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Calipari’s high school coach still a believer

Some columns always draw bigger responses from readers than others. That’s was the case with a recent column on Kentucky coach John Calipari noting that he was not named in NCAA violations and it was unfair to him to believe the rumors and innuendoes since he’s not been charged with any wrongdoing.
This e-mail came from Billy Sacco:
“Thank you for your common sense approach to the Calipari allegations. I have known John for 40 years, and he is a hard-working, blue-collar coach. He has never been charged by the NCAA in either the (Marcus) Camby or (Derrick) Rose incidents and never will be. I believe we should concentrate on all of the good that he has done for the universities, players and communities where he has lived. I realize that might not be as interesting as conjecture and innuendoes, but that is where the focus should be.”
Obviously, Sacco is a Calipari fan. But what stood out to me is that he indicated he had known Calipari for 40 years. I figured that meant he knew far more about the UK coach than me, so I asked if I might contact him for some background information. That’ when I found out why Sacco is a Calipari fan — he was Calipari’s high school coach in Moon Township, Pa.
“I even knew him before that. He was our ballboy for the basketball team,” Sacco said. “He used to wear his shirt and tie and get on the bus with us. He lived on the road right across the street from the school. He was always around athletes and basketball. That was basically his life.”
How good was he?
“He was an excellent player,” Sacco said. “He was offered a scholarship at UNC-Wilmington and spent two years there. Then he called me out of the blue one day and said, ‘Coach, get me out of here.’ I called a friend, Joe DeGregorio at Clarion, and asked if was looking for a guard. He said, ‘As long as it is John, send him.’ It worked out well. I graduated from there as well and we are all coming down in November when Kentucky plays Clarion. The school is trying to get some buses because a lot of people want to come see John.”
Calipari stays in touch with Sacco and his wife. And Sacco will call Calipari to check on him, especially when recent events like the NCAA penalties at Memphis come down and national media members blast Calipari.
“I hate to see him drug through the mud. I think he is a winner no matter where he goes. Jealousy will always be there because this guy was so young when he started having success,” Sacco said. “A lot of coaches work for years and never have the success John did so fast.
“When he went to UMass, they struggled for a year or two and played in that small gym. He left the place with a new facility and was responsible for that. He went to Memphis and did a great job. That’s how John is.”
Sacco, who recently visited Calipari at Kentucky, says the coach will never slow down and that he’s determined to justify the confidence UK showed in him by hiring him.
“When Kentucky gave John this job, he was honored. He wants to do what it takes to show those folks they have the right guy. And they have the right guy,” Sacco said. “He doesn’t need to prove anything to them, but he wants to make them proud of the fact they brought him in. He will do it, too. He has some of the greatest players in the country there now, and he is recruiting more great players. People can try to tear him down, but they won’t. He’s going to be just fine at Kentucky.”

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  1. catintn

    Larry you are a classy top notch columnist and I love every article you write. You dont print the garbage that alot of other local journalist do and I really respect you for that, so THANK YOU!!!!!

  2. gmoyers

    Glad you liked it. Will have more with him later. He was really interesting.

  3. Mike Starks

    I understand the copy protection but it would be at least nice to copy the headline when I email the link to my friends.

  4. larry

    That is out of my control. But I will share your comment with our web folks and get you an answer. thanks for sharing the link with others

  5. WesHenderson

    Larry I just want to commend you on the great job you do as a writer and thank you for not taking the low road like some many “columnists” seem to do around this state. When you retire from all of this, you should be retired to the UK hall of fame!

  6. dandycat

    It is nice to see someone actually going in depth to find out more about behind the coach rather than just throwing him to the wolves before he ever coaches a game. I, wearing my blue tinted glasses and all, am very thankful that Coach Cal took the job and truly believe he will be a great success patrolling the sidelines for the next 10 years or so. Something that hasn’t been brought to the attention of a lot of other media sources is simply this. Why would a “dirty” coach as many have labeled Calipari come to the single most scrutinized program in college basketball if he was truly as dirty as people have suggested. It would be career suicide.

  7. larry vaught

    Its okay to wear your blue-tinted glasses. You are a fan. But you also make logical assumptions. Thanks for the compliment because I thought it was very interesting what a man who has known him for 40 years had to say. Will have more with him, too

  8. larry vaught

    And Wes, thanks for that great compliment.

  9. Shaun

    Very nice article. Thanks Larry.

  10. kynut

    It’s nice to find someone who can recognize and write about facts rather than speculation. There has never been a shred of evidence that Cal has ever violated NCAA rules, yet so many of the national media want to make a name for themselves by blasting him. It’s nice to see that Dick Vitale and one or two others have recently also printed common sense articles….maybe this is an indication that the national media is coming to their senses. I certainly hope so.

    1. gmoyers

      I think more and more finally understand that. Talked to Mike DeCourcy of Sporting News today and he feels the same way

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