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Cavaliers interested in Calipari? But coach says even to coach LeBron, he’s “not in position” to leave UK


There might not be a week this year when Kentucky basketball is not in the national headlines.

Just today Sam Amico of FoxSportsOhio posted this on Twitter: “Sources: interested in Kentucky’s John Calipari to fill head coaching vacancy.”

Of course, Calipari created some buzz himself when he told this to Mary Schmitt Boyer of the Cleveland Plain Dealer when asked if he would return to the NBA to coach LeBron James. Here’s what he said:

“Are you kidding me? Have a chance to coach the best player in the world? Yes, I would love to coach him. But what’s happened is our careers are criss-crossing without crossing. I’m not in a position where I would leave Kentucky right now. I’m not sure whether this is his last contract, or his next-to-last contract. But I would tell you if I had a chance to, I would absolutely.”

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  1. Jimharris

    I really am at (and past) the point where I panic (or even blink) when Cal is queried about other jobs. We are KENTUCKY! And we were before Cal and will be after Cal. “After Cal” will happen–soon or later, but it will. UK and the BBN will go on. Excepting Billy Clyde, we find a way to come up with Coaches who can bring us winning teams–unlike our years of failure to do so in football, et al. To borrow an ancient line: “What? Me worry?”

    1. Anonymous

      I hear what you are saying about life after Cal and agree with your basketball reasoning, I just didn’t like your statement about UK football, truth hurts I guess, but some things are better left unsaid. IMO, football is a different type of sport, requiring much more talent to be successful. It is also much harder to put a consistent winner on the field in a football crazy conference where the top SEC teams rule over everybody in the nation, and have for years. The football status at UK is rising, and Stoops I believe will get us there. UK has many faithful football fans that are offended by remarks like that. We all know the history of UK football, why belittle our own program?

  2. Larry T Clemons

    Doesn’t LeBron have College Eligibility still … ?….. If we lost Coach Cal, We go get Orlando Antiqua, asap !

  3. Rex

    Cal is not going anywhere! End of discussion.

  4. Ira

    Like Jim above, if he goes he goes. We are Kentucky. We are still going to be Kentucky when he does leave.

  5. Love SEC

    The sports writers are just looking for a good headline.

  6. Mike

    I really wish Cal would stop playing mind games with all involved. He says he isn’t going anywhere but yet always allows his name to be involved with many pro openings. I guess the man just can’t stand to stay out of the headlines.

    1. Larry T Clemons

      Hard to believe you put these, ” Headlines ” on Coach Cal ! Pretty Simple if you,(Mike) and I owned two NBA Teams, wouldn’t we both go after the Best Players…Well, many,(including BBN) consider Coach Cal, the Best Coach. ” That’s not Coach Cal’s making…Also Mike, remember when Your Name is always in the Headlines, (even during the Play-Offs) Recruits are impressed, they are Young.

    2. Love SEC

      Can Coach Cal control what Sports reporters write?
      The reporter called Coach. He does not start these rumors.
      Of course he can’t stay out of the Headlines, He is the best Coach in America!

  7. Mike

    Love SEC

    Best coach in America….not quite…probably one of the Top 5 but at lower end. Could lay claim to the best recruiter in the country though. Coach can’t control what reporters write but probably could be a little more emphatic with his declinations of interest. He leaves just enough there to keep speculation alive. Recruits may be impressed with his name always in the headlines, but there could also be some turnoff risk with some recruits that are more than one and dones.

    1. Larry T Clemons

      Hey Mike (maybe Barry), looks like your, ” one & done ‘ is old hat, these guys are staying & Playing ! And if your limited knowledge of Basketball actually puts Coach Cal at the bottom 5 of Coaches…Not much sense in wasting time conversing with You. I guess.” Players “, (Coach Cal has taught me so much) Sports Broadcasters, (20 plus years in the business) College AD’s and NBA General Managers, (who applaud Cal’s Coaching) are all just idiots in Your Mind ????

  8. paul

    Let me see ……….. Cal decides to go to the “mistake on the lake”.
    With UK’s depleted roster who would EVER consider coming to Lexington ?
    Pressure would flip back on MB as to which college ( or NBA ) coach to hire.
    Hey, he put us back on the map ( to the new generation of baller’s ).
    Should he want to go and coach Car Creek, I say ” bless you John and thanks “.

  9. Larry Pup

    Mike, Love SEC got it right, the best college basketball coach in America is John Calipari, bar none, you kidding me? Give all of us one name you would replace him with right now, just one of your top three or four. There are risks involved with any recruit and any coach. Cal could go into deep hiding and still they would print the NBA rumors about him. You seem to have a dislike for the UK coach and have been critical of him the past year or so. As a matter of fact, you seem to find a way to be negative about everything involving UK athletics really.

