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UK Dance Team member Christie Horan: “The dance team season is going great this year!”

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Kentucky dance team member Christie Horan has been a great friend for vaughtsviews.com — remember she blogged about the national competition last year.

If you want to know even more about the dance team, check out University of Kentucky Dance Team on Facebook or @KentuckyDance on Twitter. You can also find information on  Instagram: ukdanceteam.

As you enjoy the slide show of dance team photos by Vicky Graff, here’s a bit about the dancers and what lies ahead thanks to Horan.

Question: How has the dance team season been going and how do you feel about what lies ahead for the team?
Horan: “The dance team season is going great this year! We’ve been working really hard since the 2013-2014 team was decided back in May to perform outstandingly at every game, performance, and appearance thus far. I proudly say I think we’ve done just that. We’ve had amazing feedback this year and we hope to continue to go above and beyond the BBN’s expectations. UDA Nationals is approaching in January so that is our next big focus. UKDT is looking to bring home dance national championships! BBN should expect to see more fun, high-energy and entertaining game performances for the rest of the football and basketball seasons.”
Question: For folks interested, when will the dance team calendar/poster be coming out and how can they get one?
Horan: “The UK dance team 12-month calendar will be available for sale in late November/early December. Every UK fan should buy one!! The calendar makes for a great holiday gift if you’re looking for one! The calendars are $10 and can be bought through a UK dancer or through our Facebook page. UK Dance Team posters are also available. Please express interest through our Facebook page or Twitter page.”
Question: How much fun do you anticipate basketball season being?
Horan: “Basketball season is going to be SOOO MUCH FUN!! Starting with this year’s Big Blue Madness and continuing through the first couple games, I’ve had the most fun on the court this year! The basketball team is going to be absolutely phenomenal this year. I’m so incredibly happy I can be apart of something as great as UK Basketball. I’m looking forward to another great season!”

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  1. Greg

    Great pics. The girls are lovely. Go CATS!!!

    1. larryvaught

      I agree Greg. The dance team members are both lovely and talented

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