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Calipari watches Dominique Hawkins lead Madison Central win


Normally John Calipari holds his press conferences before practice on the day before Kentucky plays. Today he changed that — but he had a good reason.

Calipari was in Rupp Arena to watch Madison Central beat Wayne County in the opening game of the state tournament because he wanted to watch Central star Dominique Hawkins play.

Hawkins scored 25 points in an 81-56 win. The 6-1 senior  hit 11 of 17 from the floor on mostly layups.

Hawkins’ cousin is former Central and UK standout Marquis Estill, who is now a UK graduate assistant. Hawkins remembers going to watch Estill play in high school

“He has put a bug in their (UK coaches) ear about me. That’s one reason they are calling,” Hawkins said after the game.

He said the UK staff had talked to his coach about scholarship possibilities.

“They have one left, so hopefully they might give it to me,” Hawkins said.

He said he didn’t know how decisions by top five players Julius Randle and Andrew Wiggins, who have UK in their final lists of schools, could impact his chances of joining the Wildcats.

He has four offers, including Western Kentucky and Morehead. He’s visited Western, the first school that offered him a scholarship.

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  1. ukcrazycat

    Only one scholarship left? OK, there are 6 freshman coming in. Both Harrisons, Young, Lee, Johnson and Willis. That’s 6.
    Poulson, Hood, Harrow, Witjer are all for sure to come back. That’s 10 scholarships taken with a total of 13 allowed. So the question is, who are the other 3?
    Noel is going to the NBA for sure. That leaves Goodwin, WCS and Poythress coming back or does 1 to all 3 also go and Cal already know who the other commitments are. I wonder.

    1. Karen Sprinkle

      I think that Cal doesn’t know for sure what the players you listed are going to do re: the NBA draft. If their draft stock, based on what he finds out from his NBA connections, is not high, I think he will counsel the players to return. You have to understand that this draft is considered by most experts to be a historically weak draft, and the NBA drafts on potential, not demonstrated performance. Also, it’s my understanding that Polson is on track to graduate in May, so I don’t know if he will take graduate-level courses and come back. Still a lot up in the air.

  2. Larry Pup

    Hey! why not?

  3. Rex

    If we have just one scholarship to give right now and Hawkins gets it as opposed to Randle or Wiggins that would be a huge dissapointment. I know nothing about him but if he was anything special he would certainly have more offers than he has right now. I’d much rather see him walk on and potentially earn a scholarship down the road like Jared Paulson has.

  4. JKM$

    they need to put him on the roster for depth / plus we need a Ky kid on the team /

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