    1. Larry T Clemons

      LP, after seeing Barry double post as Cat man dodo…I’ve come to believe, Barry was Mike all along also…

  10. Mike

    LTC and the Pup…..Good, I get to speak to the 2 main cheerleaders with one post. You two still like to exist in your delusional state of “no other color than blue” I hope that my guy Barry tees off on you two real soon as well. He has been a little subdued and quiet lately. I suppose you Twins feel that Cal was best coach in America mid season as well?? Izzo, Pitino, Coach K, Williams and Self would have had better win/loss records during the year than Cal with this same talent. He soars with the eagles because of his recruiting prowess and season ending tweaks.

    1. Larry T Clemons

      First off, don’t attempt to tell me, ” How I Fell “….You, Mike are the Guy that says,” Coach Cal is in the Bottom 5 of Basketball Coaches “. Showing your lack of Knowledge or understanding of the Game….Of course, You, (Mike) never addressed the Fact that every Sports Commentator, All of Coach Cal Players, other well respected Coaches and many NBA, General Managers, stated all year, that Coach Cal was a Great Coach ! So Address that. Mike, you always critic me as a Cheerleader, BUT every statement I Make, ” I Back it Up ” but you never address those FACTS or Observations, with a direct retort, because You Can’t. Ignorance is Bliss… Maybe, if You would address direct conversations in response to YOUR commenting, you MIGHT learn how to have ” A Discussion “. But that would take all your ammunition away ! You are strictly a DRIVE BY VERBAL ASSAULT and when its challenged, You, (MIKE) lash out and appear angry and lost in Your hater mode…It’s so obvious. Why don’t you go back and ” Look What You Wrote,” then see who responded to ” Your Words ” and answer that response ! I know this is difficult, but it’s communication and it can be done Gentlemanly, I would enjoy hearing You try to convince Me, I’m wrong and Your Right…We actually my have some great rebuttal and conversations about Kentucky Basketball, ( Imagine That ). But a DRIVE BY VERBAL ASSAULT, just because someone disagrees with You, then states Why….erase all credibility, that You attempt to bring to this Board. OH ! And please don’t threaten us with Your Alter Ego, Barry….Are You Ready to talk Basketball or can you handle that ? We know you can throw out hate…But can YOU TALK BASKETBALL ???? Now, I have only ask this, for the past 11 months and in this statement, I’ve asked about 4 or 5 Times, so if there’s confusion, it’s ALL ON YOU, MIKE !!! Now, go ahead make a drive by statement, that does not address one thing I have written here ! ” So Predictable “. HE”S BACK, ” Here’s Mikey “

    2. Larry Pup

      Mike…you generally find some way to be critical of UK and their Coach in such a stupid way. As to the subject matter of this article and Cal’s intentions, last I checked it’s still a free country, so Cal can do and say what he pleases about an NBA career, It’s his life. Most of us here on this site just hope he stays at UK for a long, long time, that’s all. That is all that needs to be said IMO. Not sure you have the same feeling about the man. You seem to have an ax to grind with Cal, and made that clear in your above post. In addition, you always find a way to complain about success, or go negative on progress being made by UK athletic teams of all stripes, no matter the accomplishments. You and Barry are joined at the hip, or perhaps you are all one and the same. LTC exposed Barry/Catmando and now you Mikey. You sound bitter and delusional. Keep us all entertained Mike here on VV’s with your soaring rhetoric. We need a good laugh and you provide the humor.

  11. Mike

    LTC….Why don’t you consider getting a part-time job to reduce your lengthly posts?. Maybe I should be flattered by getting so much of your time but not working out that way. Did you fail to keep your last appointment with LensCrafters? In addition to carrying less than blue tinted glasses rumor has it they could help you with vision correctness. If you will reread my post, I said Cal was in the Top 5 but toward the bottom. Lighten up a little with your posts. You run your campaign and I will run mine.

    1. Larry T Clemons

      SO PREDICTABLE, my statements will prove out as they always have,(all the way to The Championship) Mike/Barry/Catmando…And when do you want to have a Basketball Conversation ?

  12. Mike

    Pup…..Bitter and delusional…please….just a little over the top there trying to play Dr. Phil. I happen to admire Coach Cal very much and do hope he retires there. We could not ask for a better coach/recruiter IMO. I don’t always agree with his coaching moves or the timing of when he makes them, and I also wish he wasn’t the headline grabber that he is, but he is the coach and making the big bucks, and it is his platform.

    1. Larry T Clemons

      Mike, as usual you can’t have a conversation, without being hateful….calling LP, bitter & delusional is just hateful retort. All Larry Pup was doing is pointing out your negative slant, he didn’t cus you or hate on you, he just made a comment based directly on your hate filled rants. But notice, LP was still a Gentleman. Mike, we all could have comments, retort and even disagreements, but is it always going to be hate, negative, hurt, coming from Your Comments Mike ? As I said, we can disagree and should, (most can’t be as accurate as I was all last Season). So disagree, stick to the subject and Try and respond to direct comments made to you, don’t Run From Being Challenged ! Now, I shall play Sigmund Freud, I noticed You, (Mike) just stated ,” I happen to admire Coach Cal very much and do hope he retires there. ” If You,(Mike) were truly a Kentucky Fan, you would have said, ” hope he retires ” here ” !

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