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Louisville's Montrezl Harrell, left, and Chane Behanan celebrate after Harrell scores during the first half of an NCAA college basketball game Tuesday, Dec. 17, 2013, in Louisville, Ky. (AP Photo/Timothy D. Easley)

Louisville’s Montrezl Harrell, left, and Chane Behanan celebrate after Harrell scores during the first half of an NCAA college basketball game Tuesday, Dec. 17, 2013, in Louisville, Ky. (AP Photo/Timothy D. Easley)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. –University of Louisville junior forward Chane Behanan has been dismissed from the Cardinals’ basketball team for a violation of university policy.

“I want to apologize for letting down my family, teammates, coaches, Tom Jurich, this university and the Louisville fans,” said Behanan.

“We are all really, really disappointed that Chane will no longer be a part of our basketball team,” said UofL Coach Rick Pitino.  “We love the young man and want nothing but the best for him.”

Behanan has averaged 8.3 points, 6.2 rebounds and shot 67.3 percent from the field in 11 games this season.  He had two double-doubles this season, including season highs of 13 points and 12 rebounds against Cornell on Nov. 15.  Behanan was suspended from the team in mid-October for a month.

A preseason All-American Athletic Conference selection, Behanan averaged 9.8 points, 6.5 rebounds, shot 50.7 percent from the field and totaled 54 steals as a sophomore last season while starting 37 games.  He was named to the NCAA Final Four All-Tournament team, producing a double-double against Michigan in the national championship game with 15 points and 12 rebounds.

18 Responses to Cards dismiss Behanan for violation of university policy

  • You could see in Saturdays Game, He was very ” distant “, from my observation….So sorry to see this happen….I’m still Dreaming of that KENTUCKY vs LOUISVILLE in the National Championship Game !

  • Jim says:

    Wonder why UL waited so long to dismiss the young man from the team? Couldn’t have anything to do with the game the other day……surely not!

  • TheProfessor says:

    Surely not Jim, and the young man who had been dismissed indefinitely was able to play in the game too. Pitino sure stands on his principles doesn’t he.

  • Sarah White says:

    I am certainly anxious to see how “official” and constant his dismissal is. How many times has he been suspended or dismissed? I assume he failed a drug test since they keep invoking his rights under HIPPA which is medical rather than student protection.

    • Karen Sprinkle says:

      I noticed that Pitino noted that in his remarks as well, Sarah. Coach P’s remarks seemed to indicate that the university had dismissed Behanan, rather than the athletics department or Pitino making the decision. It’s sad that this young man seems to be throwing his chance at success away at any rate.

  • Andy says:

    You have to wonder how many times Pitino tolerated his behavior before stuff hit the fan. Hope he gets his stuff in order. NBA gm’s will not tolerate headcases like this so if he has aspirations he better buckle down and look for ways to improve himself on a personal level.

  • Jim Boyers says:

    You can’t fix stupid.

    This kid has been in trouble for a solid year and it has been glossed over by the program and it’s journalistic sycophants. He can help the team and that is the only reason he was kept on. I guess even Loserville can only cover up so much before they have to take permanent action.

    I can’t believe I was actually sorry that he didn’t come to UK. Bullet dodged.

  • Kokamo Joe says:

    It does not matter who plays for who, I do not relish seeing a career end either through self destruction or injury. The kid was given every opportunity to streighten out his life and he was not able to do so. We take a rival too far when we are happy to see someone fail or get hurt, and there are plenty of fans who do that and some favor UL and some UK. According to what I have heard the kid had a troubled upbringing and because of personal shortcommings was unable to take advantage of a wonderful opportunity. The fault lies with him, and that is the tradegy…potential and a future lost.

    I do not condem UL from giving him a chance and I give them credit for finally bringing his career to a close. There are schools who would have not dismissed him no matter what he did. A couple of years ago Notra Dame had a football player accused of Rape and Michigan State had two basketball players accused of the same. As far as I know none of them missed a game. Then there is the Florida State QB, who played almost the entire season with a charge over his head and the Florida officals waited almost a year to decide that it was the girl’s fault. Often schools keep stuff quiet and when they can’t do that, they “handle it internally.”

    As far as UL’s future without this player…I feel the same after I know than before I found out. This victory over ULwill help us with seeding if and I repeat if UL continues to have a good season and ends the year ranked. They implode, our win (except in our pride) means nothing. Frankly, I would rather have the seeding boost.

    • King Ghidora says:

      “…I do not relish seeing a career end either through self destruction or injury.”

      I agree completely on this point. I don’t know the kid’s problem and I don’t really want to. I do want to feel like someone is playing the adult in college sports and does the right thing when it must be done. I also know UL has been questionable on such things in the past. I do really want to see an honest game though. I don’t like it when UK gets unfairly criticized and since I don’t know enough I’ll hold my criticism for later.

