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Calipari will not mind if ESPN all access happens to aggravate some competitors


Kentucky recently announced that it was allowing ESPN to have total access to the program for a series of shows it would have on the UK program. Calipari said UK initially said no because Kentucky did not need the additional exposure.

“I don’t mind sharing. We have a lot of guys, and I’m not saying they’re wrong, but I’m not sharing what I do with anybody. This is our secret.  I’ve never been that way in my life. If you walked into my practice, I’m not hiding anything. I’m not embarrassed about how we do our jobs,” Calipari said. “I’m not embarrassed about our kids or how we coach. And look at me, I sleep good at night. I sleep like a baby at night.  So I’m not worried about people being here. It doesn’t matter to me.

“Then it was like, okay, we’ll be good for our kids, and we decided, you know what, let them come in for a while and see how it plays out.  Again, look, once something happens, we’ve got people 24/7, how can I find, what can I do?  How do I?  Well, whether ESPN’s here or not, if something happens, what? They’ll be here in two hours. So I feel comfortable with what we’re doing and how we do it.

‘We’ll let it go. Everybody’s going to be mad.  I know. Did I do it just because of that to aggravate people? Might have. I may have said that. Let’s aggravate everybody and do this.”

Calipari said ESPN has already been to his house and his wife, Ellen, was even involved.

“They’ve been around my wife which is very unusual. She’s very private,” Calipari said. “I did not want this to be about me. But I said from day one, this is not about me. It’s about the program, the kids, the staff.

“What they want to see is how in the world does he get a young group to play that hard and be that unselfish in that period of time?  s that right?  Now if you’re not curious that way, it’s just like you want to see nasty stuff. Well, fine, look at something else. But that’s what I hope comes across that this is a good group of kids. They come together. They shared sacrifice.

“They know they’re going to give up stuff. They work hard. They go to class. They do what they’re supposed to. Good kids who are good students and trying to chase their dreams in under a magnifying glass that’s ridiculous.”

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  1. Juan4UK

    Like I said before, I love that Cal gives as good as he gets. I already have my DVR set!!!

  2. Jim Barr

    Larry, is there any chance this could be a trap by ESPN, and turn out less-than-flattering to Cal and UK? I know I’m cynical, but I smell a rat.

    1. Jim

      Mr. Barr, in the words of the drill sargeant in the movie “Stripes”: Lighten up Frances!

      I don’t see any dark cloud raining over this event. I see it as a network recognizing a program that is red hot and riding on the coat tails of a winning streak.

    2. larryvaught

      Jim, I don’t think so. ESPN loves Cal

  3. Jim Barr

    Ouch, and I love that movie…

    But if they go all Biden on UK, remember I warned you here.

  4. Cats8

    I don’t agree with having the show but you gotta trust cal and I can’t wait to see it

  5. mike

    maybe the other coaches would be required to watch like basketball 5001 you think

  6. BobbyBlue

    After initially saying no…Cal let ESPN in, allowing them to draw viewers,to the hottest College Basketball Program in the country,and that in turn, increases their bottom line,which is their only, motivation,and certainly not from a love of Cal, or UK.
    Larry,said ESPN loves Cal and obviously he is way more informed than I am,but with that being said,I have a question…If ESPN loves Cal,so dearly,then why did ESPN,then reward,Cal,and UK,for their cooperation on “total access” by assigning the known UK hater…Boobie Night, to some of the Ky broadcasts,this winter,knowing full well,the outcome. No matter what, that old has been will attack,our coach and the program…probably not even in a subtle,manner.

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