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Can Calipari keep players happy? Chris Dortch says every Division I coach would like UK’s “problem”

uk basketball logoBy LARRY VAUGHT

Now that John Calipari has had a majority of his best players decide to return to Kentucky for another season, it’s not surprising that a national story now seems to how can any coach keep such a deep, talented roster like UK will have next season happy.

Chris Dortch, editor of Blue Ribbon College Basketball Yearbook, has heard the speculation — and knows it must be amusing to Calipari.

“We’ll certainly find out if he can keep them all happy. I don’t have numbers, but there’s no way a team has ever had so many McDonald’s guys on its roster (Duke will also have nine next year if nothing changes). The danger with all that talent is that some very good players who have been used to being stars have to sit or play reduced minutes,” Dortch said.

“Can Cal keep them happy? Maybe he starts to expand his rotation a little bit and really turns loose the defensive heat. Or if he doesn’t, maybe some guys become unhappy.

“That’s a tough situation, but if given the choice between have nine McDonald’s All-Americans and none, I’d take nine any day of the week. And I’ll bet every coach in Division I would, too.”

So do I.

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  1. Bob

    It will be no problem to play and keep happy all players at UK . Coach Cal said he would create maybe 2 squads with in this team. Within these 2 squads if he can create 5 different faces with mixing and matching of these 2 squads UK will be unstopable as long as coach Cal hires an free throw coach and lays out percentage goals he wants meet by each player and team.I can see it’s going to be an season loaded with can Kentucky keep everyone happy year for the press you know our friends. I would like to see coach Cal start this year at every practice doing one on one games to 21 between his front court players and back court playersto allow each to learn to play with and off each other then mix and match. This is how you get kids to mold into an team .Coach Cal is taking NCAA basketball somewhere no one has seen before .People think coach Woodens record can’t be broke. I think if ever an coach had an chance it will be coach Cal . The man has been to 3 final 4 ‘s in 5 years . He has built an team with an deep bench and as players start staying for 2 years and more it is going to be what i have dreamed of Basketball capital of the world Kentucky with so many great teams . You know like wiskey and Horse capital of the world. I hope we as BBN fans start this year getting behind coach Cal with support threw good times and Bad to lessen the stress on the man. Outside of BBN coach Cal and Kentucky are hated . There for we need to stand 110 % behind our coach ! This is an good thing starting here and it can continue for years to come and get better year by year .I love money man returning Aron he is an daring and cool with his big time last second shots as Pistol was .I do not care about this preseason #1 nor if we loose games it happens as we have seen. I do care about SEC titles and season 2 the road to the final 4 . This was the best year as an basketball fan and UK fan ever for me . Following Kentucky every game could get no better except thre Uconn . I unsure how many free throws was missed by Kentucky but i know it was double the 6 points that coast us the title. It’s been ab very long time since i have been this ready for football season too. Maybe the void has been filled between basketball season. GO BIG BLUE!!

    1. Larry T Clemons

      Nice sentiment Bob….” Go Cats ! “

    2. King Ghidora

      Not only has he had 3 teams make the final 4 out of 5 years it could be said that one of the teams that didn’t make it might have been his best team. There were 3 future NBA all stars on that team and one of them didn’t even start for the Cats.

  2. Larry Pup

    I just believe Cal will figure it out. Good problem to have.

    1. Larry T Clemons

      ” TIME FOR NINE “

  3. Prof. G

    Phony issue, actually. Stupid, too. No team, in any sport, goes an entire season without injuries. As soon as one occurs, somebody else’s playing time increases. That’s why Cal’s unprecedented roster depth will make the difference next season. Remember when Willie went down and Marcus had to step up? Bingo.

    Bear in the converse, the other side of that coin: When Nerlens went down in Gainesville, Willie couldn’t handle the challenges. Here again, roster depth and diversity will be critical.

    Only a fool thinks every UK player will be 100% healthy for every game next season. That is Fantasyland, folks.

  4. Ira

    I do rember some complaining on here that Cal didn’t use his bench effectively this past season. You reckon this story could be a reference to his bench use as well?

    1. Larry T Clemons

      Lee was injured….Willis, stated he wasn’t ready…Hood, was my only question, but what was his consistency ??? Complaining, without knowledge, pretty petty & useless. But, your right, it was here !

      1. King Ghidora

        Hood was my question mark too. He’s had a long history of injuries but he did seem to play well when he was put in. Maybe Cal just wanted to concentrate on developing his younger (and maybe more talented?) players.

  5. Barry

    Hopefully the stats for this coming team will show increased numbers in assists, steals, blocks, field goal percentage and free throw percentage, with fewer turnovers. This could happen if the Harrisons will share the ball and accept fewer minutes this year than last. If they will learn how to make post passes without dribbling for 25 seconds, this team could very well be scoring in triple digits on a regular basis by tournament time. That would actually boost their NBA prospects as well and and everything comes up roses. OK, Pope Larry, since you are actually in charge of this show, make it happen!