    • Viper says:

      First, I am not defending anyone who is a rapist, etc. But, none of us know any of the facts regarding the allegations against the Florida State quarterback. I have no problem with any player continuing to play while there are ALLEGATIONS against them. They are innocent until proven guilty. Otherwise someone with a grudge can end someone’s career out of spite by filing a false charge. Again, I don’t know the specifics of the FSU case except that a prosecutor said he did not have enough evidence to bring charges. But, if you don’t think someone can and would try to ruin a player’s life out of spite remember the Duke lacrosse case. The media and most of the country had crucified those guys. Even the professors at Duke had fallen for the hype and had put together a joint letter to have them dismissed form the University. That was nearly a tragedy until the facts emerged and cleared them. Our entire judicial system is predicated on the premise that it is better to have a guilty person go free than an innocent person be punished. Sorry to go on a rant and this is not directed at anyone in particular. I just have heard this for the last year and decided to vent a little.

      • Kokamo Joe says:

        The problem with the Florida State QB was that it took the legal professionals nearly a year to decide on whether to charge the individual. As usual the player’s lawyer claimed that there was no sexual contact and then changed his tune when DNA proved that there had. Of course, then the claim became consensual. It may have been consensual. A decision should have been made much earlier, but IMO the decision was made near the close of the season in order to keep the player playing.

        I suspect that many things are covered up at a lot of college programs in order to keep players playing. I suspect that UL covered this young man’s mistakes until it had to be made public, then gave him another chance and finally dropped the hammer when it because apparent that his lack of self control would not allow him to continue.

  • Randy Scholtz says:

    Behanan has been in trouble several time and Pitino kept bringing him back…I believe in second chances, even if Behanan had more than two chances. This situation seems somewhat ‘shady’ to me, because Pitino and UL knew about his indiscretion before the UK game but still played him. Pitino later said Behanan knew while playing the game that his future did NOT look bright, which affected his play. Question: Why does a coach play a player who will be dismissed, one last game? Answer: Pitino was desperate to beat UK, which is not fair to Behanan or to UL.

    • Larry Pup says:

      I agree Randy if what you said is true about Pitino playing him kn

      • Larry Pup says:

        I’m very glad UK got the victory even with Behanan playing, apparently his last game. I agree something is wrong with this picture. I hope the young man gets his life together, but what was UL, Jurich and Pitino up to? It does not square with me accept to conclude UL wanted the victory and felt with Behanan in the game that gave them their best chance. He had already been given several chances had he not? Then mysteriously after the game is played the young man is kicked off the team. This smells.

        • Kokamo Joe says:

          We are talking about something that we know nothing about. What did Behanan know before and during the game? Would Pitino play him knowing that this was his last game? Did Pitino know that he was done? If Pitino knew how could he expect to coach a kid that both the coach and player knew that he was done.

          I don’t know what the kid’s problem was. I hate to see a young man’s life go down the tubes and will not gloat because it happened. But I will state that after many chances it was time to ring down the curtain on his career.

          Coaches give players second chances all the time. Stoops player a player who drove drunk and was seriously injured in an auto accident. He played him because the legal system did not decide the case until months after it happened. HE WAS RIGHT TO PLAY HIM. Apparently the kid learned a valuable lesson. Behanan is a slow learner and his chances ran out.

          • Larry Pup says:

            You are right Joe, we don’t know all the facts, but we do know Behanan was suspended indefinitely once before and then conveniently reinstated. I also think he had been in trouble before. What did he do and where did he do it? It was never said to my knowledge. I don’t really care either. UL can do what they please and have done so. Now, did Behanan do something to get back in the dog house after the UK game Sat. I don’t know, I do know this, it smells. By the way, Stoops kept our best RB out of the UT game for violation of team rules. Stoops plays the game by a different standard than apparently UL does. Like I said, I hope Behanan gets through this and gets help. UK beat em anyway, so it don’t really matter to me. I just don’t trust Jurich and Pitino, never have.

  • godzilla says:

    Whats it matter. Tomorrow it could be a UK player. Why even criticize him? Certainly UK has had its fair share of trouble with players. Lets not get on to big of a soap box. Hopefully things work out for the man, and that he won’t look back someday and say what could have been. Didn’t UK have 1 or 2 players admit to getting stoned right before the game in 1983 against louisville?

  • Larry Pup says:

    godzilla..the scrutiny here in the discussion of this matter, it seems to me, is not so much on Behanan as it is the decision making process of Pitino and Jurich in waiting until after the UK game to kick the guy off their team. This don’t smell to you? Nobody on this blog is happy about what happened to this young man. But apparently he had issues that hurt his team and himself. If the shoe was on UK’s foot I would expect our Coach and AD to do the right thing, not what was best for the team from a competitive standpoint against an arch rival.


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