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Cauley-Stein continues to improve and that will make Kentucky better


The more Willie Cauley-Stein plays and develops, the better Kentucky is going to be.

But what I like even better about the freshman is that he says exactly what is on his mind and never makes excuses.

He went 0-for-6 at the foul line — he was only credited with going 0-for-4 because twice he got to shoot again and miss after lane violations — but did a lot of other things well at Louisville Saturday. And he wanted no part of anyone think UK coach John Calipari cost the team the win even if Calipari said he did by not calling a late timeout.
“Nah, that’s BS,” Cauley-Stein said about Calipari costing the team the win. “We missed 12 free throws. He didn’t have to call those timeouts if we make the 12 free throws.

“It’s a whole other momentum of the game if we make our free throws – and if we don’t give up run-outs. We gave up those two dunks.”

Calipari also wanted to praise what Cauley-Stein did well and not the missed free throws.

“He’ll be fine. Look, he’s never been in this environment. He was a football player. He was playing wide receiver. Now we’ve got him out there and he looked pretty good,” Calipari said. “He did some really good stuff. We’ve gotta work on his free throw.

“But I’m not – if he blocks shots and does all the other things, we’ll just tell him, ‘Try not to get fouled.’ You do all the other things, we’ll be good. So I was pleased with Willie. I thought Willie defended.”

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    That guy is a DIAMOND in the rough. Watched the game from my hotel in St augustine Fl. Missed first couple of minutes checking in. He is going to be really good if he keeps working on his game. His drive and dunk was as good a play as anyone on either team made. I still believe this is a Final Four team if they continue their current rate of progress.


  2. Jan In Indiana

    I agree with UKFMLY 100%!!!!!!!!

    1. Gene

      Come the month of March and we will look back to the “coming of age” of this Cats team—-the Louisville game !!

  3. Gene Tyler

    I totally agree with all of you. I was really proud of the Cats Sat. Look out come March!


    I hope Willie keeps working on his handle…just loved that move from the top of the key when he slammed it home. Also, we didn’t have any trouble getting the ball up the court against the press with him receiving the inlet pass…liked seeing that problem solved! Go Willie!

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