    1. Larry T Clemons

      Didn’t you just say this…..repeat yourself much ? Barry, I’m worried about You. Every story on VV’s, ends with you talking about The Harrison’s in a negative way. Which by the way, (stats were shown to You) They got us to the Championship Game ! The Banner is in RUPP. Please have Your Nurse take you there and show you…

      1. Barry

        Your Highness, I guess you are forgetting that they didn’t win the SEC (in fact ended up in a tie for 2nd with a non tourney team), they didn’t win the SEC tournament, and with all of your blowhard Rah Rahhing, they didn’t win the NCAA either. They finished with 11 losses. What about any of this is acceptable? You are sounding more and more like a Hoosier all the time…well, we came close! We almost won! You keep calling that team special and they didn’t win anything! Why??? Because they Harrisons were playing for their own name instead of the jersey name. Have they grown up any…they sure didn’t show it in the championship game. They were a divisive element for that team and you’ll be proven the fool when they do the same thing next year. Where was your sympathetic ass when they ran Tubby and Billy Clyde out of town for not winning anything that matters? You are such a hypocrite and an absolute idiot when it comes to anything dealing with basketball. Kentucky celebrates championships, nothing less.

        1. Larry T Clemons

          Barry, You are so small minded….Not only did this Team Play in The Championship Game and Become National Runners-Up, With another Banner Hangin’ in RUPP….But, THIS TEAM garnished More Respect Nationally & Built a Larger Fan Base Nationally and Internationally, all by their Heroic and Historic Run, to the Championship Game. AND BARRY, ” You Are Wrong.” KENTUCKY CELEBRATES BANNERS HANGIN IN RUPP ARENA…” FOREVER ! “

          1. Larry T Clemons

            AND BARRY, How Dare YOU Mentioning Tubby Smith in a statement associated with Billy Clyde ! Tubby was a Gentleman…Clyde was a snake.

          2. Barry

            And you are just an idiotic ass. NOBODY celebrates second place, except for losers. I guess that’s why you are Rah Rahhing so much about it.

  6. StephenC

    This problem, playing time,will be brought up many times in the summer time and as I understand it Coach K will have the same problem but will the other sites and news media bring this up with Coach K ,I doubt it.

    1. Larry T Clemons

      Coach Cal, has already addressed this…He said he would have a Pro style rotation…He was more specific, of course. ” Two 7 footers, relieving two more 7 footers, etc.

  7. Grant

    Man I learned my lesson this last season. I officially done questioning Cal. Pretty damn hard for me to think that Coach by seasons end won’t have his player’s melded together. He is a well of a coach and am glad he’s @ UK. Very glad. And appreciative. I will take him over anyone.

    1. Larry T Clemons

      Right On, Gene !

      1. Larry T Clemons

        Heck I mean Grant…lol

  8. Grant

    Hell not well. Dad gum phone. I fat finger the Hell out of it

  9. Larry T Clemons

    April 30, 2014 at 12:17 am

    Barry Says,” And you are just an idiotic ass. NOBODY celebrates second place, except for losers. I guess that’s why you are Rah Rahhing so much about it.”…….BBN, Barry is Speaking to all of You, who stood on the streets and Cheered Our Teams return from Texas, Barry’s speaking to All of You, who were fortunate enough to be in RUPP ARENA, when Our Runner-Up Banner was hoisted ! And Barry is Speaking To, ” ALL OF US ” who attend future Wildcat Games in RUPP and look at that Banner, with fond memories of a Comeback,(Takeback) Season and a Historic NCAA Tournament Run…” Poor Barry, just doesn’t, GET IT.”

    1. King Ghidora

      Barry lives in his own little world bro. He’s not worth your time and effort. No matter what you say to him it won’t make a difference. The thing he dreads most is being ignored.

      1. Karen

        Amen, King. Don’t feed the trolls or as he’s better known around here, Barry.

  10. King Ghidora

    I wonder if they say things like this about K. It seems that only Cal gets questioned about his ability to handle players. If Duke has 9 McD AA’s why isn’t there any static about his ability to keep players happy? I’ve seen countless stories about this subject around the net about UK. None about Duke. For example I just saw this quote from Gary Parrish of CBS Sports, “How will John Calipari manage all of these frontcourt minutes?” I haven’t seen anything like that about Duke. I didn’t know they had 9 McD AA’s until Larry mentioned it. Maybe they just aren’t as good as the UK McD AA’s. And maybe they don’t have great players who weren’t McD guys (like WCS). But mostly it’s just the same old shuck and jive. UK can’t do it but of course Duke can.

  11. cats79

    Amen King, the sad thing is Duke is just as loaded as we are. The press thinks Ky is only school that field a basketball team with all -americans.

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