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Chicago big man Cliff Alexander eliminates Kentucky from his list


One of the nation’s best big men in the 2014 recruiting class now says he will not be coming to Kentucky.

Chicago center Cliff Alexander told Scott Burgess of ChicagoHoops.com that Kentucky is no longer on his list.

He did not indicate why Kentucky, which is still recruiting Jahlil Okafor and Myles Turner and has a commitment from Karl Towns, was taken off his list while Kansas, Memphis, Illinois, Michigan State, Arizona and DePaul stayed on his list.



Alexander said again he wants to  with guard JaQuan Lyle, who decommitted from Louisville.



Alexander will be playing in the Marshall County Hoop Fest for the second straight year in December. He is a consensus top five player in the 2014 class.

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  1. Larry Pup

    Hey big deal, UK will just ink another one.

  2. Little Baron

    You’re right Larry Pup… It’s his loss. We only want those not afraid to have to work for their playing time, and that helps sort out the truly best of the best from all the rest.

  3. haircutz barbershop

    He said in an interview that uk had stopped contacting him which means they are strongly going after lyles and another big maybe okafor or turner

  4. King Ghidora

    When a player eliminates just one team from his list like that I wonder if it isn’t because either the team withdrew their offer or they know someone else is coming in at the same position. I still think the Cats have a big shot at Okafor. Any player that doesn’t consider UK has some reason for it. Maybe they don’t like playing team ball but most likely there is more to the story than that. But that’s just my 2 bit opinion. Surely there is some reason he eliminated UK and no one else though. And surely it isn’t because he thinks he can’t make the NBA playing at UK. Heck it could be he’s scared of losing PT to Towns. Or maybe WCS has let it be known he will be at UK for another year. I just think something isn’t being said here.

  5. Ino

    “They just stopped recruiting me,” Alexander told Illini Playbook. “I don’t know why. They just stopped.”

    1. TheProfessor

      Lyle makes an announcement today. Some believe it will be to announce his announcement date, and UK is clearly in the lead for this player. When all the dust settles, UK will have a top recruiting class again, and UK will remain the envy of the basketball world.

      Never fear, Mighty Cal is here.

      1. UKCSR

        LOL, this Cult of Cal stuff never ceases to amuse.

      2. UKFMLY

        Prof, That never fear reminded me of Underdog cartoons of my youth. LOL Thanks

  6. Kokamo Joe

    Why should this kid consider UK and why should we care.

    We have two studs this coming year. Towns comes next year. The year after that there will be another bigun who wants to play in the NBA and he will be ours….and on and on and on.

  7. Little Baron


    You nailed it! Well stated… nothing cultish about it – just plain facts. UK now has the top recruiting coach in the modern history of college basketball – equal with the one and only BARON of Basketball, Adolph Rupp.

    How could anyone find fault in such a “fearless” assessment !

  8. Little Baron

    It raises a very interesting question. How does the most successful recruiting staff diplomatically tell a player that he has missed his window of opportunity? It seems the coaches made a big pitch to Alexander & he was not wise enough to lay hold of the golden opportunity to play for the best of the best. So, it seems the staff sees someone they strongly prefer and must feel quite confident their current preferred choice is going to be in Lexington in a year. Is it Okafor? Or Turner? Or… ?

    What a program we have! Calipari has capitalized on the legendary UK program and been able to recruit top players, even though the inclement weather kept the former coach from being able to do it. Amazing!!!

  9. King Ghidora

    If Cal stopped recruiting the guy there was a reason. Either he has someone else locked up or he thinks there’s a problem with Alexander. I sure don’t know that for sure but it wouldn’t be the first top level recruit Cal has walked away from.

    Until he shows me different I’m going to keep on believing Cal knows exactly what he’s doing. He certainly has shown that he does so far.

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