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CB Cody Quinn sees “light” at end of tunnel


Sophomore cornerback Cody Quinn had an ankle injury limit his play early and now has seen UK lose five straight games. Still, he insists he won’t let down the remaining five games.

“Stuff doesn’t always go as planned. Just a little bit of adversity. You just have to keep working hard. Try to get better every day. I don’t dwell on that stuff. There is always going to be light (at the end of the tunnel). It’s not dark. We will come out,” Quinn said.

“I am just that type person. I just never believe something is going to go bad all the time and go downhill. There are positives and negatives to everything. Our positives are going to come soon enough.”

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  1. Edward

    You speak the truth Cody Quinn, the positives are going to come soon enough. The Big Blue Nation believes in you and the others!

  2. phillip Barker

    Hope we find some more Cody Quinn types out there…he can share my foxhole!

  3. Little Baron

    Super athlete with a super attitude. We do have a lot of young guys and some older ones who feel this way, but a coaching mentality that surPASSES the current “offensive” mindset is badly needed to insure theses players do not lose heart because of the same old unsuccessful grind game after game.

    I am positive that it can turn positive if we see a genuine QB who can pass AND who is healthy…
    I am also positive it will not turn positive if we continue to see either injured QB under center after the game against lowly AL State.

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