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Calipari would like to have Eddie Sutton come back to UK to watch Cats practice


The more you see the things John Calipari does, the more you understand why so many high-profile players want to play for him.

The Kentucky coach wants former UK coach Eddie Sutton, who is in the College Basketball Hall of Fame, to come back to UK and watch his team practice. Sutton has coached at  Creighton, Arkansas, Kentucky and Oklahoma State  and led all to NCAA Tournament berths. Of course, he was also in charge at UK when the Cats went on probation and need Rick Pitino to come in and revive a program that nearly hit rock bottom.

Sutton was 90-40 in four years at UK, but resigned e in 1989 after a 13-19 season  amid allegations of NCAA wrongdoing(although he was not cited in any charges).

Calipari has invited Sutton back to Lexington and hopes he will come.

“I said, ‘Come on in, man. Come on in to practice.’ I’m not into all that other stuff. My whole thing is Eddie Sutton has been great for the game of basketball and great for college coaches and has helped many, many programs.  Like many of us, you have hiccups along the way. I’m not judgmental in any way,” Calipari told Jimmie Tramel of the Tulsa World.

“All I’m saying is I would love for him to come to my practice and evaluate what we are doing and be a set of eyes for me. He and (former Kentucky coach Joe B. Hall, who watches practices) can sit there. If I was allowed to, I would let him coach my team. I have got no problem with that. But I would love for him to come back and spend time, and I think he likes the idea.”


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  1. Larry T Clemons

    I like the idea…I’m just not ready for BCG to come by, I’m still upset with the way he treated Josh Harrellson. And say what you may, but, Josh saved Our Season his Senior Year….

  2. Evil Twin Sister

    no comment. Well, except for one, not just what happened at UK but the demons before he was there and after he left.

  3. BigBlue

    Sutton was a good coach. Coach Cal just wants him to watch a practice and give feedback or give pointers. I see absolutely nothing wrong with this.

  4. Juan4UK

    Fine with me, as long as nobody expects us to “honor” him in any way.
    I would however, like to know the truth of what happened. We probably will never know for sure.

  5. cats79

    No way ho say, he knew what went wrong and used Dwayne Casey to get by with it!!! JUST MY OPINION!!!

  6. Ira

    Can’t we just all get along???

  7. Ron

    Coach Sutton should be welcomed back by all fans with open arms to participate in a practice session. When he accepted the Cats job, he said during the press conference, “I would crawl on my hands and knees on broken glass all the way to Lexington for the UK job.” The comment turned many Hog fans against him after having been idolized for making that program a national contender. We should have the welcome mat out for him whenever he can visit.

  8. Larry Pup

    Why not? I hold no grudge against coach Sutton.

  9. Andy

    So long as he is just giving his input on coaching, I don’t see why not.

  10. Kokamo Joe

    Eddie Sutton’s chapter of UK history is not a pleasant one. The man had a severe alcohol problem and under him UK almost got the death penalty.

    If Calipari simply allows him to sit in on a few practices I see no problems. If he brings him to games and makes him front and center in the program I see some difficulty for Calipari.

    I do not like to see any UK coach put down. I would appreciate recognizing Sutton the man. But we cannot change the truth. Eddie Sutton the coach does not reflect well on the University of Kentucky.

  11. Jim

    Cal is the coach. He can invite anyone to practice he chooses. I am always amazed when fans voice their objection to something that is not their call and thankfully never will be.

    I do remember when Tubby let Norm Richardson watch practice and then Nolan’s protege whips UK in the next tourney game. Thought Tubby got snookered on that one.

  12. UKFMLY


    INTEGRITY. HE NEVER HAD IT AND NEVER WILL. In the words of my late grandmother who became A UK fan in the 70’s (74 when my sister was a freshman). “Never trust as man who thinks he needs a CURLY PERM in his 50’s. It’s a sure sign of PERFORMANCE issues” And she was SPOT ON! ! !

    For the record I hated when we hired ES, BCG and HM(football). I was also appalled that when would even consider that guy now at WKU. But I’m not Cal so he can do it if he likes but I don’t, won’t and can’t support it. Glad he didn’t ask me. LOL



  13. Yvette

    Why does coach need Sutton? I would rather have Pitino return! What about former UK player Eric Manuel ? Eric Manuel’s life was ruined, banned from NCAA, unable to play. This 18-19 yr old child was an McDonald’s all American. Sutton and his son were able to coach and continue play NCAA ball! Sutton can be forgiven, however does not need to come back. I never thought he was a good coach!

  14. Jim

    Cal invited him to come by and watch practice. That is not the same as putting him on the staff as an assistant. If Cal made him his lead recruiter, maybe there would be cause for angst. I am guessing the complainers don’t allow a problem child to even stop by their house for a visit?

  15. Kokamo Joe

    It is always dangerous to put complete trust and complete control in any administrator. IMO, that includes Calipari. That does not mean that I think that Calipari is apt to embarrass UK in anyway. It is just not a good policy.

    Eddie Sutton was a known alcoholic. The best of people are not in control of themselves or the place where they worked when they are infected with this disease. . Had there been discussion boards available when Sutton was here there would have been many who would put complete trust in the man during his early years. Why? I suppose because many put trust in our coach, whoever he may be. I believe that because he was flawed, Sutton did great harm to the program and more important, to himself.

    Sutton was falling down drunk as he got into his car to drive to the airport to join his Oklahoma State team for a flight to the next game. On the way he had an accident. This led to his embarrassment and hopefully some rehab. If Calipari is trying to bring a little respect to a man who self destructed, the I applaud his efforts. Watching practice cannot harm UK. But if he makes Sutton a part of the program, the BBN will be divided as this thread indicates.

  16. AndyP

    Well, that ranks up there with Cal saying having 5 first round draft choices is the greatest day in UK Basketball history. And that tells me that as great a job as Cal has done here, he still doesn’t get it. Eddie Sutton was a serial cheater when he took the UK job and he laid awake at night thinking of rules he could break. Inviting him back is an insult.

  17. UKFMLY

    AMEN ! ! !

  18. Andy Kleinert

    Sorry I for one can not forgive-and-forget … with great respect for Coach Cal and his stewardship of the program BUT I can see NO reason to have that drunken bum associated with UK Basketball anymore … ever again … better off with him as far away from Lexington as possible

  19. BD WELLS

    Wouldn’t be enough booze in Kentucky for them to both visit at the same time anyway!

  20. LindaS

    I had friends who lived in Ark before he came to Kentucky. They told me he was a drunk, did not have his drivers license and the University provided a chauffeur for him everyday.
    Alcoholism is not a disease as far as I am concerned. It is a weakness in the human mind. The body becomes use to the alcohol and cannot function without it. It masks other things that are going on. Measles, mumps and cancer are diseases.
    You have to have the motivation and mind set to over come alcoholism, there is no magic pill, no chemo and no vaccination. You are weak, you are not sick.

  21. mceuen.bryan

    Remember the cover of the sport illustrated Shame on uk, well instead it should had Eddie sutton picture on the cover shame on him.

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