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Coach believes Dominique Hawkins can be steal for Kentucky next year

Dominique Hawkins scores during the Derby Classic game. (Clay Jackson photo)

Dominique Hawkins scores during the Derby Classic game. (Clay Jackson photo)


Bullitt East coach Troy Barr didn’t have to spend three days coaching Madison Central’s Dominique Hawkins in the Derby Classic to know what type of talent he has.

“I think he is really good. We played them twice last season and played them in the summer. I saw him three times in seven months. I knew how good he was. We scouted him at the Marshall County Hoop Fest. I saw what he did against the Harrison twins and the big numbers he put up. He can play.”

Barr believes both Hawkins and Bullitt East product Derek Willis are “real steals” for Kentucky to go along with six McDonald’s All-Americans.

“I don’t think fans understand how good they will both be next year,” said Willis. “I think both players can help Kentucky next year. Calipari compared Hawkins to Eric Bledsoe. He is athletic and a shooter. He can get high on a jump shot and get it off over bigger kids. He can get to the rim and finish. He will really surprise you with how fast he gets off the floor. And he has really long arms to create a lot of havoc on defense. He’s good.”

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  1. Kokamo Joe

    Calipari has compared Hawkins to Eric Bledsoe. If that is true the kid should become the back up to both of the Harrisons next year and by his sophomore year he should be a serious contender for a starting position, unless he is recruited over. We have the opportunity to watch according to Calipari two good Kentucky kids progress to stardom. Are we, and more importantly Calipari, willing to forgo a couple of super freshmen in a couple of years in order for these two to become more than seldom used role players?

  2. Jim Boyers

    Can you really call it a “steal”, when both boys are Kentucky born and bred and have loved the blue and white since birth? I think them going anywhere else would be the steal.

  3. LindaS

    I love the idea of Mr. Kentucky Boys Basketball going to UK! I think he is going to be a valuable too. I think Willis is going to be the sleeper no one was really anticipating, not this year for the following years.

  4. tony

    Hawkins is more like Anthony Epps on stroids, meaning he Is similar to Epps but does everything quicker and higher. Hawkins is a great addition to UK but Calipari will always recruit and get the best point guards in a given class. I see Dominque always being a key role player off the bench.

  5. David

    We very well may be willing to do just that. Just as we watched the progress of the great Darius Miller, who may well have been the MVP of last year’s team–a Kentucky kid, State Champion, Mr. Basketball, and behind some really great players his Sophomore and Junior years. Then he emerged as the “glue” that made the great Davis-Kid-Gilchrist team work.


    Epps, Bledsoe that’s some high praise. Both of those guys were TOUGH. One of the things I loved about Epps is he could not be recruited over. Once he got the job he held on like a pitbull. RP tried every year. Heck I remember Epps was also a top rated wide reciever in Kentucky an rp said “he should probably stick to football” before he finally offered the scholarship. If the praise is correct he WILL be a hard guy to recruit over. He has speed, long arms and athletic ability. He has a decend shot and plays tough D. You better be ready for war his sophmore year or you will be a backup. After a summer and a full year with the twins this kid will be TOUGH.



  7. Anonymous

    Our bench is really going to be strong next year…just watching how these two guys develop is a trip in itself and just adds to the overall excitement that is Big Blue basketball. Just my opinion, but these two players have more basketball skills than last year’s two big “potential” guys who obviously were not well coached in high school.

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