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Calipari’s Cats have 3.4 GPA for spring semester


Coach John Calipari’s team had a 3.4 grade-point average for the spring semester, the highest mark in the Calipari era, based on information UK athletics director Mitch Barnhart gave to the university’s athletics oversight committee Tuesday.

“I’m proud of the hard work our guys have put in both on and off the court,” Calipari said on www.coachcal.com today. “When you come to Kentucky, you are either going pro or getting a degree — or both. We call it the success rate, and right now we’re batting 100 percent. When you run a players-first program, it’s not just about loving to play basketball; it’s about teaching our kids the love of learning.”


Calipari tweeted that 12 of Kentucky’s 13 players posted a 3.0 or better GPA and two had a perfect 4.0 GPA.


Calipari’s teams have posted GPAs of 3.4, 3.06, 3.12, 2.71 and 3.14 over the last five spring and fall semesters.



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  1. Larry T Clemons

    BOBBY KNIGHT, where are you hiding…

  2. Karen Sprinkle

    Congratulations to all the guys in recognition of all your hard work, and thanks to the academic support staff who help you develop those great academic habits.

  3. Love SEC

    Bubby Knight will report this at 1.4 before it is over.

  4. Theresa Crow

    Alex Poythress was most likely one of the two players with a perfect 4.0. Very proud of all the players having such excellent grades during the spring semester.

    1. larryvaught

      Great point on Alex there Theresa. I am betting it was Alex and Jarrod

  5. Karen Sprinkle

    Larry, that was my guess as well, although Kyle is also a very good student.

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