year were we find a much needed balance on both sides of the ball. That is key for a team like UK with a lot of youth on our team. We have to work with what we got try some new things but most importantly but the best players out there regards of there age. It has been resonated by players that this youth on the team has helped fire up competition amongst the players because on both sides of the ball everyones stepping up there game and coming to play. I hope that drive will not just be one left on the practice and scrimmage fields but on gameday because thats when it counts and thats when we can start seeing just where this season is going to take the cats!

    2. larryvaught

      With you Ben, want to see offense doing well now

      1. lee ann herring-olvedo

        I am right there with you both obviously when it comes to a more dominate presence on the offensive end of the ball in the SEC. Of course until we see it for our selves outside the practice fields and scrimmages field and on a real game day then we can really see where things stand.

  2. Andy

    A good running game can help the passing game tremendously. We have depth at RB and can def use Newton and Whitlow in the wildcat package.

    1. Lee Ann Herring-olvedo

      Andy that is very point it never hurts especially in the SEC to have those two in your back pocket when you need them most. I think using newton and whitlow in the wildcat package and maybe a few other hidden gems in the playbook could really make that offensive explosive at the right moment!

    2. love SEC F-Ball

      I agree that a good running game helps the passing game & the strategy is usually run the ball to set up the pass.
      However, I beleive it is much more important to open up the passing game so that we can run. It is O.K. to throw on 1st down! It is amazing how much a couple of steps back by the defense will help our run game.
      Running is important – Passing is critical.

      It does appear that we have more depth at RB and some good options with the Wildcat package.

      1. lee ann herring-olvedo

        If we could step up both the Running and Passing game that would be ace for the cats. Our offense will has come a long way since last season. It wont be perfect but how could it not be better. If we can continue to build that strength on the O-L to have better protection on our offensive packages and open some more oppurtunities to get that Pass game and running game in full force we could make some critical plays. If we can keep the posession in our favor and keep the drive alive we have more oppurtunity to put points on the board!

  3. Anonymous

    I think there is a level of hunger from the players for improvement after last years season. The schedule is much tougher this year, an improved team this year could end up with a worse record. I am looking for improvement in all areas and I support the Cats 100%. Go Blue!

    1. Lee Ann Herring-Olvedo

      Exactly! It’s one thing to have your physical game improve but you a mental game in this league can go a long way especially in the later part of the season when everyones fighting for those wins! These players and coaches know the state of program is one with a lot of young talent and have been working on putting the best talent out there that will make them capitalize on the strengths and make up for the lack there of in other areas. The mental game of the players has been about focusing on what the team can do, perfecting that and hoping to prove some people wrong. It wont be easy but yes there is a new sense of possibilities in the air in this particular group of cats!

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